Eco-Friendly bikes from Lohia Auto

Be it Summit meet, campaign for elections, high-level discussion with Z+ security, corporate envisioning or even a pre-school’s co-curricular activities-“Green environment for a better tomorrow” has become the buzz phrase.

To make this happen, however, we need to change the way we are living; including the way we commute to work place. Whatcha? Indeed I am talking about the eco-friendly commuting and the eco-friendly vehicle market in India is slowly but steadily growing and the electric vehicle manufacturing unit of Lohia Group, LAI (Lohia Auto Industries) has made a foray into the eco-automobile industry with its launch of two models of e-bikes, making its eco-friendly initiatives clear to the motoring Indians.

With this initiative, the company has announced that it would strive to continue with its research and development and would introduce electric three-wheeler models as well, apart from enhancing the two-wheeler segment with three more variants by the year 2009. And, Lohia Auto Industries is all set to take the Indian eco friendly vehicle market by a storm.

The most recently launched eco-friendly electric vehicles from LAI group are named as Oma and Fame. These e-bikes come at a time when environmental degradation with carbon emissions and pollutants is at its peak, natural resources have become scarce with depletion of fossil fuels and skyrocketing of fuel prices (leave the fact we are tapping off all of the natural oil reserves). So, just in time, these electric bikes are aimed to address these issues in a long-term sustainable manner.

The special feature of these LAI e-bikes is that they are equipped with a 250-watt motor rechargeable battery. The battery could be charged with the help of a generator and an inverter (suits to those places that suffer from power surge outages as well). The company claims that the bike can go up to a distance 50 km for each full charge at the cost of 10 paisa per km. The best part of riding these e-bikes is that it is freed from the shackles of license and/or registration as because the maximum speed limit is just 25 km per hour.

Developed with German technical collaboration, Lohia Group’s e-bikes Oma and Fame attract a large segment of bikers because of its low maintenance cost. Both the models of e-bikes come with a complete package of efficiency and comfort. With no engine, these e-bikes are extremely easy to handle and one will always have a feeling that he/she is not adding to the environmental degradation. These e-bikes have no tailpipe emissions, carbon-dioxide or soot emissions and more importantly they are absolutely noise free while running.

Styled to give the most contemporary looks and available in trendy colors, Oma and Fame are going to be the best choice for people of all generation, not only, because of the eco-friendly features, but also because they are cheap. Oma and Fame are priced at Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 35,000, respectively, thus making it affordable to all segments of population. LAI projects to sell approximately 20,000 units in the current fiscal year.

The e-bikes from Lohia Group are manufactured at the state-of-the-art facility at Kashipur in Uttarakhand. The 30-acre Greenfield infrastructure can sustain production of 2 lakh units per annum with its installed capacity. The group has been fortunate too to receive tax breaks from government for its eco-friendly initiative.

The e-bikes are expected to hit the roads of neighboring countries as well. Yes! The Lohia Group has plans of expansion, by exporting units to markets of Thailand and Indonesia. The e-bike from Lohia Group has the potential to be the most convenient vehicle with very cheap maintenance.