BikeAdvice Breaks Own Traffic Records, 2.36 Lakh Page Views in the Past 2 Days

Every time BikeAdvice records the highest ever traffic on a single day, I get excited and couldn’t stop telling people how awesome internet and blogging is. It has happened again this time – but not just a single day but 2 days in sequence. During 5th and 6th – the media days of the Auto Expo 2012 there was so much news to be covered that we kept posting news articles without rest. Today I checked my statistics in my Google Analytics account and was very happy to see the following page:

Thanks to Auto Expo 2012 for providing us with so much good stuff to cover. Thanks to my authors for covering the news and thanks to our dear fans and followers for telling your friends about BikeAdvice!

More Details

  • Prior to this our highest traffic record was 80,803 Page views on Sep 6th 2011 [R15 V2 Launch]
  • Page Views on January 5th – 1,14,678
  • Page Views on January 6th – 1,22,116
  • Our average page views for the past 30 days is 45-50k per day.
  • Unique Visitors on 5th and 6th were 46,230 and 46,569 respectively.

Have a nice weekend! 🙂