Ducati Unveils Diavel Officially

Ducati, one of the leading brands in the manufacture of sports bikes and cruisers, have officially unveiled the all new Ducati Diavel. This time Ducati has clearly showcased he specifications and power of Diavel. So let’s just cut the crap and straight on jump to specifications and power. From the date of EICMA Auto show, one is continuously seeing all the rumors about this new cruiser. It’s time for an official look on the machine.

Ducati Diavel is a monstrous looking bike with loads of features, a definite piece of cake for a bike lover. Ducati for the first time used laterally mounted indicators and side mounted radiators to give Diavel much needed look and also facilitate efficient cooling. Diavel sports radiators with aero-dynamic ducts that suck the air in providing efficient cooling and enhanced machine life.

The only thing absurd about the bike is he large dimensions this bike has. Especially the 240-section rear tyre makes the bike look bulky and oversized. Speculations also say that Diavel will have inefficient handling because of the bulky body. On the contrary, Ducati says that even though the dimensions are absurd, Diavel can handle every other road efficiently.

As far as the power is concerned, Ducati Diavel sports a 1200cc Testastretta 11º V-twin power plant engine that is able to produce 162Bhp of raw power together with 127 Nm of torque. Other features of the bike include keyless ignition, ride by wire, three riding modes, ABS technology, split dash etc. There are two variants for Diavel to select from called “Plane Jane Version” and “Top of the Line Carbon Version”. The Carbon version of the top notch cruiser is 3 kilograms lighter than Plane Jane Version because of the lighter base and wheels. Carbon version has got shiny marzocchi forks that make it even more exotic and muscular. The carbon version is available in two colors viz. carbon red and carbon black.

Another important feature of Diavel is the split instrumentation with one part of the electronic console located on the handlebars and the other on the tank. The console showcases speeds, trips, temperature, fuel etc. Ducati has not declared the price tag for the bike still but as far as speculation goes it is expected to be priced in the range of 20 to 28 lakhs. If lucky we will be able to see the bike in India but as of now there are no signs of it.