BikeAdvice Contest Custom T-Shirts Are Ready!

A few days back we announced that we are giving away free custom T-Shirts for a small contest. The T-Shirts are ready and will be mailed to the winners within a few days.

Just want to know what you think about these cool custom T-Shirts. We are planning to use these type of T-Shirts as prizes for the upcoming contests in BikeAdvice. You can get anything printed on the T-Shirts… images, logos, slogans, photos… front, back or both!

Click On the Images to Enlarge it.

We are also planning to launch a portal (in partnership with a T-Shirt Company) where you can create your own custom T-Shirts in real time by choosing colors, stock images, your own uploaded images, typing in any text in any font on the T-Shirt frame and after you are done, you just need to submit and make payment. Within a week or so, the T-Shirts will arrive at your doorstep!  Let us know what you think about this idea!