BikeAdvice Featured in Chip Magazine :)

Today I received the April 2011 Issue of Chip India Magazine. There was a section about blogging & social networks and I started reading that immediately. I was surprised to see my name and my words there.

Then I remembered that Priyanka Tilve (the writer) had asked some questions about blogging a few weeks back. Good to know that she found my answers worthy of publishing in India’s leading technology magazine. 🙂

Quoted from the Magazine:

Similarly Deepak Raj, who is relatively new to blogging, having started in 2008, is an avid blogger having published more than 1,000 articles on his blog The 23 year-old claims that he has never had a 9-5 job and makes money mostly from his blog. Even though he gets a majority of traffic from search engines. he feels that the traffic from social networks is of better quality. He says, “Facebook and Twitter should be looked upon as companions to your blog rather than a competing site. Before social networks got popular, the only source of traffic to the blogs was the search engines. Google and other search engines help people to find relevant content, but they do not help a blog article go viral. With Facebook and Twitter, it is very easy to rapidly spread good quality content. All it takes is a single click on the Facebook ‘like’ button on a blog post and all his friends are instantly notified about the content that he or she likes.”