C-1: The Ultimate Futuristic Two Wheeler


Would you like to have a two wheeler which offers the efficiency and freedom of a motorcycle with the safety and convenience of a car? Would you like to own a two wheeler which looks stylish, smart, trendy and equipped with next generation technology? Would you like a two wheeler which has steering like car rather than handle bar like motorcycle? Lastly would you like a two wheeler which is running on battery with a range of over 320 kilometers and can achieve top speed of more than 190 Km/ hour? If your answer is yes then, here is the C-1 with all these features.

The C-1 is a solution for the current and future transportation problem. C-1 has been designed by Lit Motors based in California. The C-1 stands for Codename and the company has also given nick name of C-1 as “Rolling Smart Phone”. C-1 is the world’s first gyroscopically stabilized two wheeler.  It offers safety and convenience features of car and freedom of motorcycle. C-1 has electronically controlled gyroscopes located under the floor (putting out over 1,300 lb/ft (1,762 Nm) of torque), to balance the vehicle in stationary condition. Due to this feature C-1 stays upright even in the event of collision.  The vehicle runs on electric motor of 40 KW.  It has range of 200 miles (322 Km) and top speed of 120 Miles / hour (193 Km/ hour).

Check out the video:

The vehicle is heavily based upon Scandinavian Design concepts. The exterior of the C-1 is both approachable and simple, enveloping the human in subtle curves, softened volumes and lots of glass. The overall design foundation is based on its waist-line which wraps around the vehicle’s circumference, and is grounded by the swooping rocker panel which highlights its unique gyroscopic components. There is a glow of light from the wheel hubs which show the electric hub motors.  The vehicle’s car like steering and dashboard looks unique and futuristic. The seat has been designed to offer maximum comfort to the rider. It offers a car like space in the front. The rear seating position is not that much spacious. However, it offers ample amount of leg room.

The company has given the nick name of rolling smart phone due to its connectivity features. The device will employ H2V, H2C, V2I, and V2V connectivity. Due to these features, traffic, construction, and adverse weather conditions will be transmitted to the vehicle, thus keeping the rider and the vehicle aware about the external situation and design the route accordingly. The company expects to launch this vehicle at the end of 2014. Beside this, Lit Motors is also developing cargo scooter and foldable scooter for transportation of goods.

C-1 has all the good features which we expect to have in our two wheeler. However, this is not a cheap vehicle; it is going to cost $16,000 (Rs. 9 lakhs approximately).  Hope, we will have such kind of two wheeler in future with affordable price.

Mahavir Kothari