DTSi and DTS-Si Technology – A Short Overview

Everyone might have heard of the motorcycles powered by DTSI and DTS-SI technology. So here is a quick look at what this technology is and if it is better than the technologies used in a normal (non-DTSI) powered bikes.

DTSI stands for Digital twin spark ignition. The technology is currently used in Bajaj motorcycles in India because they have patent rights. Digital twin spark ignition technology powered engine has spark plugs at either sides of the combustion chamber. Engines powered by DTSI technology will have greater combustion rate because of twin spark plugs located around it. DTSI technology enables the engine to combust fuel at double rate than normal, this enhances both engine life and makes it fuel-efficient i.e. better as regards mileage

Aside of making the engine fuel efficient, the technology also enriches the power of the bike. The technology also results in smoother operation, adjusts the engine to varied temperature fluctuations and makes the motorbike resistant too breakdown. Overall, the bikes with the technology are supposed to live longer, run smoother with high fuel efficiency.

DTS-SI on the other hand is an upgraded version of the present DTSI technology developed by research and development team of Bajaj and they have patented it too. Under this technology, the digital twin spark plugs are located at same place like in DTSI technology engines but in an inclined or diagonal manner. This offset of things further expounds the process of combustion and makes the ignition of fuel and air faster, resulting in enhanced power and expanded fuel efficiency.

Some primary features of DTSI and DTS-SI technologies are:

  • The engine becomes powerful and fuel-efficient.
  • The expected life of the motorcycle increases.
  • Bikes powered by the technologies are very well resistant to breakdowns and temperature fluctuations.
  • The throttle response considerably enhances.

As of now, only Bajaj manufactures bikes with both the technology, as it is the only manufacturer in India holding patent over the technology for small bikes. One classic example of DTS-SI powered bike is XCD 125. This was all about DTSI and DTS-SI, in the next article we will take the concept further to know about DTS-FI.