Bike Broke Down? Call Honda’s Innovative Service on Wheels (SoW): Now Launched

If you see a Honda Activa with a red tool/spare box in place of a pillion, you are looking at the new service extended by Honda 2-wheelers and it is called the Service on Wheels (SoW). The Activa rider will be a Honda-trained technician hired to fix your broken down Honda 2-wheeler stranded at a distance from your regular dealership mechanics.


The national launch of this last-mile service initiative was inaugurated at Dehradun yesterday; 25 Feb, 2014. Honda says that this unique ‘SoW’ initiative will boost the last mile connectivity of Honda and help the company strengthen its relationship with its customers. Honda is confident that their new initiative will be able to cover distant villages and remote areas.

The SoW technician, equipped with tools and Honda spare parts, will be on-call and attend to the defective vehicle in situ.

At present Honda is working aggressively on increasing its network of total touch points from 1400 sometime ago to 2700 touch points by Financial Year 2013-14. The Activa ‘SoW’ service will be available at all the 782 Honda dealerships by the end of March 2014.

If you ride a Honda, call upon your nearest dealership and save the contact numbers of convenient SOW technicians on your regular and frequented routes. BTW, nice initiative this, if Honda can mantain its quality!