BMW Safety 360 Degree Concept

BMW concept

BMW Motorrad, German motorcycle manufacturer has introduced a new unique safety 360 degree concept for optimum safety of rider.  The concept has been created to give rider maximum safety and offering relaxed and carefree riding pleasure. BMW Motorrad is going to install ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) as standard under this concept from the year 2013, which is 3 years ahead of European Law.

The concept is based on three pillars:

  • Vehicle: Innovative safety technologies in the motorcycle itself.
  • Rider Equipment: A very highest quality and functional rider equipment.
  • Rider Training: A program of qualified rider training courses for every skill level and every type of terrain.

BMW concept4

Vehicle: Under this pillar BMW Motorrad engineers want to equip motorcycles with advanced technology related to safety. As a part of safety 360 degree program, all the BMW motorcycles will be fitted with ABS as standard starting from 2013. ABS is highly sophisticated brake system that ensures that the motorcycle can be spontaneously controlled under the extreme braking condition.

BMW concept1

Apart from ABS, the motorcycle will also be equipped with DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) which ensure maximum yet safe acceleration and RDC (Tyre pressure control) ensures that tyre pressure is according to requirement.  BMW Motorrad has also included electronic suspension adjustment system as a part of this program which adapts suspension and damping to motorcycle load and road conditions.

Rider Equipment: Under this pillar BMW offers safest rider equipment which is tried and tested by motorcycle specialist. BMW has very rich experience in developing high quality rider equipment like helmet and jacket. In BMW words “Today, all helmets and items of clothing are developed by motorcycle specialists and tested to the limits. An absolute highlight on the test bench is Armacor – a textile fabric which almost equals the abrasion resistance of leather as well as being highly tear-proof.

BMW equipmentBMW riding jacket

All jackets, trousers and suits are dual-layered at sensitive points, with double seams and fitted with the latest generation of CE protectors. This enables them to stand up to all the stresses and strains of everyday motorcycling, including the hardest contact with asphalt and gravel, without limiting the rider’s agility. In order to be truly safe, rider equipment must also meet all ergonomical requirements. For this reason, BMW Motorrad helmets provide a very low noise level, and clothing items are fitted with innovative ventilation and membrane systems. “

Rider Training: Under this pillar BMW offer various kinds of training programs which help rider to ride safely in any condition. It offers courses and certification like IIA (International Instructor Academy) certification, safety training courses, race track training courses, off-road training course and courses for new/beginner riders. International Instructor Academy (IIA) is a professional qualification offered by BMW Motorrad according to international standards: it is regarded as the benchmark in the industry.

BMW traning

BMW concept2

The safety 360 degree concept of BMW Motorrad has set new benchmark in motorcycle industry. In India we have Yamaha following some of these practices like rider safety and training courses. We wish that Indian manufacturers will also introduce this kind of concept suitable to Indian condition apart from just focusing on increasing sales and new launches.

-Mahavir Kothari