Everyone might have heard of the motorcycles powered by DTSI and DTS-SI technology. So here is a quick look at what this technology is and if it is better than the technologies used in a normal (non-DTSI) powered bikes.

DTSI stands for Digital twin spark ignition. The technology is currently used in Bajaj motorcycles in India because they have patent rights. Digital twin spark ignition technology powered engine has spark plugs at either sides of the combustion chamber. Engines powered by DTSI technology will have greater combustion rate because of twin spark plugs located around it. DTSI technology enables the engine to combust fuel at double rate than normal, this enhances both engine life and makes it fuel-efficient i.e. better as regards mileage

Aside of making the engine fuel efficient, the technology also enriches the power of the bike. The technology also results in smoother operation, adjusts the engine to varied temperature fluctuations and makes the motorbike resistant too breakdown. Overall, the bikes with the technology are supposed to live longer, run smoother with high fuel efficiency.

DTS-SI on the other hand is an upgraded version of the present DTSI technology developed by research and development team of Bajaj and they have patented it too. Under this technology, the digital twin spark plugs are located at same place like in DTSI technology engines but in an inclined or diagonal manner. This offset of things further expounds the process of combustion and makes the ignition of fuel and air faster, resulting in enhanced power and expanded fuel efficiency.

Some primary features of DTSI and DTS-SI technologies are:

  • The engine becomes powerful and fuel-efficient.
  • The expected life of the motorcycle increases.
  • Bikes powered by the technologies are very well resistant to breakdowns and temperature fluctuations.
  • The throttle response considerably enhances.

As of now, only Bajaj manufactures bikes with both the technology, as it is the only manufacturer in India holding patent over the technology for small bikes. One classic example of DTS-SI powered bike is XCD 125. This was all about DTSI and DTS-SI, in the next article we will take the concept further to know about DTS-FI.

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    But even then bajaj bikes are worst.

  • sachin

    every manufacturer has its own technology with patents that claim it is the best.bajaj is still the new kid in town vastly helped by Kawasaki.Honda engine technology is considered the best world over with Suzuki and Yamaha not too far.so basically its the Japanese technology ruling the world.if i am not mistaken,the pulser was designed by a Japaneses lab owned/related to honda.what really matters is that the quality of components must match technology and that’s where bajaj looses.

  • Pulsar bike bakwas. After 1 year engine sound occur like moter pump.

  • arun

    Bajaj are good only in bringing new technologies and adding new features to their existing bikes constantly upgrading them for a reasonable price tag when any bike hits the market with new technologies but on the negative side poor and worst quality of materials are used which indirectly warns many to stay away from their products if bajaj could bring their bikes with the most well built quality like other manufacturers like herohonda ,honda ,suzuki,yamaha then there is no doubt that they can rule the two wheeler market in India easily .

  • Pritam dhamde

    Who says bajaj bikes r gud they are worst in every manner.only there is name but no fame.

  • pulsar was designed by one of Yamaha bike designer.. but the handling and engine quality is not complement the design.. handle movement is so heavy.. when the bike is in speed then sudden control make accident sum time depend on speed.

    NO DOUGH bike is really gud sum factors.

    In India, bike accident case, bajaj is number one in that ..(mostly Pulsar) may be due to all cant handle the control of bike.

    in my group mostly we use pulsar, all most all model of pulsar..but i notice all are happy with bike whn its is new performance also do well but aftr 6-8 mothns i heard -ve frm them. mine bike was gud but i was satisfied at sum extend. they face service problem, parts. performance of bike make us feel bad..aftr using 8 months n above.. we all get bike service frm dealer workshop only.. i talked with ppl who meet me at workshop but 70% tell -ve abt bike..

    i dont have that much -ve… one thing lastly i wana say wht ever other says but pulsar ruled indian mkt. now may it time is going coz other company making very gud bike Yamaha, Honda,hh..

    I agree Japanese rules in advance technology n high quality..

    and bajaj will rule in cheapest bike..
    but guys we all knows quality doesnt comes in cheaper rate..
    so wake up guy what bajaj is doing think and make proper decisions…

    guy go with ur experience n knowledge.. i just share mine experience..

    now m having Yamaha R15 (elder bro) and Fazer.. i happy with bike performance, handling, control n all.. i go with my knowledge n experience now its ur turn guyss…

    coz u are the one who spend money not others..!!

  • mohit

    with hamara bajaj scooter business already wiped out by Honda,if bajaj dint have dts**si they would have been only making Auto rickshaw by now.

  • rohitboxxer

    Due to dtsi,engine becomes smoother,delivers more mileage,but it does not longer,but shorters engine life.In fact,there is no use of 2 spark plugs in a small displacement bike like 150-250 cc.
    It’s like beating badly a small bull to run faster for more distance than a bigger bull,which causes early death of that small bull.

  • kevin

    Awesome comment buddy. Bajaj has R&D but what kind of..?
    Bike making is not a rocket science, so get the technology from others and build your bike.

    Sincerely, bajaj should do their R&D on component quality than trying to become a honda or yamaha. I mean yamaha has DIASL which reduces the production cost and is cheaper to produce. Bajaj think something useful and set a standard(May be in your dreams..lol

    Well, Hero has their partner companies like munjalKiru, munjalShowa, fabrications unit and lot more which has R&D capability for components. Dont mess with Hero(Future rocks..!)

  • kevin

    Bajaj, Instead of doing your part of rocket science on bikes(Building engine from scratch with 2, 3 & 4 spark plugs) do it on the components buddy..!

  • Shanker

    guys…..Actually the description given in the review describes the working of the dtsi engines…. I have found that the dtsi technology is good for engines …so the description given here matches the exact characterization of the engines…i donno why bajaj ppl arent able to use the technology correctly…may be something wrong with their bike design,…..

  • Sunder

    Buying a new bajaj bike is like buying a second hand bike

  • pulsar boy

    Both DTS-i & DTS – Si technologies were already known in theory, they are not developed by Bajaj, but Bajaj used them in their engines.. and ironically due to strange intellectual property rights system they got a patent on that as well!!(up to engine size of 250cc, above 250cc patent is with Royal enfield), which prevented other manufacturers from using this technology. Don’t know why there is so much negativity about Pulsars.. as far as I know.. Pulsar has excellent engine life, most of my friends own Pulsars.. and they are maintaining their bikes in mint condition, which prompted me to go for P135LS and i’m very happy with the decision.

  • gaurav

    plz stop fighting!!!!! bajaj has given tough competition to hero honda coz of which , the graph of hero honda been declining. its enough to tell the success story of bajaj.

    also, now honda group r so pissed coz of less profits and more pressure that honda is separating out from hero group.

  • pulsar boy

    HH’s graph is not declining if you take absolute numbers.. but yeah.. off late Bajaj has been hitting the deck really hard with some really awesome launches (Pulsar 220S, P135LS, Disco 150), which has turned the heat on. Now, HH has priced Splendor pro below Discover 100, which is a sign of things to come.

  • kevin

    Its pretty simple, honda and bajaj have been dreaming for many years of replicating what hero has done and the business acumen they possess. Hero is a standard that has been set by the munjals & bajaj is trying hard to achive that.

    Ask rajeev bajaj as he would have so many nightmares(Lesson learnt in hard way :- dont play cheap tricks with indian buyers)

    And for your info Pulsar that gaurav has bought is a gr8 vibrating moped(Grow up man..!). Copy and mixture of all the designs in one piece.

  • kevin

    sry gaurav…that was the pulsar boy with his 135 LS, not u

  • Sachin

    There are reports of honda preparing a 100cc bike to take on discover & other brands,we will see a interesting battle.

  • Sachin

    I agree with Rohit,small capacity bikes dont really need 2 spark plugs.one spark plug kept at centre can effectively cover cumbustion area.most manufacturer seem to be doing that.

  • pulsar boy

    People like Kevin simply revel in going overboard critisizing Bajaj.. but they will realize that Hero is really a good assembler, nothing more than that. Honda supplies everything and Hero assembles it.. once Honda pulls the carpet under their legs then Hero will be zero. Oh, on that vibrating moped.. I’ve taken test rides of others like Shine/Stunner/Glamour.. It occured to me that P135LS got lesser vibrations compared to them.. hence the decision. Now, go get a life loser.

  • thanks for sharing information. I loved it. These things doesn’t not get in directly in mind. I was really not aware about these two terms. now i can understand difrence between two bikes.

  • arun

    Guys whatever the thing is ,it is sure that bajaj cant bring the quality of other manufacturers like herohonda, suzuki , yamaha, honda and tvs on to their bikes many of the users of bajaj products got fed up with their bikes after a year and this has been reported by many of the bajaj customers so it is a known fact that bajaj bikes are purely meant for people who want to change their bikes after a year

  • arun

    It will be better to go always for international products like yamaha , suzuki and honda than going for bajaj but when mahindra two wheelers are launched i am sure that bajaj , hero honda and tvs will face some heavy stiff competition with mahindra

  • saurabh

    the funny part is bajaj TV adds claims it is world leader in twin spark technology.i think that is because they are the only ones using it hence world leader..lol.

  • Karthik

    Whatever it is, but the Bajaj & Tvs are way far away from Yamaha & Honda, not only by distance of make but also in everything……

  • Anon

    I don’t understand how DTSi is supposed to increase the life of the bike. When we increase the number of spark plugs the combustion may be more efficient but at the same heat generated will be double isn’t it? Are they doing anything to reduce the heat ? Liquid/oil cooled etc I don’t think so… Can the author please clarify?

  • yasho

    i hav a p180
    bought it on 28th sept 2009
    so exactly one year is over…n so far no problems……touchwood
    but i seriously dunno y there is sooo much negativity abt bajaj
    ppl tld me ul hate ur bike after using it fr a year
    here i am with 8546km done
    n i still love my bike

  • vishal

    “the technology also enriches the power of the bike. The technology also results in smoother operation, adjusts the engine to varied temperature fluctuations and makes the motorbike resistant too breakdown. Overall, the bikes with the technology are supposed to live longer”

    theres not enough justification to this paragraph. how would a spark plug help in temperature control? how does a sparkplug make an engine resistant to breakdown?

  • vishal

    this is the official explanation of the DTS-Si technology on the bajaj auto website:


    Swirl induction is generated by offset positioning of inlet and outlet ports creating turbulence in the air-fuel mixture inside the engine which enhances combustion efficiency further”

    @bikeadvice admin: pls check the authenticity of the articles before publishing them. the line mentioned here is clearly wrong

    “DTS-SI on the other hand is an upgraded version of the present DTSI technology developed by research and development team of Bajaj and they have patented it too. Under this technology, the digital twin spark plugs are located at same place like in DTSI technology engines but in an inclined or diagonal manner.”

    please dont publish wrong information, as the public will suffer due to wrong knowledge.

  • P.C.George

    I owned a Pulsar135LS on 17th of September of this year. I have covered 1500kms on it already. Almost every day of a week, I have to ride 100Kms . So I prefered Pulsar. When I thought to change my Bike, I considered all aspects. I studied about almost all bikes. Then I chose Pulsar135LS. The main defects I feel is about the seating position.It gives ma pain in the back. But it reduses by using daily. At first I didn’t get comfuret. Now it is OK. I thought about price, style ,performance, fuel efficiency ,look etc when I thought about purchasing anrw bike.So I chose Pl 135 LS. I like IT.


    when pulser150 will be upgraded? HH hunk already ready with rear disk & tubeless tyres….any news…..?

    • garry singh

      every that person who scold pulsar bike(135, 150, 180, 200, 220, 250), they r like small child, don’t knw abt the personality, perfomance, speed, pick-up etc of pulsars , i’hav pulsar 180cc & 220s(black), there was no problem in them,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      pulsar is the fastest bike ever,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • garry singh

    my both pulsars hav the grt pick-up & speed ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    no 1 other branded bike dare 2 chase me ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Akshay

    Well “HH” lovers should admit that Bajaj has gone ahead of their beloved manufacturer. The only thing that has kept HH going for these many years was trust that people have in it and the image of Bajaj people have made in their head. I was also going to buy a splendor in 2005, but somehow I managed to persuade my dad for Discover 125 and I am very happy that I did that. My bike is still running as strong as when It was new, still reaches 100+ and without any signs of bad build quality or reliability issue. It has never failed me in last five years.

    The thing is if bajaj has not launched pulser, we would all be riding splendor with long faces. It was bajaj that has started that muscular look in the bike industry. It was bajaj that gave a real character to a bike. And yes they were not very reliable at engines in the beginning but they are now. I have never heard horror stories about Bajaj bikes and many of my friends have pulsers and platinas. So I think people need to change their mindset about bajaj.

    There are interesting time ahead as Honda is leaving Hero and Bajaj is tying up with KTM. Lets see how things unfold.

  • Chetan

    I dont think the dtsi is such a great technology as they advertise it. The pulsar has such bad vibrations that it is so difficult and uncomfortable to handle it in higher speeds. The engine too is not reliable. After a year the fuel efficiency hits a low. I dont yet understand whats so great in it. The Honda, Yamaha and HH bikes are far better than the Bajaj ones as they are much smoother, reliable and consistency in fuel efficiency.
    The credit of the high sales of Bajaj, according to me, completely goes to the advertising dept and not the engineers. They make the pulsar owners so proud to own one that the pulsar owners praise the bike eventhough we see them struggling with it.

  • Indra

    Have you guys looked at the design of honda cb twister? To me its a badly designed bike, honestly only some of honda bikes are good on long term use, honda is also bad when drove too hard and no manufacturer can get rid of this issue whether it is world number 1 or 10; I only know one thing that every engine is made of strong iron and therefore should last equally longer that’s all about engine as I have a number of examples of such non renowned brands have lasted more than 15 years though driven hard because the engine is made of same metal that is iron. Bajaj is not bad at all rather it is better than hero honda in terms of performance and long life. I am a proud owner of bajaj discover. I am not jealous and not arguing on any brand it is all about your wrong idea about quality by specific brand name.

  • *LoneWolf*

    Even an economic 100cc has some extra punch hidden in it. They are designed to limit its performance. Installing two spark plugs will take that bike nearer to its maximum performance. with two sparks an 100cc will gain an additional 5kms top end and 15-20 percent increase in pickup. I have seen it in reality. The mileage don’t do down that much. But as a side effect the engine will heat up a bit quicker and also i observed the build up of smoke stench then the previous single spark plug.