Clearmost & Uncamouflaged Spyshots of Upcoming Yamaha R25!

Yamaha sure has managed to take fancy of the common biking enthusiast and the sudden shower of spyshots have just raised the inquisitiveness of..well.. almost everyone.


So far the biggest question was – How does the front look like and it seems to have been revealed by the latest new spyshots coming in from

The quarter litre has the expected dual headlamps but they are not totally disconnected like the R15 but they do look aggressive. The R25 decal on the bike confirms the name conclusively. It also gets cleared that Yamaha will continue to offer the R25 in dual-tone color options, this one being Red with white fairing.


The bike also gets a black coloured strip running across the fuel tank similar to the FZ series of bikes. The high-set fuel tank, as has been the case with latest Yamahas, remain the major design element. It gets the Yamaha tuning fork logo on the side. The exhaust is also kept short and gets a silver tip.

The thin ten spoke alloy wheels share an uncanny resemblance with Pulsar 200NS and the tyres appear to be a combination of 100mm front and 140mm at the rear, both 17 inchers!

The two split seats appear to be decently wide but thin (quite akin to sportsbikes). What level of comfort will they provide will be known only once we ride the bikes. Surprisingly, the production R25 appears to have a not-so-aggressive seating position as we had expected.


Like the R15, the pillion may just not be the best seat to be on. The thinner-towards-the-end pillion seat, the equally high set foot pegs, with no visible grab rails, all paint a very grim picture and a possibility of Yamaha retaining the ‘Arrive Alone’ tag for the R25 as well. 😀

A disappointment here is the absence of projectors. How we wish Yamaha had employed them! Nonetheless, we are really eager to know the engine specs and performance figures of the bike. NEXT!