Bajaj’s DTSi Engine Exceeds Sales of 10 Million Units

Bajaj Auto is one company which knows which features and technology of it to market and which not. You remember the SNS (Spring in Spring) suspension in few of its earlier models like the CT100 and a few more bikes in that period? That was a time when almost everyone knew what SNS stands for.

Then came the era of DTS-i for the company. Should I even ask you what it stands for? I hear you answering ‘Digital Twin Spark ignition. ‘Pulsar is THE most successful brand from Bajaj stable which made best use of this engine technology. Then, to throw its success on forthcoming models, Bajaj installed these engines to the Discover brand as well, which again turned out to be a big hit in the market.

Recently, the country’s second largest manufacturer of two wheelers – Bajaj Auto crossed its 10 Mn mark in manufacturing bikes with DTS-i engines. The DTS-i technology makes use of two spark plugs in the place of one which ensures better combustion than the conventional engines. Better combustion simply means improved fuel efficiency coupled with lower emissions. This technology has been one of the success mantra for the company and has deserved a special mention for itself in most of its print ads and in the TVCs too.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. K Srinivas, President, Motorcycle Business at Bajaj Auto said, “This technology has contributed substantially to our leadership in the sports segment and also in creating a differentiated offering in the commuter segment. At a time when fuel prices are skyrocketing, our DTS-i technology has proved extremely beneficial to our customers.”

A technology being transmitted and incorporated into the heart of 10 Mn bikes is indeed a news which only a company like Bajaj Auto can offer. But, when Mr. Rajiv Bajaj opened about the next gen Pulsar, he claimed that the next generation Pulsar would boast of technologies which will be entirely new and would not be based on any of the existing platforms. What does this mean? Does this mean that this will be the end to the flagship DTS-i technology of Bajaj? Let’s wait to see what happens. We’ll keep you updated about this as and when possible.

Whatever it is, this is a great piece of news for sure and to add on to it, this is 10th year of Pulsar’s success story in India which is still continuing.  What a coincidence. Kudos to Bajaj Auto for this accomplishment (or should I say, for these accomplishments!)

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