Bajaj’s new 100cc motorcycle to be launched on January 7th

bajaj auto logo

Bajaj has long focused on the performance motorcycling segment. It’s been quite a lull time for the company in the 100cc segment game. But, the storm is about to unveil on January 7th. According to the media reports that got leaked long back, the company has been working on something very high-tech on their next 100cc commuter motorcycle. Bajaj officials confirmed those reports later with a positive note. Even Mr. Rajiv Bajaj threw some hint on such a motorcycle being in the works at Bajaj’s R&D center in Pune. The company claims that the upcoming motorcycle is going to be the most technologically advanced commuter motorcycle till date in India.

But on the other hand, so much technology loaded to a commuter bike would also make it very expensive. Apparently, this bike is indeed going to be expensive compared to its rivals in the same category but Bajaj feels differently. The company is of the opinion that it is the right time for such a motorcycle to be launched in the market and buyers will surely love it. Any more specific details about the motorcycle is yet to be revealed. Whether it will be on the lines of Discover or on the existing 100cc commuter bike, Platina will also be answered on 7th. Unfortunately, till then we will have to wait and watch. But if Bajaj indeed lives up to its claims, then it will definitely be worth the wait.