Driving Your Bike Through Flooded Streets

In India we do not have good drainage systems in many places. Sometimes even a little rain will flood the streets. If you are driving your bike in a flooded area, you need to follow these points.

Whenever you are driving through flooded areas, just check where the water level is, if you find the water level is below the silencer level, then you can go ahead driving the vehicle in water.

Once the water level found reaching the silencer level, then immediately switch off the vehicle and get down from the vehicle and push the vehicle till the silencer is found above the water level and then start the vehicle, if you driv the vehicle in such condition then it may result in engine seizure also, what often happens if the vehicle driven in flood area, check out below…

Engine Oil

The condition of the Engine oil will change immediately if found water mixed with Engine oil, it can be seen from below mentioned steps.

  • Quantity of Oil will get increased
  • The colour of the Engine oil will change into white colour (will look like Shampoo)

Impact in Clutch

Once the water enters into the engine and the quality of the engine oil changes, it will first affect the clutch system in following ways.

  • Kicker slipping
  • Low pickup
  • Low Mileage
  • Kicker not coming back after kicking
  • Gear shifting very hard

Spark Plug

Even though it was found the quality of the oil is fine and clutch system found satisfactory the electrically affected part is spark plug in following ways,

  • The Electrode supporter will get wear
  • Spark will not occur at the right time and will cause mis-firing issue (just remove the spark plug and wash in petrol and insert the same)

Air Filter

Due to this heavy flood air filter will also get in trouble and result in following problems

  • Very low pickup
  • Starting problem
  • Vehicle getting off often

– Sriram