A few months ago Hero Honda had announced that they will be launching more than ten new models for 2009. But it’s a little disappointment that all of them are just paint and sticker upgrades with no improvement in the performance. However, for some models they have added extra features such as electric start, black colored leg guards etc.

Today I went to the nearby Hero Honda showroom and captured CBZ Xtreme and a few other models in my digicam.

New CBZ Xtreme

I have already tested the CBZ Xtreme a few months back. Since the new model is just a face lift, only looks are being discussed here. To read about the performance, head to the Bike Reviews page.

The body coloured rear view mirrors with a black lining looks unique. On the fairing, the words CBZ Xtreme is stickered only on the right side which is not a good thing for people who love symmetry.

New CBZ Xtreme

The orange color is flashy and definitely a head turner. But it looks a little odd with black colored alloys for the front wheel and body colored alloys for the rear wheel.

New CBZ Xtreme

The New CBZ Xtreme would have shot up in value if Hero Honda had provided digital consoles. Analog dials is a let down for a bike like CBZ. Xtreme logo at the centre of the handle bar is something new.

New CBZ Xtreme

I hope you enjoyed the photos. If you want more, visit the New CBZ Xtreme Image Gallery. Tomorrow I will post a pictorial review of Passion Pro Power Start.

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  • Ripsss

    Ya only graphics make-over of CBZ.Now 4 the karizma fans,,, recently when i came across a popular show called WHEELO -CITY on ZEE..they presented that HERO-HONDA will be launching a KARIZMA FI this year,,bur the dealers of my area have no info regarding this matter. so karizma fans are requested to ask their respected dealers of their locality to know more ..

  • Deepak

    I was informed by the sales rep that HH will launch Fi for sure but no one is clear whether they would launch 223cc Fi or 310cc Fi. If a 300cc+ bike is launched, I would be the first one to book it.

  • Gangadharan

    HERO HONDA desh ki dhadkan no more….

  • daksh

    hmm… CBZ never did touch my heart, and now after the so called “face lift” it never will… they have made a complete fool of the bike…
    body coloured alloys in the rear and back alloys in the front are a serious NO NO!!

    the handel bars are still barrel types whereas maximum new bikes have the adjustable callipers or w/e u call them.
    overall, i used to rate CBZ 3/5… now its 1/5.. GOOD JOB HERO HONDA!!

  • M.Irfan

    I am really disappointed with the colors on this bike .They are really awful and only florescent colors are available.Further the back wheel is only body colored what about the front wheel?.And the CBZ sticker on the fairing looks horrible.I never liked it in the beginning and this face lift has not helped .

  • older one looked better…
    CBZ-X was a odd-looking bike and they have made it more odd..by having the front as black colored alloy wheel and rear having body colored alloy wheel. and wierd stickering concept on tank makes it more odd…and no other enhancements…
    makes this odd bike not much value for money…I think for hero honda fans Hunk seems like a better choice..
    even though the tail-light and rear garb rail of CBZ-X looks better than hunk…hunk looks better overall…

  • ripsss

    ya,,guys,,CBZ has lost its fame…i think the designers of HERO HONDA should look to this mater carefully.No matter what they do..they are making CBZ awefull//

  • daksh

    im thinking this as a conspiracy of Hero Honda to create hatred for all of their bikes and create love for Hero Hond Hunk !!
    just a thought !! 😛
    besides, CBZ’s first version was the most decsent of them all

  • Shubh

    Wow :O..:O

    Friendzz could any 1 plzz guide me regarding the milage of this disaster piece 😛

  • Those orange wheels look very hideous. I wonder what HH were thinking. I think HH is the only company which does not offer digital instrumentation and i wonder why they can’t when others do.

  • i agree with @daksh it seems like they are making CBZ-X very very unattractive..so that Hunk sells well
    and then they an discard CBZ-X
    why cant they just renamce Hunk as CBZ-X or upgrade Hunk and call it CBZ-XX.

    @shubh i think mileage of CBZ-X should be 55-60…wat say people???

    • Suresh

      I am using CBZ-xtreme for the last one year. the millage is only 45 and not more than that. but its really good in maitainance and looks as well as in terms of resale value

  • Shubh


    Thanx 4 ur info buddy. But as per my knowledge CBZ-X gives a mileage of 40-45 at max unless handled with extreame care. None of my friends had even reached 45 even though they drove in between 50-90 kmph, going beyound 90+ once in a blue moon like 31st ni8 or during the Navratris 😛

    New CBZ-X has upgraded the engine and reduced the weight to 143kg from 148kg. Hence I had an hunch that mileage might be better than previous 1c…..

  • daksh

    as ive heard, the Hunk and the CBZ have the same engine.. and my friend owns a Hunk and he tells me that the Mileage is around 40-50 km/l

    soo.. i guess CBZ shud be also giving quite the same… give or take 2 -3 Kms maybe..

    @ koobaba
    They cant actually rename the Hunk with CBZ -x or something.. they dont wanna mess everything by naming almost all of their bikes the same thing .. more or less like bajaj.. the best of their creations are named the same thing.. no diff -.-“

  • @Shubh and @daksh
    ok… maybe 40-50 is more realistic…i checked bike magazine.. they quote same figures…

    and what if they keep speeds in 40-50 i think they will get marginally better fuel efficiency…

    i dont understand why HH has three 150CC bikes…

  • daksh

    koobaba, the fuel efficiency is never accurate..
    that is why magzines quote them in margin..
    the thing is, it all depends on “you”.
    the weight that the bike is carrying, the driving style, the usual speed of the bike, braking, fuel evaporation.. maintainenece..
    you should be able to get a +5 Km/l if you ride your bike really well.

    And as far as the 150 CC bikes are concerned..
    its the same region why there are 3 “same” types of pulsars on road but with diff CC enjines..
    “manufacturers are retards” lol

  • @daksh
    i agree “manufacturers are retards”
    i agree…..even bajaj has two 125cc bikes, where both bikes xcd and platina are trying to be fuel efficient bikes…
    instead one should have been performance oriented…
    even HH should do something like that…
    one of their 150CC should focus on efficiency other can have style and performance…

  • Shubh

    gr8 1 😉

    Anywayz refilling with xtrapremium or speed would yield any benifit like more mileage or healthier engine life.

    Please comment 🙂

  • daksh

    @ shubh
    lol @ ur first line 😉 thnks 😛
    well shubh, as said in the new post by deepak, about fuels..
    the normal petrol is usually 87 octane or a bit higher, but not 91 octane which is usually recommended for any vehicle to attain maximum efficiency.

    fuels like xtrapremium and speed and other preimum ones by diff oil producers have a better octane rating.. usually 91 or maybe higher.. which gives the bike the ability to conserve fuel as less fuel is consumed to power the bike.
    since the quality of petrol is good, and is not adulterated in any form, there is in one way,”less trash” in the engine which gives it a healthy life 🙂

  • Ketan

    which is the best bike among hunk and cbz xtreme????

  • Deepak

    Ketan, the best bike is ofcourse the best looking bike FOR YOU. Since both the bikes have same engine, there is not difference in performance.

    • zameer

      I want purchase one new bike between 50,000 to 60,000. So please advise which bike is best for my budget. I need good look & strong bike.

  • daksh

    id say Hunk ketan..
    coz, not only is it better looking, but atleast it gives out a pretty decent looks..
    the CBZ used to be “okay types” but with this so called facelift, ud make urself a laughing stock when u ride it..
    so better go for hunk if ur gonna buy one soon enough.

  • karthi

    Among hero honda wich bike is best ???????????????????
    !!!!!!!!!But i like to bey CBZ Xtreme!!!!!!!!!!
    is it best guys
    plz inform replay guys


  • Shubh


    Karizma is the best not only in HH bikes but almost all the bikes available in the Indian market.

    Personally i was wooed by the new cbz xtrem black with red alloy in the rear and jus bought it. Cbz has more critics than fans, so if u like it jus go for it, else Hunk, FZ-16 & RTR 160 FI (my first choice) are on cards.

  • ravin

    hello all ….
    my height s 6 ft ….i want a bike with good performance and riding comfort ..i don drive rashly or overspeeding ……i m a gentle driver ….mileage and looks(which bike wil fit my height) s the problem ..help me out ..
    wil be looking forward to your reply.

    Thanks Deepak

  • sankoobaba

    u can go for
    unicorn or the suzuki bike(GS150)……..
    you can go for zma…but mileage wont be that high

  • vinay

    4 all CBZ X is the best bike… trust me.. 4 me it gives milege ard 50…

  • Shubh


    R u sure u talking about CBZ X giving a milege around 50 :O

    Am even ready to commit murder to get closer to that stat. The best milege of CBZ X known to me personally is around 42-45, at max that too when maintained & driven with utmost care.

    Please share with us some tips so that other CBZ X users can also derieve the same benifit as urself. Thnx 🙂

  • daksh

    driving style is usually the same on all the bikes to attain max mileage.. im getting around 45-47 on my pulsar.. (pretty impressive isnt it?? :D)
    keep reading the posts properly and ul get to know te secret!!
    when u start the bike for the first time during the day, use the kick start and not the self.
    after its turned on, leave it on idle for 15-20 seconds (so be sure to leave home a bit early so u have some time in hand to care for the bike)
    do not over rev ur enjine, change the gears at around 4k-5k RPM.. best wud be 4.5
    “Try” to minimise the use of the clutch, use it as often as u can.
    whenever stopping at a red light, let go of ur throttle a little early rather than going all upto the red light and then applying brakes.. let the bike roll to the red light.
    never leave it running unnecessarily. turn it off when ur stopping for more than 20 seconds nywhere.
    and most importantly, dont overspeed 😉 run it at a descent speed of 50-60 no too fast.. not too slow.. 😀

  • daksh

    p.s – i mean, use it as “less” often as u can.. – deepak

  • kk

    please hh stop killing the cbz……

  • suraj bera

    cbz extreme has not the fair gorzious looks as pulsar has. its really odd looking. i think pulsar is the best.if some one actually want to get a byke then why would he buy cbz rather than pulsur. i will rate cbz 6/10 and to pulsur 9/10.

  • Saro

    Iam in a great confusion to get CBZ-Xtreme r not… Any suggestions guys…

  • Prince

    Yaaroon , please give me a suggestion …………..
    i am looking for a bike which is having good looks,
    40 – 50 kmpl mileage , 55k – 60 k price.
    for which i should go?????

    (my choices)
    CBZ-X new one
    FZ -16(i know its around 68k)

    please suggest and give a valid reason

  • i like Xtreme becaz his sitting is very well n comfort sitting n power is also gud in mah bike al;so


    Hey all…

    i want took CBZ xtreme atft (new) yellow colour,
    is there any way to get the byke, my place Andhra Pradesh (INDIA)
    my local dealers telling that no yellow…

    iam disappointed

    please help me

  • wen i read the review abt the new hh xtreme and also the fotos
    im very disappointed to c only stickering job upon the previous one
    wat made me to write this comment is that
    the bike looks good on road
    i saw many many many many new xtremes all over the places i travelled
    not many of them r with different colored alloy wheels
    wen i came close to the bike, i found the bike looks good and stunning than the previous one
    but i think hh should have made the visor bigger with pillion lights, digital console, adjustable handle bar and more importantly more rubber for tyres
    still the new bike manages to luk gud and attractive
    if hh could add the gadgets as i mentioned, im sure the hh bikes will rule the market without any …………
    i dont understand the fact that … as a common bike lover many of us know and analyse wat a gud perfect bike means to us…. but y dont the companies do homework to present well?
    i think hh will surey launch new stickered hunk so near and all such painting jobs

    • satish patel

      i am gujrati sys cbz.x. super lovely bike hu pn aa gaadi chalavu chu mne atli mja ave se ke ek chokri ni uupar chadine je karvani mja ave se tvi mja bike chlava ni mja ave se

  • all the bikes mentioned are finely carved and powered
    but now wat u have to decide is wat u want
    if u r luking for a power bike with stunning unique luks ….. go for yamaha fz
    but if u r thinking to ‘ve power comfort n mileage……. go for herohonda cbz xtreme

  • yash

    I want to buy a new bike.I am above 6ft tall and broad.I am confused over my decision which is best among these 150cc bikes:
    CBZ Xtreme
    Suzuki GS150r

    I wank best looking bike which suits my personality.Hunk has a low due to which I am confused over my decision to buy hunk

  • yash: I want to buy a new bike.I am above 6ft tall and broad.I am confused over my decision which is best among these 150cc bikes:CBZ XtremeHunkUnicornPulsarSuzuki GS150rI wank best looking bike which suits my personality.Hunk has a low due to which I am confused over my decision to buy hunk

    you buy cbz . bcoz it is fit to you & your height.

  • Hari Sankar

    daksh: im thinking this as a conspiracy of Hero Honda to create hatred for all of their bikes and create love for Hero Hond Hunk !!
    loljust a thought !!
    besides, CBZ’s first version was the most decsent of them all

    Ha ha ha I too agree with u coz CBZ’s first EDITION was my dream bike but these guys Xtreme entirely different the bik is complete shit simply the GRAPHICS make it look gud
    Surely HH hunk is really gud it looks gud with or with out graphics So its called as “MIGHTY MUSCULAR HUNK”

    and CBZ without graphics will be termed “A HEN WITH NO FEATHERS”

  • Bala

    Hey guys, hero honda launches 6 new bikes
    1. super splendour +++
    2. Passion +-+
    3. karizma R+ (I guess this will be the FI version)
    4. Super Glamour
    5. Super + Hunk and finally
    6. CBZ extreme +

    Enhancements are: extra sticker, Fuel indicator if there isn’t one, No rear disc brakes. The only advancement is i think they will rope in the real karishma to do the karizma with hrithik.

    daksh: hmm… CBZ never did touch my heart, and now after the so called “face lift” it never will… they have made a complete fool of the bike…body coloured alloys in the rear and back alloys in the front are a serious NO NO!!the handel bars are still barrel types whereas maximum new bikes have the adjustable callipers or w/e u call them.overall, i used to rate CBZ 3/5… now its 1/5.. GOOD JOB HERO HONDA!!

  • ishu

    cbz is the sporty looking bike.hunk is average bike.agar aap hunk ya cbz xtreme mein se lena chata hai to cbz legiya

  • Anoop

    Hello dear friend ,
    what is the speciality of new Hunk ?
    when its going to be relaesed?

  • bala

    hello there i own a cbz x for past 1 year and ive got 48+ mileage,,, so what do u say about that. i often ride at 60-80kph speed..

    • satish patel

      kyu tu sbko dena vala he kya tera khud ka swo tum he shale tu khega tohi hum le aage se dhayn rakhna likhneme shale

  • Prince

    hey bala you are getting good mileage,
    how you maintain your bike?
    give me some tips guys………..please

  • Prince

    you are talking 48+ on highway?

  • jjj

    i feel sorry for those who tries to underrate HH products!!!
    These guys must be an unlucky owner of any grinder bikes from bajaj or any other scrap from TVS…..who are desperate to find the HH products come down”

  • jijo varghese mathew

    hi i have herohonda hunk ,iam the fan of honda………………. hunk it is a nice bike smooth drive…………..


    My mileage is 60 to 65 Kmpl on highways on my bike, Know how ride a bike please! Think guys!!! why don’t you understand the qualities of a bike


    Just maintain 50speed without applying brake or clutch while on highways thats enough for best mileage.!

  • amitraj

    wiche bike is best
    cbz x,

    • Javeed Pahsa

      among these Pulsar is consistant !!!!!

      • Alok singh sengar

        No! pulsar is like a cycle at front of new (2011) cbz xtreme

  • Arun

    Now iam going to purchase CBZ X it good or …. can you reply gays

  • sagar

    hu friends i am confused wheter to go for cbz or p15o ..please reply something

  • shivam

    hey frnzz….
    dunno abt ur viewes, but i own a cbz extreme, n ride my bike with an average speed of 80 km/h n i get a millage of 45 .

    n i also want to share that u may get a speed of 135km/h with ur cbz extreme if you spend a little more on that.

    top speed of my cbz is 125 km/h.

  • vishu

    the best bike i ever seen is cbz xtreme(yellow version) it totally hear turner.. i think no other bike ever compare dis hh yellow xtreme..

    i got mileage of 55 in da speed of 40kmpl-50kmpl

  • vishu

    the best bike i ever seen is cbz xtreme(yellow version) it totally head turner.. i think no other bike ever compare dis hh yellow xtreme..

    i got mileage of 55 in da speed of 40kmpl-50kmpl

  • Jeetu R

    CBZ has a max mileage of around 40-45 in city only if it is properly maintained, oherwise it gives a mileage of 35-40. CBZ Xtreme has a low maintainence cost and a good resale value as compared to Hunk. Go for cbz instead of hunk

  • Ashish Mishra



    hi friends i am arindam.i want to know the actual mileage of cbz xtreme.plz tell me the original mileage.plz tell me as soon as possible.i want to buy the bike very soon.

  • rahul satav.

    The best bike is cbz extreme(blck & red) version.
    cbz extreme black color prise in oct 2010.
    please reply………

  • My wife choice was Pulser 150 cc,but when I saw Hero honda Extreme then I have bought it.My byke is very powerfull,I am requestining to concern authority,kindly increse miles.

  • sultan khan

    i want 2 buy a new bike my budget is around 50000 to 65000
    which is good in looks, mileage, speed, and the important thing is its LIFE
    plz suggest me
    yamaha szx or cbz or hunk ??????????

  • Thomas

    Hei Friends…., m realy confused…I booked CBZ xtreme, bt it has delay in delivery. I heard tht sm issues are goin on with Hero & Honda..Will it make ny problem to customers?? Except CBZ & Unicorn which bike is better in the region of 150cc??

  • mayur

    new cbz model 2011

  • P akbar ali khan

    I want new cbz xtreme read coler

  • prem chaturvedi

    it seems like tvs victor………….fir bhi it is the real beauty of india

    • Thomas

      nt lik tvs victr…super bike…

  • Santanu Biswas

    Am going to buy this new launched CBZ Xtreme on first week of may
    its a cool bike….

  • Santanu Biswas

    hey deepak tell me one thing am going to own a cbz xtreme by may first week,this bike having any negetive point as per the feature is concern ?

  • Supriyo kolley

    Hero Honda Xtreme new mode digital meter kab launch hoga?

  • Arvind vaishnav

    I have old modal cbj /// fully satisfied so advanced fomed

  • CBZ Bikes is a perfect Bikes for me ………..
    I Like it………….
    But I want to be a White CBZ Xteme ??????????

  • debajyoti chakraborty

    hey guys, i want 2 buy a cbz xtreme. but i am confused between the old & the new model. please suggest me which 1 is better.

    • Nishit

      new one is better but i suggest u to buy a pulsar 180 rather than cbz

  • Shakti Tiwari

    Dear Reader i personaliy recommended CBZ extreme is good bike and also favour in this. I have already this bike and it’s mileage is also good according to CC. And power also nice top speed of my CBZ Extrreme was 135km/hrs.

  • Nishit

    hey friends i am a new rider and want to take a bike can u just help me out

    • Alok singh sengar

      Ya! the brand new cbz xtreme.

  • V.V.Vasan

    Bike ok. If bike has kicker that will be useful.


    THANKS for design engineers.and staff.

  • chetan chouhan

    Hi all, I i recently have purchased new model of cbz extreme on 6th of November 2011. My bike is is 16 days old and i would like to say everyone, “This is a completely man’s bike. It’s look is awesome, weight is good according to the 150 cc, sitting is comfortable, very smooth driving, doing stunt on this bike is very easy, controlling is very soft. meter this time has given the digital look which give u feeling of racing bike….I want to tell everyone, It’s a lovely bike. If u really want to attract some one, and want to look stylish buy this bike.”

    • Alok singh sengar

      Yes chetan. Its with a very low voice & stylish Digital speedometer and cool stylish seat.