Bajaj Sonic to be Launched in India Soon (Speculation)

Bajaj is rolling again and in attempt to take over the market again it may come up with new launch of Sonic. Sonic is a new bike that Bajaj will launch in India. Sonic will be launched to attract more of youth force in India. With its spunky style and cool looks, Sonic will definitely have a edge over other bikes.

You may be wondering about the specifications of the bike. So let’s talk about the technical specifications of the bike:

  • Bajaj Sonic features DTSi engine (as expected for a Bajaj Bike), this will help users to maintain stability and also fuel efficiency at the same time.
  • With its light weight and spunky new look, it is regarded as the most soothing bike to have a ride on.
  • The bike is sported by a 100cc engine (not much powerful) but fuel efficiency can be availed.
  • The New Sonic will be powered by Digital Twin spark plugs with Exhaus-Tec technology.
  • The bike also sports Direct Injection (DI) technology that will result in power as much as 10Bhp.
  • The New Sonic will be equipped with Spring in Spring suspension that lets you ride smoothly with greater stability and control

Other Information:

  • Bajaj sonic is a spunky little bike that will cost you around 35000-40000 ex showroom.
  • A better tank seat synchronization can be found, when you look at the model, enhancing the riding and seating experiences.
  • It may come up with a better mileage of 65-68 Kmpl.

As of now nothing much has been revealed about he bike but sources say that, Sonic could be seen on Indian roads very soon.