Bajaj Pulsars Vs. The Competition – My Opinion

Hey guys. I was going through your comments and views in the various articles. I firstly would like to tell you all this: Pulsars are the bikes that has replaced the Bajaj scooters in India. And if you could really take a survey, all those who were speeding on Bajaj Super, Chetak, etc have upgraded themselves to Bajaj Pulsar 150/180 thinking they are really cool bikes. Firstly, pulsars have the worst driving maneuverability and are poorest at cornering. (I hope you all must have heard of this before). Added to this, they have a very strong ‘definitely male-ish’ body that begins to rust or corrode even in less than a year. Take a look at all the surveys and Bajaj Pulsars have caused the maximum fatalities ever in the 150/180cc segment, next to the Fiero which dint have any safety feature to it.

Added to this I would like to tell you a very recent experience where my friend had purchased a brand new Pulsar 180 DTSi and the engine ceased in 2 weeks. He got it repaired on warranty a couple of times and now he has sold it. So please forget the Pulsars if you are talking about good bikes and value for money in the 150/180/220 segment. Buy pulsars only if you wanted Yet Another Bike. Those bikes are running like scooters in India and you will definitely not be noticed on roads.

For someone who commented “Indian customers aren’t fools to be buying a so called ‘waste’ product for so many years”. So buying Pulsars is already a compromise on quality for money when you had so many good bikes. Indian customers cannot afford to buy a Honda CBR or the BMW which was launched like a many years back and hardly 1 or 2 units get sold. Give us one reason to prove those bikes are Wrong. Those are true bikes. I hope you understand where I am heading…

Other side, definitely the R15 has a proven technology and its an amazing bike in the 150CC segment. It has a amazing technology to compete the 220+ segment. But unfortunately it falls in the 150CC segment. The TVS and Pulsars are no match. If you are talking about the handling, R15 heads this followed by the Karizma ZMR due to its heavy weight compared to the Pulsar 220 which is lighter and worst at cornering. Please check the bikes reviews on Overdrive.

For those who had eagerly waited for the Ninja 250 and were disappointed by the high price tag. Karizma ZMR has a similar fairing and styling options except a few minus. If you would want yourselves to be among the 220 – 250 segment league with style, and comfortable on your pockets, Karizma ZMR is a big THUMBS UP and a very good option. It has all that you need in that segment and a sporty approach too.

– Sammy