Bajaj Pulsar 220F Ownership Review by Sohum

Bajaj Pulsar 220, The fastest Indian! Hunto! Two years ago, they introduced the “Fastest Indian” a new, revolutionary performance motorcycle which made heads turn given to it’s striking performance specs, that ditched fuel injection, reduced on-road price and a wonderful TV advertisement yet again, very few could resist not buying one for themselves.

But I wasn’t one of them. One year ago, I got the delivery of my true ‘Blue’ Bajaj Pulsar 220F. I was looking for a bike which offered an all-round package for a student. Also, another reason was that a person of my statute (6feet 3inches tall and weighing approx 85kgs.) cannot opt to settle that a Honda Dio was perfect for me. Mind you, it wasn’t.

Eventually, I settled for the fastest Indian and I believe it’s the best bike for my needs. The 220cc powerhouse manages to keep everyone happy everywhere. Especially the torque keeps its rider happy in the city, better on the uphill sections, and sufficient power to keep on going on the straight unending highways.

With a 44km/pl mileage figure, it is quite a mile muncher and that fuel tank takes quite a while to run out of juice. The projector headlamp is a boon for every time you ride it after office hours! It illuminates exceptionally well and by far is the best I’ve ever seen fitted on any motorcycle manufactured in India.

Although the bike is semi faired, the vibrations are annoying to a certain extent. Attach to that the rear view mirrors and the picture gets worse, quite literally. The fittings are top notch but they could have been a lot less wobbly. Another vital signal is the check oil signal and the side stand signal which abruptly flash leaving you confused, scared and panicked. An overall check must be made when it comes to the electrical fittings of the motorcycle.

In terms of performance, the Pulsar is mental. The acceleration is pinpoint, the power delivery is consistent. It is a fun bike for the weekend rides around it’s birthplace. But it has an aggressive stance which can be witnessed when it is shown some spirited riding. I personally believe the rear suspension needs to be set on a harder setting than the stock setup. It helps in corners to a great extent, giving the rider better feedback.

The foot pegs serve the purpose of a practical solution for all riding endeavours. The pillion ride is comfortable for that bloke who isn’t convinced with the hunto performance of the bike. Split seats ensure a great deal of comfort for riders of any body structure. That’s one of the reasons why I actually bought this bike for me!

All in all, it’s the perfect bike for every need. I’m having no issues even after a year of using it and I don’t think I can get a better package at that price tag!

Sohum Bilawal Joshi