Introducing New Section: BIKE FAQs

TVS has ventured into a new realm with the Apache 310 and we are also taking this opportunity to launch a new section on BikeAdvice which will be called as BIKE FAQs. We will do this for as many motorcycles as possible – for both the currently available and upcoming ones, and these articles will be updated as and when required.

Basically, FAQs will be a collection of all the (very) generic questions you have asked or you intend to ask, all at one place and you need not google for such specific info or hunt around different websites. You can also ask questions in the comments section below each Bike FAQ article and we will be happy to answer them as soon as we can.

So, how is it different than Reviews?

ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT! FAQs will be answers about a particular bike (like what is the engine oil capacity of Dominar 400?, Is Apache RR 310’s FI Closed loop or Open loop? etc), collated at one place and it will be different from reviews as FAQs will serve as ready reckoners for any specific information you require (or answers to your specific questions) whereas Reviews will continue to help you understand how good or bad the bike is and will assist you in zeroing in on the motorcycle(s) you intend to buy.

Apache RR310 will be the first BIKE FAQ we will do based on the truckloads of questions we received at our Facebook page here and here, and we will share the link with you soon.