Clearest Spy Pics of Yamaha MT15 in Blue; May Get Remote Keyless Ignition!

As the possible unveiling of the MT15 draws near, spy pics of the bike have started to reveal how will it look without all the ugly camouflage. Also more details about the upcoming bike seem to have cropped up which will definitely hold you back from putting that money on the table for some other naked!

These latest images shared by the folks at Iwanbanaran & reveal that the bike will be fitted with a traditional handle rod and not a clip on; makes sense! Also the high set position of the handle bar, mated with upside down front forks will mean that the MT15 will be focused towards comfort and city riding, unlike the R15 which has a complete track centric setup. The seating posture too will be upright which means we are looking at riding the bettered R15 engine without causing a lot of stress to your spinal cord.

Well, all this is fine, something expected from a street centric motorcycle but one interesting bit which has caught everyone’s attention is that the spotted test mule does not sport a starter button on the right switchgear! Yes, we can see the ignition off switch but no starter button! See here…

Yamaha MT 15 d

Now we do not expect the MT15 to be a kick start only model. One possibility is that they have decided to clutter the left handle bar by plonking most of the buttons there. The other possibility, though seems a bit far stretched, is that Yamaha might just plonk in a remote keyless ignition, a feature seen usually in expensive cruisers!

So things are turning interesting for the small MT, a motorcycle which is expected to preview the Yamaha YZF R15 V3.