Chris Pfeiffer’s India Tour 2011 Schedule

We all have seen him crawling, dancing, hopping, skipping, and jazzing on his BMWs. The God of World Freestyle Biking comes to India, the second time. We share with you the complete schedule of Red Bull Chris Pfeiffer India Tour 2011. When he came to India, Chris covered only 5 cities in 2010 across 9 days. This time the show is grander and covers 10 cities in a span of 17 days all across the nation. Chris would kick off his play from Kolkata on 21st of March and Bangalore would be his final venue on 6th April.

Kolkata, Pune, Jaipur, Panchkula, Coimbatore, Ahmadabad and Cochin freestyle Chris’ lovers would get to see him perform in front of their eyes for the first time, whereas Hyderabad and Chennai have been missing from his last years visit.

The event would be sponsored by Red Bull and there would be no charges, fees or tickets for the shows. After creating a huge success in his last stint, this time the show seems to be more blasting with crowds pulling from all nooks and corners of the respective cities.

So whoever missed witnessing Pfieffer’s magic the last time, ensure you grab your seats before it gets jam packed. So see you there…!

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– Saad Khan