Ducati Succeeds Once Again – A New Benchmark is Set For The Cruiser Bikes

I’m sure many of you heard of Ducati. Nowadays it is the well known name in the sport bike industry. In fact, this Italian manufacturer become world famous long ago, when in 1960s it introduced fastest 250cc road bike available in the market. So let’s look on their latest invention Ducati Diavel, which is coming to mass production in 2011!

Like all Ducati bikes Diavel is furious, agile and lightweight motorcycle. But what is so special about this model? First of all the design – it’s elegant, aggressive and so stylish at the same time; just look at that rear tail!

And specifically engineered massive rear tire just adds more power to Diavel looks. Seat of this Ducati is beautifully shaped; it just perfectly fits in overall design, while keeping comfort at very high levels. Aside of that I recommend to see this bike yourself, it is amazing. Well, it is not surprising, Ducati always tried to push the boundaries and improve design of their motorcycles.

Talking about technical characteristics – engine provides you with 162 bhp of raw power and colossal 127.5 Nm of torque! But don’t worry; Diavel can propel you to 100km/h just in 2.5 seconds! Weight of this new invention is barely 210kg and Diavel Carbon weights even less than that. Aside of that it will have Brembo Monoblocks for brakes and include well known features like ABS, Ducati traction control (4-level), Ducati riding modes (sport, touring, urban) and brand new Ducati Safety Pack.

It is first Ducati cruiser-type bike, and it will surely redefine definition of “cruiser”. It’s faster, lighter and more comfortable than its competitors, and it has stunning looks. Only downside is the price. It is $17,000 for Ducati Diavel and $20,000 for Ducati Diavel Carbon. Still it is worth the money? Go and see it for yourself!

– Aleksejs Zuravlovs