For all those who feel they have had enough of 20-30cc increments, please don’t read further! What I thought might not be in the pipeline is coming to reality.

As reported by a few prominent sources, Bajaj is developing a ‘Faster than the fastest Indian’ 250cc version of its bread and butter Pulsar series. What we hear currently are:

  • Designing cues inspired from Pulsar 135LS which means a different looking Pulsar since its launch and hopefully a different designed tank with a better knee recess
  • 250cc single cylinder, oil cooled 4 stroke engine with 4 valves similar to Pulsar 135LS
  • Monoshock rear suspension: which might mean a better handling Pulsar, finally!
  • Speculated 24-26 PS of power output
  • Fatter tires
  • Price of around Rs 1.2-1.4 lakh ex showroom
  • Might make it on the roads by 3rd quarter of 2011

These are just the basics and as we know Bajaj has always offered stupendous Value for Money products for all these years, we might see many new innovative features in this new iteration. Also, at its current speculated price this would be the cheapest quarter liter bike to be sold in India. CBR250R and Mojo takers keep your eyes and ears open. More on this when we will hear something solid about this development.

– Saad Khan

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  • SriGuru

    Hamara Bajaj. Honda, Yamaha others may leave if something may happen like IBM did in 1978 taking money out of India, leaving a hole. Damn non-Indian companies. They will not hesitate what multi-nationals did to Mexico causing their economy to collapse. Hope Indians will buy local and keep India’s hard-earned money in India – not send that to Japan, Italy,USA or some other country.

    • Deepak

      Since the government imposes big import duties on vehicles, Honda is forced to make CBR250R in India to keep prices low. That creates job opportunities in India and most of the expenses are done here and only the profit margin goes out of the country. I think it is a fair deal. I wouldn’t buy p250 if it is not significantly better and cheaper than cbr250r.

    • Inder

      If you want to keep hard-earned money of Indian people in India only, then Indian companies like Bajaj must provide quality products. It’s the quality, reliability and durability which lac in Bajaj and Honda, Yamaha and others have lot of it.


      • fas

        Companies can no more take money out of the country on their will, they have to invest it back here itself according to the government laws.

      • Bharath

        Honda is good in all aspects, but dont praise Yamaha. A bike should be good in everything not just with its engine and looks. I own fazer, suspension is too hard, service of the Yamaha is the worst i have experienced. Driving the bike constantly @ 70 or 80KM/hr produces some burning smell from the engine. Practically, yamaha is not worth buying.

      • Pankaj

        Dont think what you get
        Think what my country will get and you will automatically get the quality

        Just imagine that if Indian people decides to buy bikes and scooters from TVS,Bajaj,Mahindra and Royal Enfield(now it is a 100% Indian company) then definately these companies will improve their quality to such extent that one day will come when Indians will feel Honda,Suzuki,Yamaha etc quality to be very inferior as compared to Indian products.
        Only thing necesscary is that
        Every Indian must be proud of Made in India product
        Currently we Indian people are lacking in that.
        I dont know who is spreading the message that Indian product lacks quality.
        It is not true.
        I am using TVS Victor GLX 125 from 4.5 years and done 75000 kms till now and yet this bike gives me mileage of 72 kmpl on highway and top speed above 105 kph
        I do only regular servicing after 2500 kms and that too from local mechs.Only for big problems,I contact TVS service centers
        I have used this bike continuosly for a 300 kms non stop travel and succesfully did it for more than 50 times yet this bike is problem free
        I think every Indian must trust an Indian product
        Discover,Star city,Pulsar,Apache all are very good products and I think that every Indian must prefer it and stop our hard earned money going as unnecesscary donations to developed and rich countries.
        Also if these foreign companies close down due to loss then also no problem because Indian companies will need more manpower to meet domestic needs.

      • Venkata Deepak

        @Pankaj I am with you.

      • Andres Iniesta


        I for one, wont be buying a Bajaj product. I am a automobole engineer and I know what actually lies beneath that fairing and under the engine. Then ofcourse, if Bajaj starts producing a product with a quality of Yamaha or Honda(I mean everything refinement, durability, performance and that last for 5-6 years, Handling and looks) I wont hesitate changing to Bajaj. As far as I have learnt nobody can beat the Japanese in technology not even the Americans. The Indians are a far cry

    • Inder

      @ Pankaj and Venkata,

      There was a time when only Bajaj Scooter was in the market. I myself have seen my Dad, booking a Chetak and waiting for it for 3 months. It was just for the quality Bajaj provides at that time.

      It’s not about Indian or Non Indian, or it is not about we love our country or not. It’s about return of your hard earned money, like you said before. If you spend 1.4 lakh on this 250cc Pulsar and after purchasing you found the product quality low, performance not up to the mark, reliability zero, durability none. What do you do. Can you give this much of amount only for looks. Where Honda, Yamaha’s are providing looks and quality and reliability in one package.

      Think with a calm mind and decide. I am not a Bajaj envy and Honda or Yamaha employee. I myself drove three bajaj bikes. I still have 5 years old CT100 with me, co’z it have best quality in it’s class. But nowadays Bajaj’s quality if worst dude.


      • AJ

        You are right…
        We should always look for better options than being jingoistic…SOmone said the money that we spend on Yamaha /HOnda will go to developed nations.How can someone think so inane…

        It’s good that we have likes of Yamaha and HOnda,someone has to set a standard for someone else to raise the bar..Bajaj has a longway to go,the vibrations that you feel at 80kms on Bajaj(220) as compared to Yamahar15 at such speeds is unacceptable. This said,i only hope the good things to come. I quite like Bajaj’s tieups of late and their presence in Kawasaki offerings. This speaks volumes … Their design concepts are good,quality they surely suffer..way to go Baja,,,Being the 3rd biggest motorcyle company,it only helps they introspect harder,as they have built some good reputation over the last 3 years,accepting the fact that their quality is not the best..Given the current status,yamaha and HOnda are miles ahead,both literally and on competition!!

  • Rohan

    I would anyday trust a Honda rather than Bajaj if I’m shelling out close to 1.5 Lakhs. No doubt that below 80K Bajaj gives the best bang for buck but i’m highly skeptical about performance bikes from bajaj.
    I do not want to be the experimental customer where 3 months down after buying the 250cc bajaj redesigns, corrects and brings out another iteration of the so called performance bike.

  • Prabhu

    Why not liquid cooling? Still stuck with so called oil cooling technique. Come on Bajaj, we expect performance and handling at par with japan legends.

  • Rohan

    Also for 30K more you are getting a genuine liquid cooled bike (sports tourer) rather than the same oil cooled unit with a bigger bore.
    Bajaj also has to prove its strong foothold in the higher cc bikes(which require an altogether new RnD as compared to commuter bikes and not just big bore jobs) as compared to the jap biggies who had decades of experience in this.

    But I must salute Bajaj for venturing new grounds and making a promising start, as compared to Hero Honda who is still content on its new long term of designing new sticker jobs

  • Rachit

    Hey Saad… again a nice informative post. But I want to say here something, according to me apart from focusing on new models Bajaj should seriously concentrate on improving its quality. Even though it offers a value for money bikes, bajaj fans will not mind paying a bit more if they get a better quality. Also they should seriously concentrate on training the staff well at the service stations.

  • Janmanjoy Pradhan

    I am desperately waiting for this devil to be on road.Hope it comes with some aerodynamics features like Karizma ZMR and Yamaha R15.

    • AJ

      Please,no Karizma ZMR,hail yamaha…

      ZMR is a joke..sorry,no offence intended..

  • Sachin

    Yes!!completly agree with u.and its just 30cc more which wont make much diffrence & it will only eat more petrol.the joke is that bajaj has taken design ques from P135 for its new flagship. lol

    • AJ

      30cc more!..nice way to put it…
      Beat this,Ninja 250 ,30CC more than PUlsar 220,costs 3.2sub lakhs(on road),
      CBR250,30cc more than PUlsar 220,costs 1.7sub lakhs(on road)w/o ABS.

      Coming to cues,it’s not the design cues,rather the 4-valve engine tech that sits on P135 that will be incorporated.It’s not a joke. Not able to use the human experience into a viable and meaningful comprehension…LOL!!!!!!!!yes,Yamaha…..

    • AJ

      And it won’t ‘EAT’ Petrol LOL..!!! If it does,no internal combustion,bike wont’ start,mileage to infinity..Let’s respect the blog with some good log yeah..?

  • Saurabh Patel

    We Indians tend to get highly patriotic on such insignificant news…
    Even I used to eye Tata Nano with pride….”indian Engineering” et al…
    And Tata unlike Bajaj did command respect of almost every Indian…but thats not the case with me after the Radia Tapes controversy….I think all the companies Indian or Foreign are just out there to make money and add gimmicks like “Indian” to their campaign just to charge us up emotionally…
    So it should never be about buying and Indian product….It should be about buying a quality product. I Bajaj can provide that….the have my loyalty 🙂

    • S

      and whats wrong with that? Even if it use such gimmicks to boost sales there’s some truth in it. Pulsar is a legend in Indian motorcycle scene. They’ve definitely given us Indians something to be proud of. So i dont mind shelling out one and a half lakhs for this one. I’m currently riding a Bajaj and loving it, i fancy how it be like to ride this bigger pulsar:)

  • pawan

    u know where is pulser chroom………?!
    if yes then plzzzzzz tell me or call me
    my no. is +918054404104 plzzzzzzz………./

  • Shaihum

    thanx 4 ur infom…..:)

  • Bharath

    Bajaj is best known for its value for money, why they have priced the P250 at 1.2 to 1.4lakhs, which is dearer by 40k compared to the great P220.

  • I am dying to see that bike. Please upload the image if you have any.


    yo yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    get ready to flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • SriGuru

    Hope the Pulsar is more interesting, innovative with less maintenance than previous Pulsar models. If the price is a lot lesser than Honda and quality is up, buyers will surely buy this? Hope Bajaj Inc does not make changes or introduce new models in lesser time than it takes for humans to make a baby. That being said: a good reliable Bajaj 250, priced much lower than overseas brands with assurance of steady support for the model – may bring back buyers who want Honda qualilty or Yamaha’s innovation, what to speak of the award-winning Hyosung 250R 2011 release pushing a few notches up in many areas. Competition sure does wonders.

  • alex

    “great P220” 😛 , lmao

  • bobby

    please put the photo

    • Deepak

      Right now we do not have any photos of P250. If we have, we would be very excited to publish it here!

  • SriGuru

    Will the proposed Bajaj Pulsar 250 have twin spark plugs? Is one spark plug better in the long run or more than one?

  • seshadri82

    I can only say good luck to Bajaj, P220 Fi failed, P220 DTSi seems to be loosing it’s ground every month, P200 was sacked for reasons best known to Bajaj. Now P250 will be another experiment of Bajaj(of course mint big money in the process) on brainless hooligans.
    At 1.7 lac CBR250 is available and will kill many bikes in the premium segment, Bajaj will lauch with much fanfare they will claim 165kmph and after 6 months we will come to know speed will never be more than 130kmph !!

    • Sabya

      Brother,i have already ridden p220 at 143 kmph(Speedometer). and cbr250r at 162 kmph. And im a honda fan not bajaj but at least pulsar 220 is one of the best bikes of india at just 87k unlike cbr at 1.6 lac. and too it has no vibration til 130 kmph.

  • SriGuru

    Agree with some forum members’ comments completely. If Bajaj produces:
    -a high-quality P250
    -with less niggles
    -zero-quality issues (such as some previous products)
    -at a price of say, INR 100,000 – 125000
    -maintain the same product without releasing a new upgrade/model

    Will that be a hot buy? It is true that other companies are producing higher quality, without a doubt. What if Bajaj does the same and proves that “Quality trumps quantity”? Opinions are, of course, welcome.

    Sri Guru
    Down Under;
    Where floods have caused damage;
    A real Guru is rare in this day and age.

    • AJ

      Yes,the company knows the best…what benefits their business is what they will launch…
      Opinions from a few hardly matters these days…

      But i like it when you say What if Bajaj does the same and proves that “Quality trumps quantity”
      I don’t expect a GAMMA change here,but the company has the know-how and expertise to go with,they might pull it off ,y’es..

  • Abhijeet

    Baja Pulsar is one of the most selling bike in India with wide choice of power from 135cc to 220cc.One of the most linking feature of all these pulsar series bikes is, the parts are very cheap in price as compare to other bikes.

    But I dont think the P250 will be a game changer in Indian market!
    Also Honda is stared booking of its CBR250 bike which is world class bike and after Activa and Unicorn, Honda made a position in Indian hearts.As this site mentioned the price of Honda CBR will be approx 1.5 lakh and which is one of the plus point of this bike.

    If Indian ppl are spending 1.5 lakh to 150cc Yamaha R15 and more than 2.50 lakh for Ninja 250 then Honda 250 will be definitely game changer in this price and power segment.

  • bobby

    @ ok deepak. but this will bring a great change in the segment of indian bikes

  • S

    Bajaj plzzz dont use 135ls’ tank on this one! I know this is just a speculation but deep inside i feel pulsar 250 is going to be a game changer with its reptile looks,Functionality and an unbeatable VFM. Go Bajaj!!

  • Hem

    Good news…I am a fan of Bajaj since I’ve bought the pulsar in 2007. Will eagerly wait for the day wen bajay will unveil it’s 250 CC version…:)

  • Kabu

    New Pulsar 250 do a new face for world of biking 250 cc engine made KTM /Bajaj Engineers

  • Sunbeam Tiger

    What about fuel Intake system?? Is it gonna be FI-a reliable and long lasting FI-at last or Bajaj will use another huge carburetor that will guzzle down petrol like a drunkard in a beer shop??

  • rassel

    one of the advertisement says “pulsar sells 5 times more than any japanese sports bike”………because india has five times more fools compared to japan.

    • aj

      hahahaha…It’s a fools world … I wouldn’t think of it as Indians being fools,that would be a slip-shod and outrageous comment. It in no way means that I am being patriotic,but I belong here. So,I would always get the facts right..

      I ,for one,will not believe that India cannot have the technology that Japs and Germans have. In today’s date,it’s not about technology ,but the acceptability of the same. future value of the money that you spent based on returns hold the key.

  • amit sarwang

    PULSAR 220 rocks…………… !!!!!!!

  • raceguy

    dudes, 1.2 – 1.4 lakhs for a bajajs 250cc pulsar is useless because the honda CBR (non ABS) is sold for rs1.5lakhs. and the CBRs looks are much better than the lame consistent F design( with no concept whatsoever) i mean does anyone think pulsar 220 F is the fastest indian just by looking at the design. come on bajaj get universal bike fairings( mostly used or superbikes)

  • JAZz

    i wan a see my P250 SooooooooN

  • Sabya

    I have a cbr250r and my brother owns a pulsar220f. if it comes to performance then,honda is far ahead of bajaj but in overall honda is a shit company and it sucks in the spare part issue. i couldnt get the block piston of my old stunner and threw it just like shit. overall, honda sucks and it couldnt give the value for money as bajaj gives.

  • Karthik.S

    Another road side mechanic job from bajaj. Re-boring the same engine to another 30cc and calling it in nick names. Seriously if anyone buy this bike against Honda CBR250 then i think they need serious mental checkup.

  • abhishek parihar

    hey guyzz..i dont think that bajaj is lacking durability…..i am using a p180 from past two and a half year and still not having any serious issues..after completing 45000kms…and i have a gut feeling that p250 would be the GAME CHANGER…….pulsars rockzzzzz

  • My favourate byke bajaj pulsar250