Book Review: One Life To Ride – A Motorcycle Journey To The High Himalayas

There are so many ways to learn cultural practices and traditions of people from other places. For scholars, they opt to read sociological and anthropological textbooks or watch instructional materials and documentaries.

For people with the means to do so, they prefer to travel from one place to another in order to experience first- hand what the people of that place has to offer. But for ordinary people who cannot afford to travel or cannot grasp scholarly books, reading a motorcycle journey novel is just what the doctor ordered.

Among the many motorcycle journey novels already published, the book written by AjitHarisinghani, “One Life to Ride a Motorcycle Journey to the High Himalayas”, is something that is really appealing to the reading public. This is because the author of the novel takes the readers with him in his extraordinary journey along the countryside areas of India introducing them to unique Indian culture and religious beliefs.

A Window to a Diverse Culture

India’s rich tradition has been left unknown to strangers of the country. This is because foreigners have become interested only in visiting the world famous Taj Majal as well as the major urban areas of the country which include Mumbai and New Delhi. Through the novel, the readers will be given the chance to discover how diverse, broad and unique Indian culture is.

The novel would also give the readers the feel of how life is in remote areas in India. Above all, the novel would enable the readers to meet different people and communities with unique personalities and culture.

A Journey Towards One’s Spirituality

The author also emphasized in his novel that a journey to the Himalayas is also a journey towards one’s own spirituality. As the readers accompany the author in his journey, the readers are also taken on a journey towards strengthening their spirituality as human beings. Through the different situations and challenges that the author experiences along the way, the readers are given the chance to reflect on these situations and evaluate what they mean in their own lives.

Immersing One’s Self Through Reading

By using a motorcycle in his journey to the Himalayas, the author was able to immerse himself with the culture and tradition of the different places that he had been through. This gives the readers the feeling that they themselves have been immersed through various cultures and traditions as they explore and read through the pages and the chapters of the novel.

A Must-Read Novel

Indeed, “One Life to Ride a Motorcycle Journey to the High Himalayas”, is a novel that is worth reading. Since the novel was written in a straightforward manner and with the use of simple terminologies, readers would have no problem in understanding the flow of the story. This would enable the readers to just sit back, relax and enjoy reading it.

So for people who do not have the leisure of time and money to travel or who look forward to make such a journey, this novel is highly recommended.