Bajaj XCD 135 DTS-Si Ownership Review

I am Jayakrishnan from Kerala. I am a college student. I am a regular visitor of I‘ve got this bike from my Dad on 2009 February. I am a bike enthusiast. I really love riding bikes.

I’m planning to buy a new Pulsar 135LS coming year. I am posting a review of my ride – Bajaj XCD 135 DTS-Si. I know this bike is produced no more. But it’s just a review that’s all. To my small review now …


I am really satisfied with this bike on its looks. Its muscular body gives it a fresh and sporty look. Especially the Tank shrouds and back tail lights, and of course the new clear lens indicator lights with an awesome shape.

When the pilot lamps turned on in night, this bike looks like the Pulsar 150 and from back, the tail lamp looks stunning than pulsar 150. The Speedometer console is quite nice. It gives a clear and correct speed. But the fuel indicator some times show wrong indication.

Head lights are good looking with unique shape which we have never seen before. It has got black alloy wheels and black engine, which increases the sporty look. The rear wheel hugger looks nice too.


This bike gives me an average performance. Although it’s not a sports bike, it has a 135cc 10 bhp engine which has 11.58 nm torque. That is quite nice for an average performance.

The engine automatically revs to 2500 rpm in the initial starting, which warms up the bike for a fresh ride. There’s no top speed achieved by me in this bike. But the average speed that I’m riding is about 55-70 km/hr. (I’ve goes up to 85km/hr once).

Braking is good and stable even in high speeds as it has got comparatively smaller disc brakes. Sudden braking in too heavy rain is not that much good. And the vibration of engine- engine is too vibrating when I goes above 75-80km/hr. Handling is nice. It doesn’t have a clip-on handle bar. I’ve managed to go at 45-50 km/hr in average turns. It has a 5 speed gear box. All down pattern makes gear shifting easier. And surely it’s a dts-si engine which delivers maximum power and great mileage.


XCD has got a maintenance free battery, and the headlight and tail lamps and other electrical equipments are connected directly to the battery.

As a result you don’t need to accelerate for a brighter light. (This is very useful when slowing down for a gutter or bump.)


I’m really happy with its mileage. It gives about 65-70 km/l always.


Believe this or not, I’ve never visited the service center apart for servicing after buying the bike.


  • Good looking and sporty.
  • Good mileage and average performance.
  • Looks like pulsar 150 in night.
  • New indicator lights and stunning tail lamps.
  • Unique headlamps.


  • Vibration after 75 km/hr
  • Fuel indication error.
  • Switch finish.
  • With a pillion, the bike struggles to get in to 70 km/hr.

Final Verdict

Quite nice bike which suits for those who want to ride in cities and for average long rides.

Not for those who races every time they start the bike.

My Suggestions

  • Always ride at 40-50km/hr after purchasing your bike. Gain speed after 1000km.
  • Always WEAR a Helmet when riding.
  • Don’t immediately start going to high speed after the initial starts.

Thank you.

– Jayakrishnan

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