Bajaj’s Rakesh Sharma is Now President of International Motorcycle Body

Like we have the SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) in India, we also have IMMA – International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association which is the global voice of the automobile industry.

In a latest update, it has elected Bajaj Auto’s Rakesh Sharma as the President for a 2-year mandate. Prior to this, this body was headed by Johannes Loman, Director of PT Astra International and Executive Vice President Director PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Indonesia. He is also the President of AISI – Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association.

On Rakesh Sharma’s new role, Mr Loman said,

IMMA aims to advance the sustainable growth of the two-wheeler industry in every region of the world. We are fortunate to have Mr Sharma with his wide international experience in the two and three- wheeler industry, to steer IMMA through the difficult time and be the trusted global voice of the motorcycle manufacturers. I look forward to work with Mr Sharma in my role as FAMI representative in IMMA’s Steering Committee.

The election of the new President was conducted on 19th April 2020 through General Assembly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rakesh joined Bajaj Auto in October 2007 as President (International Business) and he is now the Executive Director of the company. Alongside, he is also the Chairman of the Exports Council of SIAM as well as the member of the Board of Commissioners of PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia, which is a subsidiary of Bajaj Auto.

On this occasion, Mr Sharma said,

Indeed these are very challenging times and I take up this prestigious appointment fully conscious of the role the motorcycle industry has to play both as a key industry and a responsible member of the society. Whilst we are facing numerous difficulties, we can also see that in due course new but different opportunities will emerge. The role of national, regional and global associations such as SIAM and IMMA is now more important than ever and we will work hard to ensure we play a strong and responsible role in the recovery.