My Birthday Gift- The 180cc Pulsar Beast

Hi i am Amit Mathur, and it was my first birthday after the approval of my driving license and it was sure for me to have a bike now. But conquering my confusion of choosing a bike which suits all my needs was a hard shell to crack. I mainly focused on performance, looks and reliability.

I went through almost all the blogs and bike reviews on net, but i relied on practical things that i shall encounter on a day to day basis. So i decided to take the bike for a spin and test drove several bike’s which were already present with my friends like TVS Apache RTR 180, Yamaha fzs and Hero Honda Karizma.

But i still found that something was missing and wanted something which packs a heavy punch.I was not fully satisfied by these bikes because of the following reasons; TVS Apache RTR 180 although being a performance bike didn’t suit my personality as i was 6 feet tall, muscular boy. And the bike hardly managed a dimension of 2085.00 mm height and 1100.00 mm length. Yamaha fzs would have been a better option for me if it had the ability to pump out better power than 14 Hp which was a weak figure when compared to 17.8 ps of TVS Apache RTR 180.

Karizma was a legendary bike with a astonishing racing history but the bike was a very common piece which became a negative aspect for it. But there were some key features of the 2009 pulsar 180 ug4 that attracted me the most:

Dynamic Shape: Pulsar is a famous bike for its shape and structure which gives it better stability and muscular looks. Pulsar is better renowned for its stability on the road and an aerodynamic design.

Wider tyres for better grip: The latest version of the 180 has got a wider radial tyre for a better grip on the road. The wider types have also added to its looks. Clip on handle bar’s: The clip on handle bar is a improvement in the heridity of the series. It provides better handling to the bike while cutting the corners.

Better performance: The improved UG4 engine pumps out an extreme 17 horsepower which can take it to mark of 130 kmph and an acceleration of 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds. The bike also has improved braking power with bigger disk at front and wider radial tyre. It was the evening of 29th of april when the bike completed it’s first service and it was ready to thrill me through the highways, and it was on that day i took it to 128 kmph at ease.

– Amit Mathur