10 Tips On Bike Modifications

Most of us desire to modify our bikes. The reason, most of the time is to individualize ourselves from others by projecting our bike act as our identity.

Here are a few tips that need to be kept in mind before engaging in one such job.

  1. Alloy Wheels: When planning to change the wheels to alloys for your bike, it is safe to go for branded ones. Don’t go for one just because it’s a 2 or 3 spoke alloy. You find a lot of duplicates which are either used or re-painted in the market. This would prove to be a very dangerous move. At times of accident, your alloys might result in total breaking of wheels leading to high levels of life risk.
  2. Headlights: Headlight modification can result in total revamping of your bike. But, be very cautious about it. Don’t add twin dazzling lamps or very powerful halogen and xenon lamps, which act as an obstacle for travelers’ vision who commute on your opposite side.
  3. Silencer: Wanna modify your silencers? Go ahead, but don’t be that creatures on Earth who create total disturbance with their nasty and irritating sounds. Bikers need to be responsible too!
  4. Split Seats: Go for split seats. It would offer an all new look for your bike you wouldn’t have even thought of, offering a sporty look. Anyone in a seat repairing and stitching shop can help you with this idea.
  5. Fairing: There are numerous customizing centres in most of the cities, which enable you to add side fairings. Though they cost more, worth the buck.
  6. Who: Always trust experts when handling your bike’s modification. Else, would create problems on the long run.
  7. Color: Remember that changing your bike’s colour is illegal. So don’t attempt trying this stuff. Because, the colour of your bike mentioned in the document will be different from the actual one. Real-time issue.
  8. Mirrors: Whatever modification your bike undergoes, don’t remove the rear view mirrors. It’s one of the very essential safety components of your bike, concerned directly with your personal safety.
  9. Total Mods: Is your wallet really heavy? Then, do this. There are modification shops in cities like Chennai and Pune where you can convert your existing model to the model you intend to. For instance, you own a Pulsar and wanna modify it like the Hayabusa, you can still go ahead. Trust me, it’s true. The estimations begin from 45k and goes on till a lakh and at times even more based on your requirement.
  10. Legal: Remember the last point. When you make your bike undergo any massive mods, see to it that you consult the concerned people in the RTO (Regional Transport Office), ask them in advance what is to be done regarding re-registration of your bike after all these modifications are done. After these are performed, make your documents of your bike legally faultless in all aspects.