COMPARO: Unicorn 160 vs Gixxer vs FZ v2.0 vs Apache 160 vs Pulsar 150

The launch of the Honda CB Unicorn 160 after the new FZ and Gixxer might not have stirred up the premium 150cc segment but there certainly is something about the bike to take notice. The Gixxer is one of the best looking bikes in the segment and has been doing real well in the market. So, where does the Unicorn 160 stand in front of it? Here is a quick spec comparison between the CB Unicorn 160 and its competition to let you know the complete picture, on paper!


The new Honda has the largest displacement in this list, however it is the second last when we talk about the maximum power output, just over the FZ v2. But, with a peak torque of fantastic 14.61Nm, Unicorn 160 walks away with the title of the most torquey 150-160cc motorcycle, which hints at it being a real relaxed ride.



At 14Nm, Gixxer follows the new Unicorn and then we have the Apache, FZ v2 and Pulsar 150. The FZ v2 is the only fuel injected motorcycle in this list, rest others have the traditional carburetors as fuel supply systems.

In terms of dimensions, Apache is surprisingly the longest and the highest whereas Gixxer is the widest. Gixxer, FZ v2 and Apache 160, all have a wheelbase of 1330mm, which is followed by the new Unicorn 160 and Pulsar 150. On the ground clearance spec, Unicorn 160 is the lowest at 150mm while the rest of the competition at least is 160mm high. Apart from Pulsar, rest of the motorcycles weigh between 135 to 137kgs.

Suzuki Gixxer 8

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All the motorcycles here are shod with disc brakes upfront and drum brakes at the rear. While the FZ and Gixxer makes do with wider rubber, rest of the motorcycles come equipped with regular sized tyres.

With this, we come to two of the most important specs – fuel efficiency and price.

At 63.5kmpl, Gixxer is the most fuel efficient motorcycle in this list and is interestingly followed by the new Unicorn 160. Rest of the motorcycles return something in 50s. Please note these are rated fuel efficiencies and on the roads what you will get will be lower.

New-Yamaha-FZ-S-v2-FI-Pic (44)

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Clearly, Pulsar 150, the segment leader in sales is outdone on almost all parameters by the competition but it retains the tag of the most affordable 150cc in this list, followed very closely by the performance-oriented Apache. You can get the standard variant of the new Unicorn 160 at under 70k, but its CBS equipped variant is just a shade lower than the costliest motorcycle here, FZ v2. Gixxer is priced competitively somewhere in between.


The new Unicorn 160, apart from the segment-highest torque, doesn’t excel specifically in other areas and is a neutral-spec motorcycle. However, its the dated design and commuter-centric focus from the company which are a downer! Honda could have done with a more aggressive looker considering that they already have the older Unicorn to cater to the generic point A to B travelers!

We will talk about the new Honda offering in detail as soon as we get one for testing. Till then, we leave you with this spec comparo….

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