Bonobo Comes Up with Plywood Bike

Off late we have had news about road bikes (bicycles) from big giants like Audi, McLaren and a few others too. Now a Polish designer has come up with a bike made of plywood. The advantage of plywood is its durability which a bike as a mode of city commuting badly needs. The bike is named ‘Bonobo.’

Warsaw designer Stanilav Ploski is the designer of this bike. Stanislav Ploski who studied at the Faculty of Industrial Design of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and at the National College of Arts and Design in Dublin, Ireland. He also works as a freelancer in web, graphic and product design as well.

According to, ‘the bike is made with bent plywood hooked together with metal fixtures. By using a special bending process to form the bike, the flexibility of the plywood introduces a new level of comfort and efficiency into the art of cycling.’

The bike is designed keeping the city commuters in mind to provide a relaxed driving experience. The bike comprises of a simple drivetrain and sports hydraulic disc brakes too.

Commenting about his new bike Bonobo, Ploski says,”It is built to serve urban cyclists who wish to ride comfortably and with style. The frame utilises natural properties of plywood – a natural composite material that is light, strong, and absorbs vibrations. Geometry of the bike ensures a relaxed riding position and lets the user experience the pure pleasure of cycling. Components were selected with simplicity and easy maintenance in mind. A single gear drivetrain and reliable hydraulic disc brakes require minimum attention from the user. It is also possible to install an internal gear hub or a belt drivetrain.”

The bike was on display at Berlin’s 2011 Designmai exhibition. The bike looks gorgeous with its brown and green colour scheme which looks cool and new. Since this is just a concept bike, no details on the price of it is mentioned.

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