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There are different style of motorcycles and cars in this world. A bike can be a chopper, a cruiser, a cafe racer, a naked bike or any other kind. Same thing goes for cars. As it’s been said all around the world that your ride defines your attitude. On this same philosophy and idea Dochaki Designs has been formed.

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Dochaki name is a pure Hindustani word which literally means 2 wheeler or in some ways any thing on wheels. Dochaki designs work on bikes as well as on cars, but their love for bikes is so deep rooted that the name of company is dochaki. Dochaki design makes custom vehicles on order basis, customer has to provide a donor car or a bike which is then transformed as per customer requirement.

Dochaki Designs is started by Anupam Singh Parihar in October 2013 in Pune to pursue his desire for making distinct bikes and cars. Anupam was born and brought up in Bhopal, finished his mechanical engineering from Bhopal itself so that he can get a good job somewhere, but later realized that this will not fulfil his desires of creating art forms on wheels.

So he moved to Pune to learn about the art of automobile design. Later he worked for various OEMs as a lead designer on various vehicles. But after 4 years of corporate swirls left his job to pursue his aspiration of building dream machines.

Dochaki Design Products

In this short period they have already made 2 bikes and are working on the third.

1982 Royal Enfield Redesigned

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First one was a 1982 Royal Enfield; the owner wanted to have a new identity for his bike yet keeping the feel of a bullet. So they kept the fuel tank and headlight assembly as it is but changed everything else which includes custom made front and rear fender, seats, swing arm to house 15 inch alloy wheel. And custom paint job so that the bike have its own identity.

Daksh Cafe Fighter

Dochaki Designs second bike is a cafe racer Daksh, which was displayed in Bhopal Auto Expo .Daksh is based on a first generation Suzuki Fiero. We call Daksh a cafe fighter.

Café Fighter is the class of Motorcycle which includes the design cues and attributes of a Café Racer and a Street Fighter Bike. It has a long fuel tank with a dent on it, small single seat, and narrow handle bars in line with the Classic Café Racer concept. Along with this the aggressive stance and high rise riding position with sharp feature lines of a Street Fighter Motorcycle have been incorporated to make it more contemporary.

All these attributes are designed to make this bike agile and prompt in city traffic still giving the feel of an old café racer classic.
Daksh simply means expert and focused on target. So all the above attributes combined together makes this motorcycle ‘DAKSH’. Daksh will take you from one café to another while fighting the urban traffic.

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Dochaki designs try to understand the requirements of the customer. As per the requirements they do renderings of the concepts which after approval from the client goes in building process. A finished bike normally takes 4 to 6 weeks which depends on the complexity of the forms. Price range starts from Rs. 55000 and goes upto 3 lakhs depending on the customization.

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