BMW Motorrad Might Be Working on a 125 cc after the G 310R?

When BMW announced that they will be collaborating with TVS for making sub 500 cc motorcycles, one thing was clear. Small capacity segment is here to stay. While both car makers and bike manufacturers have been into downsizing, both of them are doing so for different reasons. But is BMW set to bring a 125 cc motorcycle next after the G 310R?

Car manufacturers are doing it for meeting stricter emission norms. The agenda for motorcycles is different. Smaller capacity bikes help in making the products affordable. This allows the company to tap a wider audience and expand to emerging markets. Of course, increasing the reach has its own benefits. But an interesting report in MotorcycleNews reveals that BMW Motorrad might just go below the 300 cc mark.

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When asked if BMW will fully immerse itself in the small capacity sector, Mr Stephan Schaller, President of BMW Motorrad said:

“It is not a strategy to have lots of volume in the small capacity segment, the task of the G310 is to lower the hurdle for new customers. We want to attract new customers but we will not go to 125cc or lower. The G310 is 100% a BMW that attracts new customers who may step up to our big bikes as our main focus will remain the big bikes above 500cc.”

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Now if he had meant that the G 310 family will be the smallest motorcycle he would have said that they won’t go smaller beyond that. The very fact that he mentioned the 125 cc mark might mean that they might have something cooking. Well , TVS does have significant experience in the small capacity territory. Globally the performance 125 cc market has been a very interesting one. Remember the likes of Duke 125, Yamaha R125 and with Suzuki and Aprilia in the foray, it would not be very surprising if BMW does something similar.

Of course a premium 125 cc will not be sold in India as the pricing will go pretty high. Their scooter range too includes just big capacity mills, so they have an opportunity there as well.

What about you guys? What do you think BMW is up to?