Ever since the Karizma was launched, Indian biking standards entered the performance arena. Earlier when the RD 350 went on sale, there were only a handful of customers were identified as performance enthusiasts by Yamaha, Bikes were sold only in terms of their Mileage and Maintenance cost. But now the current scenario has entirely changed. Now a days bikes are identified with exact BHP and Torque output that came be made out of it. So I decided to have a check on the top three performers among Indian Bikes.I have to accept that currently in India we have wide range of bikes in every segment. Shortlisting three bikes among the wide range was a bit difficult task.

After consulting various showrooms, Bikers and test rides, finally I figured out the truth that performance is not only about the Engine Capacity or power output that a bike can make, its a overall package consisting a balance between Power and Handling.Now coming to our list of top three contestants, I had hard feelings to have the Karizma dropped from the list as both the variants ZMA R and ZMR fall a tad lesser in terms of performance to the Bajaj Pulsar 220 Dtsi, TVS Apache 180 and Yamaha R15. Hero Honda has a different league and point of view than Bajaj and TVS as they are not into any competition, while others keep re-boring their engines to top the performance chart. So finally I ended up shortlisting the Pulsar 220 Dtsi, Apache 180 and Yamaha R15 as the top three performance bikes currently available in Indian Market and let see who wins by the end of this review.

A Brief Introduction:

The Yamaha YZF R15 which was launched on July 2008, has taken Indian performance biking to the next level. As R15 is the direct descendant of the mighty R1 not only carries the looks, but also the R series biking spirit in terms of handling and performance. R15 is the most least Powered, small capacity engine and highly priced. Its hard to believe that only with 17ps of power on a 150cc engine, R15 can easily challenge the big guys running with 220cc engines. TVS with its new upgrade launch over the RTR FI, has removed the FI badge.

But refined the engine to 180cc that can do a 17.3ps. Judging the looks many still think there isnt much difference between the 160 and 180cc RTRs. But trust me you have to have a ride in the RTR 180 to have you mind blown. Since Pulsar 220 DTS-FI just made a drizzle in sales chart and been outperformed by a tiny 150cc engine, Bajaj upgraded the Pulsar 220 with a massive 21ps of Power in a carburetted 220cc engine, Pulsar 220 hits all other performance bikes directly in terms of Power to Money ratio.


These days many youngsters have started to give much importance to looks and styling right from selecting a Girl Friend to a Bike. Enough spoken about R15’s looks, undoubtedly still there is no bike in India within the common price range to match the R15. Since the R15 is better known as the 150cc version of R1, it directly carries the cuts and curves from the R series. The gorgeous front fairing along with R series dual head lamps and split clip-ons can drag any Eyes to stare upon. On contrast as we all know the rear looks a bit annoying with skinny tyres, but I hope almost everyone got used to the narrow looking rear. I have to admit that its a feast to our see the amazing dual head lamps lit in high beam during night. Though R15‘s rear looks similar to any other normal bike.

Also the R15 carries the same digital speedo from its sibling R125, the fact is R15‘s speedo offers better contrast than any other bike in Market. R15 is currently offered in Yellow, Red, Blue and Black. Also a limited white edition is circling among various showrooms.Moreover in terms of dimensions, Pulsar 220 looks like a father in front of the kid R15. But this scenario changes once you sit on the bike as Pulsar 220 feels the same like a 150cc Pulsar with some extra plastics attached and not the completed race bike feel like the R15.With all black styling, the all new Pulsar 220 Dtsi looks more attractive with added magnetism. The beautifully sculpted front semi fairing looks pretty much more for the Price tag, but looks plasticy too. But I would say the ZMA R’s Semi fairing shows much more maturity in designing. The eye catching feature is the front projector lamps which not only helps the rider in dark, but also exhibit killer looks which is the only one of its kind.

Pulsar 220 Dtsi is the only bike in India to have a projector based head lamp apart from the Yamaha R1. Bajaj has tried to meddle with the Side view mirrors this time, but have ended up on the wrong side, anyways it looks “okay” on the fairing though. When looked beneath the Fairing, its all the same like a 180cc Pulsar. Same chassis, clipons, Split seats and Rear led. Its almost impossible to figure out a Pulsar 220 from rear. Even the Digital speedo and gas shocked suspension is exactly the same like its siblings. So you its very easy to understand the marketing strategy behind Pulsar 220. My favorite feature on Pulsar220 is the exhaust, Technically the exhaust is the same as a Pulsar 180’s but neatly buried in a beautiful Silver moulding which certainly grabs everyone’s attention instantly. Its evident that TVS hasn’t spend much on time on designing the new Apache 180.

The design elements are pretty much same like the Apache 160cc. With additional Pearl White color and golden forks the RTR can be distinguished among its siblings easily. Tank scoops carry the RTR logo on them and the all black theme is well blended. No more modification with the RTR 180’s rear, the removable rear mudguard is really appreciated as it can be removed to look aggressive and attached during rainy rides. Rear LEDs are the same from its siblings and has a good reputation for its quality over the Pulsar’s rear LEDs.. The speedo is Blue lit and posses a 0-60 timer as well as a top speed indicator. But one outstanding element in Apache’s design is that the seating posture, which fits a rider more perfectly than any other. That is, the Rider and bike look like “made for each-other”.

In simple words to join the crowd you can buy a Pulsar or Apache, but to stand out the crowd you should have something like the R15

  • Pulsar 220: 3.5/5
  • Apache 180: 4/5
  • R15: 5/5


The most juiciest part of this review may be this segment as this is the real purpose for which all three are made for. When reviewing the papers, there is no match for the Pulsar 220 with an amazing 220cc engine, running on a 32″ carb, produces 21bhp of power and a stunning 19.44nm torque. Adding to this Bajaj claims that a Pulsar 220 can hit 0-100kph in 11secs and a top whack of 144kph. which is currently the Fastest Indian (Bike). Next comes the Apache 180, with a slightly bigger 180cc engine, capable of producing 17.3ps and a decent 15.5nm torque, always has an edge over the Pulsar in terms of handling. But TVS also claim that the Apache is capable of hitting 0-100kph in 12.5secs and a top whack of 125kph. Some may feel 125kph may be a turn down, which makes absolutely no sense within a city.

In contrast to Bajaj and TVS, one factor that I love about Yamaha is their marketing approach. Yamaha has never claimed any 0-100 sprint record or top whack for R15 or FZ. Even after launching the performance accessories, they specifications just say the power is increased by 30% and top speed is over 150kph thats it, Plain and Simple. Some may feel with puny 150cc generating a 17ps power with 15nm torque may not be worth comparing with the Pulsar220. But let me make you understand the actual scenario with my experience over these bikes.

Yamaha R15: First of all, Bikes never exactly perform the same mention as mentioned in papers. For example Pulsar 135 LS is advertised with 13.5ps power and a 0-60 sprint in 5.2secs, but in real world Bajaj made this calculation based on an output with a rider weighing 58kgs. So in order to gain the exact performance mentioned on papers, our dynamics should also match with the bike. Here coming to our contestants, The only bike that can rev quickly upto 10,500rpm would be the R15. Remember the ECU cuts off fuel supply to engine after 10.5K rpm. R15 with a hardworking 150cc engine, made of die-casted aluminum which is imported from Thailand, performs to the extreme, but fails to make a typical rider understand how exactly to ride the bike to gain optimum performance. Since most of us are used to Pulsars and Apaches, we are used to a 3000 to 7000rpm power band, where most of our Indian bikes struggle or rather feels stressed to reach 7000rpm in the first place. But the actual fun in R15 is released over 7000rpm till the engine gets cutoff at 10,500rpm. The more you accelerate the smoother the engine is, as a result R15 makes you power hungry and urges to accelerate more and more. Trust me you can never get a vibration free ride in any Indian bike over 100kmph, except this one.

Pulsar 220: Once I release the clutch in Pulsar 220 , eagerness to move forward was much higher than the R15 and Apache 180, it deliberately pulls you forward which will surely make you understand what exactly means “21bhp”. But regarding RPM level Pulsar’s engine is pretty much happy to operate under 7000rpm and feels totally stressed over that mark. Power band is pretty much narrow towards the Low and Mid range. The next amazing thing about the Pulsar 220 is that you just need to twist the accelerator 55 degrees to achieve the maximum throttle, which is about 85 degrees in R15 and Apache. But I have to admit two things the engine is not as smooth as the other two at higher RPMs and vibrations around the petrol tank and fairing, jointly reduces confidence for a normal rider over triple digits on the speedo. Since the entire bike weighs about 150kg twisting the bike at high-speeds is also a concern. Nothing much to say Bajaj has done a great job this time with the Pulsar 220, If you need a relaxed seating posture and no compromise in Power then here is your Holy Grail.

Apache RTR 180: As the name describes it really oozes out Racing Throttle Response, on demand. Apache 180 is pretty much eager to move forward, while you may feel someone pushing from behind, once the clutch is released. Similar to R15 the Apache feels completely under powered when a Pillion is on board, this may be due to the huge power to weight ratio and lesser capacity engine. Also the absence of semi or full fairing ticks a negative point towards the Apache, as a normal rider may loose confidence over high speeds. But within city the Apache 180 is a gift for performance freaks. Though Apache 180 looks like a normal bike, the ride quality cannot be compared to any other bike within 200cc (Xcluding R15). Like the other two you hardly notice when you hit 100kph and due to the same chassis design vibrations are felt so badly within 4500rpm to 7500rpm and once you pass the mark you forget everything as heavy wind blowing towards you , makes you forget all vibrations. Being clear about Apache !80‘s performance, its a practically undefeated machine at its price point.

A Drag and Top Speed Test:

We fixed the deserted Shamshabad airport road to be ideal for testing as the road itself is built in International standards. But unfortunately, our friend with the Pulsar 220 did not turn up in time to have this Drag and Top speed test within Sunset, hence I wasn’t able to click Pictures. I was safe sitting in a RD350, with a camera. But sorry guys the video quality came out so pathetic that I dont want to publish.

Once the Whistle was blown to take off, it was really amazing to see the Pulsar 220 with a small wheelie moving forward with much potential than the other two, Just about half a meter distance followed the R15 and Apache was about inches lesser than the R15. But once all three crossed about 85Kph the R15 with a big smile kicked both the bikes till 123kph with a good two meter gap. But lately the Pulsar took over and a top whack of 151kph was seen in Pulsar, where the R15 just struggled at around 142kph. Since I was in a RD 350, we all three did not pay much attention to the Apache 180, which was in the league untill 110kph and went about 20-30 meters behind with a top whack of 126kph.

We tried the same thrice and found Pulsar 220 to be the best in Drag and top whack too. Next came the R15 which also topped the drag from 80kph, but lost at the end. Apache even though kept at the maximum throttle, gave a good engine note, but failed to catch the other two. One thing which we noticed when all three were running at the same speed, was the speedo read exactly 65kph in R15 and Apache, where it was 68kph in Pulsar 220. This made us suspect Pulsar speedo to be over enthusiastic. According to our calculations all three hit the 0-100 sprint in less than 10secs, Where the time difference was in micosecs.

An interesting point to be noted in the above test is that, Both Pulsar 220 and Apache 180 were is stock condition not even a Month old, but the R15 was 2 year old. Later the next day I got an opportunity to ride an R15 factory modified with ECU, High lift Camshaft and Racing exacust. Nothing can catch this baby except the Ninja, it easily hits a top wack of 150kph with plenty of energy left in it. Yamaha salesmen quoted a top speed of 167kph at 12,000rpm in 6th gear, which is not possible with any other bike in this segment. Also Yamaha recommends you not to exceed 11,000rpm as you may end blowing-up the engine. Along with the upgraded discs the entire ride was like a gift to me. But you got to add 30,000/- to an R15 to gain this performance.

  • Pulsar 220: 5/5
  • Apache 180: 4/5
  • R15: 4.5/5

Comfort and Handling:

Once we headed up to city traffic, The entire scenario changed, The Pulsar 220 felt so heavy and the Rider was almost feeling so hard to take sharp curves. In contrast Apache felt like heaven in zipping the traffic. All three have tubeless tyres, where Pulsar and R15 have better road grip as they are MRF’s soft compound.

Apache still feels unsafe over high speed cornering due to its TVS Tyres. Within city it was the Apache to kick both R15 and Pulsar in terms of ease handling. But once the Traffic can give way upto 60kph, both have to give way for R15 as the rider has the confidence to do 90kph within the same traffic. R15 feels like the front tyre is firmly attached to the ground and nil vibrations makes one feel that its okay to accelerate more and more.

Since the R15 being the lightest of all three, it has a edge over in the Handling department. Its provides you maximum confidence over high speed cornering. Also an important point to add is that when cornering on Pulsar 220 or Apache 180, I noticed most of the riders bend towards Left when taking a Right corner due to lack of confidence, but most of the R15 rider bend towards the same direction on which the corner lies. This purely depends on the Bike’s overall balance. R15 is much more accurately designed with the Delta box chassis which certainly makes you understand about Yamaha’s heritage.Regarding brakes all three are equipped with front and rear discs and Apache which has a Roto petal disc grabs motion much easily than others.

A distinct feature about the R15‘s discs is that, even without an ABS in place the brakes never lockup at all. Regarding Pulsar 220 , it carries the same brakes from its sibling and is efficient enough to stop the 21 horses. Some serious improvement is required regarding the rear discs in Apache and Pulsar. They feel less reliable than traditional drum brakes and also disc pads wear out in the rear most commonly.

Needless to say R15 provides much accurate biking it a good balance between the front and rear discs. Moreover in terms gear shifting, Apache 180 seriously needs some quality R&D as its still difficult to operate the gear box normally. Pulsar 220 with an improved gear box is certainly perfect, but not as perfect as the internationally engineered R15’s gearbox. Its proven that two supensions cannot work at the same frequency providing a complete balance over the wheel travel. Hence R15 has an advantage of mono suspenstion, which is a gift for track racers and also handle potholes much efficiently than Apache and Pulsar.

If you are a frequent tourer and confused between these three, then ideally this content should help you. Generally touring on a bike is purely for enjoying the ride unlike other mode of transport. In our comparison its the Pulsar 220 to bag the First prize because of its relaxed seating posture and semi fairing, gives enough comfort for long distant drives. Pulsar 220 is capable of cruising at 120kph with ease. On contrast the R15 can provide you a much more smoother ride in triple digits, but the seating posture is a completely inconvenient for longer drives, a normal rider has to take a break every 2 hrs in order to relax from backache. Coming to the Apache, the Seating posture is still inconvenient as shoulders are not relaxed and vibrations, which is a nightmare in longer drives. This makes the R15 and Apache to be disqualified for touring purpose .


  • Pulsar 220: 4/5
  • Apache 180: 5/5
  • R15: 4.5/5


  • Pulsar: 5/5
  • Apache 180: 3/5
  • R15: 3.5/5

Quality and Durability:

Since all the contestants deal with the performance, All three engines are constantly operated in higher RPMs which surely reduces the Engine life. But I have tried to give a clear picture of how these bike may look over 2 years of optimum usage.The main reason for having a huge queue out of Honda showroom with wait periods over 2 months is just for the kind of quality that Honda products offer.

Still many may argue that am using my Pulsar for more than 5 years and its still running. I agree to the point may be your Pulsar or Apache is running, But How? For instance the Apache 180 feels much stressed over 5000rpm, It feels as though you are punishing the engine, which literally annoys the rider, if you plan to take a smooth ride over the Highway, trust me you will surely end-up reaching home much tired than having a ride in Pulsar 220 or R15.

Personally I was totally upset as an Apache 150 customer, After vibrating constantly for 3 years, now it makes the funny sounds all around, TVS service personnel say it common for a three year old bike. The ugliest truth is that the Syncro Stiff Chassis (as advertised) which was used in Apache 150, has proven itself to be incapable of handling a 150cc engine is still carried over to the Apache 180 too. Even the engine housing is also the same for all Apaches except the Bore and Piston size. So if Apache is your choice for a enjoying the next 5 years with smooth riding then I may advice you to step back anytime.

Since the Fastest Indian has a relaxed 220cc engine, it has an edge over the R15 and Apache in terms of engine stress, But when I compared R15 with both Bajaj and TVS’s salesmen all they told was our bike will perform equal or better than R15 at a lower price Point. But regarding quality, durability and vibration free ride, their answer was its a Yamaha Product Sir, and moreover “What you pay is what you get”. Bajaj pro-biking showroom executive directly admits that Pulsar’s engine usually gets rattled over a period of two years. But he also informed me that the new Pulsar is much more refined than its elders. But its hard to believe that Bajaj has improved its quality by reducing its Price bracket.

Regarding R15‘s quality, its the world famous tunning fork logo that is going to make the statement. All the above speed test was done with a Two year old R15, about 30,000kms done. But the other two were in stock condition. I am pretty much sure that if a similar aged Pulsar or Apache can never be compared with R15. Also another point I noticed was Bajaj and TVS recommends, some cheap grade engine oil which would cost you about 200rs, which itself is a downside for performance and engine durability, Where Yamaha recommends Yamalube semi synthetic engine oil which would cost you about 400rs. Moreover one thing common between Pulsar and Apache owners is that they often complaint about engine vibrations, exhaust note being harsh and gear box rattling at the service center. Where as R15 owners almost say nothing at service points. In short the R15 looks and sound the same even after two years of optimum usage. Trust me the engine sounds exact the same like a new R15 waiting for delivery.

  • Pulsar 220: 4/5
  • Apache 180: 3.5/5
  • R15: 5/5

Value for Money and Mileage:

All three offer Digital Speedo, front and rear discs and Full DC electric system, Additionally Pulsar and Apache have Back lid Leds, in which Pulsar’s fail very often.To own your Pulsar 220 on road, it may cost you about 85,247/- with Bajaj finance you can pay 38,147/- as initial down payment and the rest 3,236/- in 18 months at 10.99% interest rate, At this price point Pulsar 220 is really unbeatable with a higher power and displacement engine and gadgets like projector lens lamp, Self canceling indicators and back lit switches (Which I personally dont like, during night the more darker the more fun.

More over one needn’t look at the switches every time he operates it.) Also another point to be noted is that the Pulsar 220 carries only three free services after which you got to pay for other services. Apache 180, which is pretty much the same like its 160 sibling, offers a little more powerful engine and rear discs at a competitive 80,487/- and you can avail TVS finance at just 8.99% per annum, that is for a 40,000/- down payment, you have to spare 2,817 for 18 months. If you compare Apache 180 with Fazer or Pulsar 180, I would anytime say its the Apache which is miles ahead of both. But in this comparison, its clear that the Pulsar 220 seems to be providing much more value for money than Apache. Moreover the Pulsar220s without the semi fairing is yours for 81,747/- only. Yamaha R15 retailing at about 1,11,492/- is still a dream for many.

But Yamaha has provided enough justification for the price, unlike the Pulsar’s oil cooling system, R15 liquild cooling system really works hard to keep the engine oil viscosity under control. Like the other two, if in case you are ready to continue paying your Emi’s for about 6-8 months you can cover the extra 30,000/- to own a R15, which would become your status symbol.

Speaking about mileage is quit illegal in this comparison, but still its a deciding factor amongst us when comparing all three. Since R15 runs on FI, the fuel supply is much more controlled than the other two. So you will never experience a sudden drop in mileage. If you hold the throttle about 8000rpm in both Apache and R15 every time then you may expect both to run about 35kms each. But if you operate an R15 under 5,000rpm you are sure to run 50kmpl. Similarly Apache 180 may run upto 45-48kmpl when kept under 5,000rpm. Pulsar 220’s power hungriness reflects in fuel consumption too, Pulsar when operated over 8,000rpm runs about 30kmpl and 35-40 when kept under 5,000rpm. With this about information you can calculate your riding style and conditions (city or highway). Regarding spares TVS seems to cost a bit more than Bajaj and Yamaha as a Brake pad would cost you about 1300/- which is just 1000/- for Pulsar 220 and R15. One important point to notice is that Yamaha’s spares are much cheaper than others, the complete front fairing plastics would cost you only about 2500/-.

  • Pulsar: 4.5/5
  • Apache 180: 3.5/5
  • R15: 4.5/5


After sales servicing is also a long term deciding factor when purchasing a Bike. According to the sales chart, Yamaha R15 sells almost five times more than Apache 180 and about three times more than Pulsar 220. Which makes Yamaha R15 the best seller in India among these three. Its the same old story the more market demands the less response you get. R15 is allowed for a test ride only in selected showrooms, moreover the wait time for a Yellow color R15 is about 2 months which may be an irritating factor, where Bajaj and TVS are ready with their products in hours. Moreover in India customer service from Yamaha doesn’t reflect its international reputation. TVS has changed its approach towards customer service, these days. Every customer is treated with much importance and this makes us gain more confidence towards their products. Every compliant is taken into account and a callback is make within 24 hrs to ensure the customer is all right.

Bajaj with its world class Pro-biking showroom and a Ninja in display creates a WOW feeling the moment you enter the showroom. Owing to the sales depression on Pulsar 220 and Avenger, Bajaj is ready to provide a test ride even without a pillion within a controlled environment. Everything is plain and simple with Yamaha, we offer you service and Yamaha branded spares and you pay the money thats it, there is no mutual understanding which makes them stick to their rules and regulations. Bajaj due the limited number of pro-biking showrooms makes many to drop the Pulsar 220 due to after sales servicing issues. Anyways personal satisfaction towards customer experience is guaranteed with TVS.

  • Pulsar: 4.5/5
  • Apache 180: 5/5
  • Yamaha: 4/5

BikeAdvice Verdict:

Since you are tired reading the entire review, Let me make this plain and simple. Pulsar 220 being the fastest Indian may score a edge over others in terms of performance. But heavily lacks durability and ease of handling. So our winner in this segment would be the Yamaha R15, in order to understand this you have to attack a corner at about 110kph in an R15 to understand where exactly all your extra money went. There is no comparison to the quality of ride that an R15 can offer you. Every corner and every twist would be a happy event to be attacked by the R15 unlike the other two.

Coming to our runner the Pulsar 220, I have to admit that Bajaj has done a great job in uplifting Indian biking status. But still a long way to go in order to gain international standards. Also Bajaj should understand the fact that restricting themselves to a lower price tag will never help in gaining reputation.

Coming to Apache 180, which is surely not a loser. But not upto the mark like the other two. TVS has to do something to reduce the Vibration which is carried out like a genital disease throughout the family. Excluding which Apache 180 still needs a better chassis and at least an aero-dynamic semi fairing in order to top the others.

– Harish

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    Karizma is the Legendary bike that is still in market right from
    But Pulsar released its 220-FI in 2008 but what to do they are not good in quality their Fuel injector is a failure model same as in apache …now their is no FI in pulsar but Hero Honda introduced its PGM-fi in Glamour in 2006 but still know there is no problem in tat they had used same technology in ZMR….
    Yamaha is also a good bike which is reliable in quality…

    so friends think twice while choosing a bike like p220 and RTR-180

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    one more think
    in Honda and HeroHonda they are charging above 11K for their FI version of Stunner,glamour and ZMR..
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    when cost is lesser the quality is also worst…

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    R15, no doubt is a better machine of the lot.. but it uses 4-valve technology.. that’s the reason why it’s so rev happy.. can’t really compare it with 2-valve engine even though they produce comparable or more power. Another year or so.. Pulsar’s will get 4-valve engines..and hopefully Apache will follow the trend as they did the same so far.. then it’s game on.

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    Hey…let me clear one thing…R15’s brakes do lock…I have myself experienced it and got injured when the bike skidded as the tyres were locked…!!!
    Also…Pulsar 220’s mileage I got is 46-52kmpl!!!!!!!!
    Either the Pulsar you got is defected…or you are favoring R15 in the review…
    In the mileage aspect…Pulsar 220 is best…even with so much power(if a rider knows “how to ride”)…It’s impossible that R15 or Apache can give a mileage of above 45kmpl…I feel this article is somewhat biased to R15!
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      The article was really good and definitely not partial towards any bike it was an honest article. and i wud surely prefer r15 because of its looks and quality performance even though it is only 150cc it gives a neck to neck competition to the p220cc. i had ride both the bikes and i claimed 138kph in r15 and 144kph in p220 as a top speed within a 4-5km long stretch road. but i felt vibrations in p220. and talking about mileage its surely r15 in lead as we ride it at around 6000 rpm it gives 40-45kpl easily..

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      He clearly mentioned that the P220 & Apache RTR were stock bikes while the R15 was 2 years old, yet u say P220 might be defective. Why can’t you accept a fair comparison without being emotionally attached to your own bike ?

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    But one thing that you cant take away from R15 is it’s awesome handling .

  • Prabhu

    Excellent work harish. . . U r great man. but the fairin of r15 costs 2500?? I dont think so. It would cost around 15k bucks. Correct me if am wrong. Otherwise a big comparo n useful too.
    Apache is still 180cc. If it is some 200 or 220 lik pulsar then sure it can tak its competitors.

    • Astrobufff

      It is 15000 bucks if you include the Fuel tank.

      • sam

        is any one sure of the faring cost in r15[excluding tank]….??

  • shibin

    great review man..i really liked it…took u long enuf…i was dying to read another comparo for a while thx…
    ride safe n cheers!!

  • sudeep

    this is among the best reviews i have ever read anywhere.hats off.

  • Prasad

    This is the best Bike comparison I’ve ever read through so far… Harish you’ve done a Tremondous and a Phenomenal job…!! Keep up your good work…!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looking forward to hear more from you…!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Harish

    I never had a thought that I could get such great responses from readers. Thanks a lots folks.

  • Namrata

    Hi this is the most detailed and exciting review I have ever read in Webblogs. Mr Deepk, Why dont you offer Harish with a small gift. Like a Yamaha R1 (Off course the toy), So that we all would be happy.

  • ajith

    wow! as a karizma lover it made me lil depressd wit excluding karizma frm d race. . .bt i like d way u said ! yah karizma is like b4 ! they r c0nstnt interms of quality n perf0rmce. . . that made me 2 buy ths beast ! . . . . . regular m0del change wil dr0p market value of old 0nes ! hat off HH ! . . . .

  • Prabhu

    R15 fairing costs just 2500 bucks?? I think it would be 15k bucks. Correct me if am wrong. Excellent comparison. Hats off to u man.
    Apache is still 180 cc. If it is 200 or 220 then sure it can give tough competition. . .
    Hope ur next comparison includes pulsar 150 cc which hadn’t included in recent comparison. . .

  • Viper

    there has never been a better review of these 3 hooligans by anyone else, including auto mag pro’s, period. impressive review-honest, data centered with the right amount of personal opinion to liven things up but yet not drifting away from facts.great job and thanks for such top quality.

  • sunay

    harish if you start writing such good reviews,people will stop visiting other blogs, i bet!!

  • Orijit

    Simply put, one of the best comparison review I have read till date. Mind blowing. Gr8 job. Keep it up buddy.

  • TheHorse

    yo dude.. u rock… keep up the gud work!!!

  • i love to drive 220 but rtr 180 is more sexy.

  • Nithyananda

    Hey Harish,,

    Well i have read the complete post.. it was so interesting that i could read this in one complete shot… It has good information on those bikes… more over this one is the biggest article ever read from me… WOW… great going buddy..

    Loads to hear from you..




    please compare ROYALENFIELD (thunderbird vs electra vs classic)

  • ramesh

    By comparing tis 3 bikes pulsar,apache and yamaha. wat about the cbz.. wats ur comments

  • vidhu

    Hi Guys

    In the begining the writer of this article said that he cannot compare ZMA or ZMR with the three bikes. Man you are saying that ZMA is lesser performer than rtr 180….or pulsar 220 for that matter….you really gotta be kidding dude. I guess you did not get enough facts about Karizma R.You have included performance and reliability and all such sections adn u think ZMA lags behind in such aspects to rtr and pulsar..Karizma has always been a bike which has been a rockstar of a performer and reliablity is unmatched..it drinks fuel like water but then u dont complain of the engine getting seized if u run it over 90kmpl even after 3 years of usage. Nice review but including ZMA here wud had have definitely made this article a full blown comparison and an actual comparison.

  • Kirti

    I’ve read this review more than thrice . It’s the best review I’ve ever read, better than even MCN’s test.Hats off to you guys.

  • ysak

    v.gud review..
    gr8 wrk..

  • Harish

    To Vidhu,

    Hi Vidhu, thanks a lot for your comment and I do accept that ZMA R is a good performer, but not in this league. In real time, due to less power to weight ratio, ZMA R heavily fails to catch up with R15 and Apache 180 in terms of Pickup and regarding Top speed ZMA R tops the same 125kph like RTR 180.

    As I have mentioned HH is into a different marketing technique and do not sell their bikes with Performance Tags on it.

    Once again thanks a lot guys, these comments are the motivating factor to me.

  • sampathkumar

    hi harish, i own rtr 180 i feel the design should have gone a little more like side stand indicatior, vibrations, mileage, road grip., thanks for the review good job keep it going

    my bike has a chain sound i have serviced three time in tvs service centre till now not resolved, handle design pains lot long ride.
    i like the bike

  • vishal

    Hi guys,
    Nice comparo. But apart from the spelling errors, I think the writer has missed a very important thing. Yamaha has been in the bike industry far longer than bajaj or tvs. Hence, it is but obvious that yamaha bikes will have better overall quality and performance.
    Nevertheless, bajaj and tvs definitely deserve an applause for being able to produce, arguably, GOOD bikes. And talking about the Pulsar135, bajaj has taken the efforts to produce a potentially amazing engine. Any manufacturer will go through a phase of failures before reaching a level of perfection.
    Talking about manufacturing, not many of you would know that the r15/r125 engine was NOT developed by yamaha. Instead, it was developed by a company called motori minarelli. They specialise in engine R&D. Yamaha bought a stake in that company and entitled them to use the engines. So, the credit doesn’t go to yamaha. Instead, hats off to bajaj and tvs for INDIGENOUSLY researching and developing their engines, chassis, etc.
    On a final note, this writer sounds like a yamaha salesman. Anyway, have a nice day. Keep riding!

  • Narender

    hi all and specially mr. vishal,

    you are very right on your point that yamaha has been in the bike industry for longer than other ones, the main aim of these discussions is to exchange experiences of different consumers, and obviously as a consumer, you will not go to check the internal part of the factory where the product is getting manufactured. spelling errors are not concerned here and not the language as well.
    in my openion, as a customer, we need only the best product on the best price, the person who tested r15 fell in love with it and expressed his comments doesn’t mean that he is talking like a salesperson of yamaha. i am not able to test ride all the models and if so, on the same side i cannot distinguish between its aftersales, quality, longlife, average, etc. in one or two test rides. iam thankful to those person who take the headache for the same and describe it to others, which allows us to choose the matching model. please dont get annoyed, keep on…

  • sanjay

    Excellent review!providing information in such website is nothing but to give a clear idea to readers,without favouring for any product.Thats what is done here,weighing pros and cons of every bike.Those are commenting on this review and yamaha product negatively should remind that even pulsar 220cc clutch and gear assembly was manufactured by honda and yamaha companies.No customer buys bike on the basis of history of the company rather preferring quality.
    Even iam proud of what tvs and baja companies have achieved as an indian.But when it comes to quality you need to accept and appreciate the worth.If not abonden the ego and stay calm.
    The person who has written above sounds like a apache ‘n’ pulsar fan.What do your bikes give, just giving funy fast ride. But how long are you safe when you are in pulsar and apache dude.Iam safer even at the speed of 135kmph in my cousin’s r15.
    Finally excellent review and i appreciate the writer honourably.KEEP IT UP.

  • vishal

    @ narender: I appreciate ur comments and sincerely agree to some of it. In my opinion, a blogger should be unbiased, especially when it comes to comparing. As u may see, I’m not the only whose saying that the writer is biased towards the r1. A bike blogger’s function is to present the facts as they are. Otherwise, the purpose is lost. He might as well name this article “how is the r15 better than others” rather than “p220 vs r15 vs rtr180”.
    I agree that a lay-man may not know the intricacies of a bike, but it does affect his experience as a biker/commuter. But the writer should not boast of any knowledge which may be wrong. For example, the engine for the r15 was initially sourced from indonesia (not thailand). You can ask any knowledgeable yamaha executive to verify it. Also, the r15 is NOT a “direct descendant” of the r1. It is based on a sport commuter bike in indonesia called v-ixion. So, my point is any opinions in a comparo should be unbiased and judged fairly. Unless, someone is endorsing a particular bike.

  • Prabh Rai

    Well men Yamaha is surely a winner due to its experience

    Please Read this if you have any doubt about Apache RTR 180
    TVS is actually a racing team from 25 years and it has a long history of racing.
    Apache RTR 180 is a unique bike not for common riders and those people who want super smooth engine and want their butt vibrationless.
    Actually it has been made just 180cc for mileage,available in dad’s budget for a son,and a commuter who races everyweekend
    but doesn’t get a superbike or one lakh bike and returns to home as a normal person but racer from inside.
    Apache RTR 180 has power upgrades starting just from 2k and the engine is so solid that it can produce extreme power.
    Go to TVS Apache Racing Experience and see Pro Kitted RTR’s,Concept RTR’s,Power Upgraded Apache’s
    Apache is truely a racer and don’t doubt it a commuter launched in competetion to Pulsar or Karizma’s etc.
    TVS Apache is the first to have ABS here which just cost 5-7k
    and thats what word Apache means-raw power,unmatched acceleration,best stopper in whole india,and also best racer.
    i can definately say that
    Why Do I Race’Thats Hard To Say
    and Ma Machine chose me.

    anyone still has doubt about Apache RTR,contact me
    i’ll blow you by my beast’s exhaust

    • Aditya Aggarwal

      hi prabh rai..
      well before4 reading this blog i was so confident about buying apache rtr 180 but its written that too many vibs and tires (i think they can b changed) and gearbox is not upto mark. what is it… m soo sad..
      m an amateur at biking its gonna be my first bike… m confused either to go with pulsar 220s model or rtr 180 .. i dun knw but mah insight is pulling me to rtr… plz plz plz tell me about these things.. my height is 5’10″… if height is a factor…

  • Aditya

    in 2008, yamaha came out wid d r15 with the world class R series DNA in it. Bajaj tried competing, and came up wid d p220 carb version. what the hell? beating a 150cc 17bhp engine wid a 220cc 21bhp engine. thats certainly not fair. If bajaj will hav that competing spirit they will definitely upgrade d p150 dtsi to beat the r15. if yamaha launches R15 220cc, it will kick the butts of all bikes in India including baby NINJA.!! then we Indians will start comparing it wid 400 or 600cc bikes.

    compare engine size to engine size and bhp to bhp.
    now, apache rtr 180 vs r15
    both 17 bhp
    c d results????
    r15 just kicked the butts of apache rtr180 or be it ny apache or p180.

    engine size to engine size comparison
    all 150cc bikes vs r15
    results quite obvious….
    r15 leaving them light yrs behind in terms of performance, looks and evrythin.





  • Mahavir kothari

    Dear All,

    I somehow feel that it is unfair to compare r15 with any other bike in India just like we can’t compare Kawasaki Ninja to any other bike.

    For example can we compare Kawasaki Ninja to Yamaha R15? The answer is no.

    If we talk about bike with 100-125 cc Indian manufacturer rocks. Take example of Africa previously Japanese manufacturere were dominating the market but now Indian manufacturer are capturing larger pie of there market share

    The purpose to say above thing is we are still in the 100 cc dominating market. it was only after the introduction of CBZ many manufacturers took key of performance segment. Thereafter we see lots of performance oriented bikes. The segement is growing at a rapid pace.

    Yamaha has done great job by introducing fz fazer and r15. They have advantage of first mover just like Hero Honda splendour and Bajaj pulsar. Notably these all product were really supereior compare to others when they were introduced.

    The proper answer for Yamaha r15 or even kawasaki Ninja is yet to be delivered by Indian Manufacturer and that will be possible in 2011.




    • Najeeb

      BAJAJ RUN and reach fast to high end bike build that see next years on roads with world records in performance spy news

  • Harish

    Hi Everyone, I have given this review after testing all the bikes myself and consulting with experience owners of the same. Things in paper which look good may not be the same on road. For instance, My close friend, who is riding bikes from 1981 is currently using an Apache RTR 160 and is getting a mileage of 30-35kms as he rides the bike at around 90-100kph, though he services and maintains the bike well this is what happens in reality.

    And moreover I biased towards reality and not Yamaha, Off course there must be a winner.

    regarding R15’s engine, when I visited Yamaha showroom when R15 was launched the sales manager informed me that the engine box is imported from Thailand . V-ixion is built with the same technology, but can only do 14.8bhp and 13nm torque.

    Anyways thanks a lot guys, I will ensure I take this as a feedback and deliver my next one more precisely.

  • Mahavir Kothari

    Dear Aditya,

    You are right even 2010 Aprilla RS 125 can smoke Yamaha R15.



    Mahavir Kothari

  • vishal

    @ harish: your sales manager must be misinformed. The engine came from indonesia. Now its made in india. And the figures for v-ixion is correct. Since it is marketed as a “sport commuter”, it is de-tuned compared to the r15. Yamaha has also used the same engine in an automatic scooter called yamaha Xeon. The engine is also used in an underbone bike called Jupiter MX in indonesia (carburetted engine). So, yamaha has used the same engine for a variety of purposes, which shows its versatility.

    @ aditya: it is true that the r15 beats other bikes, that’s indisputable. But from what you’ve written, I can assume that your knowledge of bikes is very minuscule. For starters, a 220 cc “r15” won’t be called “r15” but “r220”. And if you want to compare cc to cc, you probably have no idea of another legendary baby ninja – the ninja 150r and ninja 150rr. To put it short, these bikes are 2 stroke mayhems! Forget the r15, these bikes are equal (if not better) in performance compared to the ninja 250. And for your info, their ninja 250 equalling performance is in their stock, de-tuned engine, to meet emission norms. It is predictable that you will say “they are 2 stroke engines. Obviously they’ll perform better”. I can go on and on, but I hope you got your facts straight this time.

  • Mahavir Kothari

    Dear Deepak,

    There should be an article about Yamaha R15’s technical terms

    1. Delta frame how it differs from Single downtube and double cradle chassis.

    2. DiASil Cylinder (Die Cast Aluminum cylinder) and how it differ’s from cast steel liner type cylinder. The difference and advantages.

    3. Forged piston against cast piston

    4. Link type monoshock v/s conventional monoshock

    5. Fuel injection v/s Multi point fuel injection.



    Mahavir Kothari

  • vishal

    DiASil actually refers to a silicon coated cylinder. it gives much better durability than normal steel lined cylinders

    forged piston is made out of a single piece of metal which has been “stamped” to give the shape of the piston. cast piston refers to the process where molten metal is poured into a cast which has the shape of the piston. forged piston is better because the consistency of the metal is better. it is also more expensive to produce than cast pistons.

    in a delta frame (yamaha calls it “deltabox”), the engine is suspended, rather than cradled or stressed. it gives a better balance and mass centralization.

  • Narender

    I think there is a war on knowledge between us, and the forum is getting into the discussion of deep technology. if iam an interested buyer of any bike and get into this forum, surely i would get confused. some apreciating r15, some – aprilla, some -ninja. Dudes, we have to work on the bikes which are available in our country and certainly the within the price range. consider the price of 150cc pulsar, 150 apache, 150 discover and r15, there is a lots of difference and iam sure ninja and aprilla would have a tag which is tatally different from this tag range, so dont compare them.
    all the manufacturers are pouring their best to their products and to match the locality standards and demand, so that they can achieve best sales also, otherwise the companies could shut-down.
    no single product can offer all the things in it, for eg. for styling, its yamaha, for power, its pulsor 220, and for customer’s pocket, its tvs.
    But at all, i appreciate r15 due to its performance of 150cc sincere machine. Why people comparing it to 220cc or 180cc, the reason is its PRICE is verymuch equalent to 220cc or 180cc machines in india. members, please dont get confused, choose the machine which best suits your need, in my view, driving above 140-150kmph is more than dangerous for life on normally all the highways of india and nobody droves his bike on this much speed regurlarly or daily. and spending a huge amount for that speed matter, is useless unless you are a racer.
    secondly i appreciate apache, its affordable to manys pocket and have features too, its not a simple machine. its 160 and 180 are best in that segment acording to price, performance, average and durablity. negative about it that it is producing its traditional disign which is not getting a special attention.

  • Mahavir kothari

    Dear Vishal,

    My mistake itโ€™s full form is โ€œDie-casting Aluminum-Siliconโ€

    There are generally two type of cylinders are there

    1.Cast steel liner aluminum cylinders

    These cylinders made of inherently soft aluminum have a cylindrical cast steel liner inserted along the inner wall of the cylinder to reduce friction resulting from the pistonโ€™s movement.

    Advantages :

    1. These cylindrs are very reliable from the view point of reduced friction and reduced possibility of engine seizure.

    2. Thses kind of cylinders cost less

    3. Easness of handling and replacing

    2. Most of the motorcylces manufactuered with this kind of cylinder


    1. The heat transfer rate of this cylinder reduced due to presence of cast steel linear. (remember that the heat transfer rate of steel is 1/3 that of aluminum)

    2. manufacturing methond inserting cast steel linear sleevs is very complex.

    3. Poor recyclability

    4. Manufacturing efficiecy is low

    5. It has less enviornmental friendliness

    2. plated cylinder:

    the cast steel liner with a layer of metal plating on the cylinder wall is known as plated cylinder. There are many types of platting like chrome plated or Nikasil (nickel-silicon-carbide) plated.


    1. It weigh less compare to cast steel sleev cylinder

    2. It has slightly better rate of heat transfer

    3. It is more relaible from the view point of friction compare to cast steel cylinder

    4. Better relaiblity compare to cas steel cylinder.


    1. Higher production cost.

    2. Replacement is quite difficult.

    Now to overcome both the major problem 1. cost 2. Heat transfer rate. DiASil cylinder invented.

    DiASil Cylinder:

    Die-casting Aluminum-Silicon cylinder is made of 20% silicon content aluminum alloy. Previsously it was very difficult to produce such material but now with CF Aluminum Die-cast Technology it has become much more easy. Credit goes to Yamaha. This is next generation cylinder and it has overcome all the problems of conventional cylinder.

    in comaprision of cast steel liner type aluminum cylinders

    1. 60% better cooling performance is possible.
    2. 30% lower manufacturing cost is possible
    3. Excellent recyclability
    4. Enables 30% lighter design.
    5. Easily transferred to overseas manufacturing bases
    6. Much more enviornment friendly.



    Mahavir Kothari

  • Aditya Chatterjee


    Dude. I am talking abt the bikes launched in India. not abt ninja 150r and 150rr. i already kno abt dat. here, the comparison is between p220 n r15.
    what a indian bike manufacturer can churn out wid an 220cc engine, yamaha has done more or less equal to it wid 150cc engine. isn’t it great?
    which one wud u hav chosen if u had a choice b/w p220 n r15>??

  • vishal

    @aditya: comparing p220 to r15 is not comparing an apple to apple. p220 is 2 valved, air-cooled engine. r15 is 4 valved, liquid-cooled, and other techno bits. p220 is meant for touring, while r15 is for race purpose. p220 is usable on all road conditions, r15 is not.
    apart from bikes, there are many examples where high capacity engines produce less power and low capacity engines can produce high power. for example, truck engines vary in capacity from 8000cc to 14000cc. you would think they produce more than 1000hp. but no. they wont produce more than 400hp. but a street race cars (japanese), with an average capacity between 2500cc-3500cc can produce upto 1000hp upon heavy modification. so, you see, its all about purpose. for me, the purpose of a bike is to give me a comfortable ride, endurance, good service life, easy maintenance, and should look decent. based on these criterias, p220 is the natural choice. top speed and accelerations arent the ultimate criteria. public roads arent meant for display of stupidity.

    • Najeeb

      Vishal you r Great this is ture one

      if pulsar 150cc give 4 valve liquid cooled engine the p150 boy run fast than R15 Kid

      more CC give you run faster for long time

  • vishal

    @mahavir: thanks for the info. appreciate it.

  • shyam

    hi harish…

    its a good review… i agree R15 wins…

    but you should take ZMR insated of RTR for comparison…
    Surely ZMR is faster than RTR 180 ๐Ÿ™‚

    i wonder how can you leave ZMR…

    in the same site one article says R15 is for Boys and ZMR for Men…

    R15 will be winner if it is included in comparison but ZMR will give a tough fight and at least settles in 2nd position…

    but for me ZMR rocks and i give No.1 to it…
    and yes i am a MAN

    • Najeeb

      small wheel on road that r 15

    • vamshi

      dude….. i own an apache 180….i defeated even r15 on a race track wid a time gap of 4.7 seconds…and zmr is a long long way away….i hit a top speed of 145kmph..on my 180 no extra fittings…

  • aloke

    Hi Harish, I want to know about apache rtr160, which I have purched 1month ago

  • Shayne

    Hey !
    Now dats a great article nice work done bro keep up the good work .

  • venom

    great job dude .. keep it up

  • Aditya Chatterjee

    @vishal – do u think that p220 has durability and reliability??
    i hav many times heard that p220 lacks these two very badly. My friend is also crying after buying p220, earlier it returned 40kmpl and now its returning 32kmpl. he is just cursing himself for not buying r15. and the engine note of his p220 has also changed. and trust me he cares for his bike a lot and does not rips it.

    • Najeeb

      AND you change the engine of P220 after the engine explode then i tried new one engine the engine hide from chase, at last you fit a new engine gives you mileage 1kmpl mileage ohhhh very very baad bike
      at last you bay a new R15 wow you wonder R15 run at 150Km/h and gives u mileage 70km/L what a bike ? this is not R15 this is a R1

      my words for you

      i am using a p220 10000 km and runing P220 give 38-45 km/l mileage so request you go for 100cc bikes that gives you good mileage

  • vishal

    @aditya: you asked for my personal choice. and i gave it to you. nothing else to debate about. and for the record, i have many friends who own p200s and p220s. they didnt complain as much as you do.

  • hey guyz!

    why u ppl telling this is best n that one is not. its all abt biker expenece and knowledge abt biking.. each and every bikes got its own image on consumer eyes.

    look all these 3 company give the best product till now..
    just think wht do u expect frm the bike which u wana ride.??think..
    one company dont satisfied each and every person demand.. all company do there best.. but everytime they got positve n negative feedback..

    those who like pulsar 220, just think what are the difference u get frm pulsar 150/180cc, headlight and cowl thats it,outer look and the inner 220cc engine with 21bhp what more may be few things more.. as p220 tag line “fastest indian”.. as u know the fastest bike must have handling and controling but how much it justify thats riders knws bater… over all the liked by all youths coz it is upgrated version of pulsar.. nothing more exciting thing in bike.
    as we know bajaj is one of the largest company and always try “aageye aagey sab se aagey nikal rahey hai hum” line used in first ad of p220 thats y they got lack in technology, producing bike is not race but provding quality product to buyer.. as bajaj product cost is lesser then other but every time it wont wrkz..
    Friends, quality doesnt comes in cheaper rate..!!
    and all bikerz know how many time p220 lunched in indian mkt and whts the result in present days..

    those who like p220 go for it.. coz biker knws how it benifeted to them..

    those who like apache rtr 180,
    if u buy 180cc havey engine then there will be lots of expectation. if sumbody wants milage in above 150cc segments. in this segment we rider seek for power- performance. those who go for milage in this segments then what do i say.. i think they so go for 100 to 125 cc bike segments..
    “milage in 150 cc segments kind of joke”

    no dought tvs best product is apache rtr 180, it engine quality gud but this engine doesnt performe well above 100 kmph… as we knw what kind of problem we face.. as it got racing dna but that dna wrks in city not in highways… well its wheelbase is smaller so it braking control is not gud. if bike have long wheelbase then its braking stabilty is gud. i really appreceate its rtr engine hope company wrk more on it engine n produce engine like other heavy cc bikes which perform beter even in above 130 kmph..
    as i told u its is one of the best product of TVS till now so those who like go for it…

    those who like yamaha r15,
    first of all i would like to say it is not a sport bike…
    r15 is raceing bike..
    Yamaha is the first company who lunched racing bike for indian market and it is not import as ninja 250cc..
    but r15 production is done in india… no other indian two wheeler company yet lunched raceing bike… r15 lunched in 2008 then till now why dont other company lunched..? think guys..!!

    then why u ppl comparing raceing bike with sports bike…???
    so stop comparing r15 with p220 n apache 180 rtr..

    technoloy which r15 got is very costly so the bike cost is 1.10 lac. as we all knows “quality doesnt come in cheaper price”.. as above other friends had mentioned its technology..
    even bike be bend 35 degree..no other indian bike does..
    r15 is lightest weight bike in 150cc segment so its performance is excellent.. 0-60 in 3.2 second. no other indian bike have such a pickup.. top speed all knows…
    its all most 2 yr r15 lunched in indian mkt and it dont re-lunched, still bike is geting very gud response frm rider/users..

    so lesten other too and use ur experence, think what u actually what frm ur bike and take decission to buy..it will help u to take right decession coz u r the one spending money..

    those who like r15 go for it.. it is one of the best bike produce by yamaha…. ” ride ur imagination with racing instant”..

    r15 body is aero-management which p220 n rtr dont have…
    r15 got liquid cool engine but other dont..
    r15 got duel headlamp other dont.
    r15 got delta box frame other dont.
    r15 got mono-cross suspension in rear others dont.
    r15 got single axis balancer but other dont.
    r15 got ecu (engine control unit) but other dont.
    r15 got sensors (intake senser,etc) but other dont.
    r15 got DiASil Cylinder n forgen piston but others dont..
    r15 got 4 valve engine other dont. and so on..

    more detail can’t be tell in blogs so just go personally check yamaha offical website and find more detail frm authorised dealer (a person who have got technological knowlwedge) i have gone thru so i tell u go personally.

    must of the things dont match with any other indian bike then do u think r15 is compaired with other indian bike..?
    on what basis u ppl are comparing r15 with others..?

    karizma zmr got few similar technolgy like r15..

    true bikerz will understand what i wana say..!!!

    • KAI

      dude u jux aced in this topic man ………u kept it short ,diplomatic but straight n clear………nice to have ppl like u around to discuss with ….mate…:)

    • Najeeb


  • vishal

    i completely agree with ur point of view! nice comment. but, some corrections needed.
    pulsar engines already have sensors, which is called TRICS (throttle response ignition control system). it was first used in their 4 stroke scooters (as far as i know). and the pulsar 135 already has an ECU. as for the other pulsars, bajaj does claim it has digital mapping for the ignition. so, even they might have an ECU. correct me if i’m wrong.

    • Shishir

      You wouldn’t agree to a simple fact that a 150 cc engine has given a tough competition to your 220 Pulsar , you own a pulsar that’s why u r emotionally attached to it and want to prove that you made the right decision however if another pulsar owner disagree with you. You doubt his honestly aswell, so what does this make you ? … Now you say P 135 got ECU too, what does P135 has to do with this discussion ?… If pulsar is the bike for you be happy with it, but then don’t fight for it to be the rightful winner because lot of people will disagree with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • arun

    great comparison,good job.

  • Aditya Chatterjee

    @ vishal

    Dude. it seemed to me that u r a knowledgeable person, i could gather some information from u to enhance my knowledge. But, in the above comments u sound to be rude to me. if is it lyk dat…. den my middle finger is always there to salute u friend. just F!@# off wid ur knowledge folks..!!

  • bereaL

    bro,,u know wat u writing,,its the best artical i hve read,,thanks alot,,u know wat u saying your not gambling at all,,i woned the plusar 220dtsi,,and the r15..and as i stated it excatly its wat i hve exprinced ,,the plusar after 8mnths to 1 yr,,its gone,,infact dead and gone,,if u using it amaximum potential,,the r15 feels new even after dealyed service of 3-5mnths,,as you said its A YAHAMA PRODUCT,,i dont spend tym in the show room,,as the i used to do with the plusar,,whith all the virabrations and so on,,lastly thank for the information,,and pliz ,,write an artical about the,,yahama,,FAZER,,HOW GOOD IT IS,,AND MY BE THE NINJA,,WHICH IS NOT FOR THE POOR..HAHA,,DONT U THINK THE PRICE IS TO HIGH,,3 LAHK,,IS ALARMING ,,FOR 250CC BIKE HORNSTLY,,WHAT DO U HVE TO SAY ABOUT THE PRICE,,I TRUST U JUDEGMENT,,THANK YOU VERY MUCH,,

  • vicky

    I would go to DADA R15 yzf

  • jothi

    Really very nice article…

  • Vikas


    Great comparision…
    I too like R15 a lot, Its really a good byke.
    I will buy one soon.

  • @keshav#$%

    Hey all of u…I have apache180 as well 220pulsar frm past 1year…AS per my view if anyone wants a perfect overall bike hen u all shld go for rtr as per my opinion its the best indian bike as i dnt knw more abt r15 so not listing it.bUT APACHE REALLY ROCKS THOSE WHO R SAYING RTR VIBRATES R WRONG I FEEL PULSAR220 MORE VIBRATES THN RTR OR R15…PULSAR SERVICE IS ALSO NOT SO GUD AS OTHER THESE 2 BIKES HAS…IF U WANT UR BIKE TO STAY MORE THAN 2YRS THAN MY ADVICE IS GO FOR RTR180 IS BRAKING,HANDLING,POWER,PICKUP,LOOKS R GR8T…SO GOFOR IT!!!

  • @keshav#$%


    • Aditya Aggarwal

      thank god!!! atleast here i saw sum hopes!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ …. please tell about the gearbox

  • Neil

    Very good review. .but sum things i cant agree. .i own a 1 month old Pulsar 220 F, i am getting a very good mileage of 45-48kmpl, my friends R15 is getting only 33kmpl, n handling for p220 not gud in small curves, but in highway 1nce i turned a hair pin curve @126kmph in my 220. .was nvr out of my control. by my exp. Stock pulsar 220 dtsi simply the best than stock R15.

    • Danny

      Most people do not calculate the fuel efficiency,,,,they just asume it.

  • Neil

    @vishal: you are very right man. . (comparing p220 to r15 is not comparing an apple to apple. p220 is 2 valved, air-cooled engine. r15 is 4 valved, liquid-cooled, and other techno bits. p220 is meant for touring, while r15 is for race purpose. p220 is usable on all road conditions, r15 is not.). .true that i agree

  • Neil

    hi harish. .after an overall reading, the picture is that u r like a die- hard Yamaha fan. .bcoz ur words r excited wen speaking abt R15. and how could u give jst 3.5 for pulsar looks. .it should get 5/5. .for its ducati killer looks. n pulsar branding, Aggressive looks.

  • keshav

    Neil:—-P220 has boring looks as if u drive rtr180 u will not love any bike to drive as rtr rocks!! Vishal:——U R RIGHT MAN…P220 IS JUST A SHIT OF ASS HOLE BIKE AFTER 1YR I JUST FUCKS…SO GO FOR RTR AUR R15!

  • shahrukh

    yamaha R15 rocks…….!!!!

  • Neil

    Keshav:- hey i didnt say RTR is bad, i just loved two bikes n that was Apache n pulsar from the early itself, in 2010 i decided was to take an Apache rtr 180 ABS, i loved its look n all, early tis year, i rode my friends new Apache rtr 180 pearl white, n its as better as u told, i reached 118kmph in traffic with ease, lee vibe’s braking also not so bad, i sured Apache n wanted to take on may 2010, but i got a few more bucks in my hand, so i looked for r15 n pulsar 220, then after test driving i took pulsar 220 for all reasons, bcoz 21bhp engine would satisfy my speed hunger(151kmph, 0-100 in 7 secs) n (45kmpl). so i took pulsar 220, n my cousin who has 220 from 2009, has no maintenance problem till aftr 1 yr, its jst showroom condition as bajaj said they have REFINED there body parts to quality, i know they did :). So Apache n Pulsar rockzzz

  • keshav

    Neil:-0-100 it pulsar220 reaches in 11 seconds who told u tht i reaches in 7 seconds it must be a joke u told…In 4.5 seconds it reaches 0-60 so its not possible for to reaches 0-100 in 7 sec.!as pulsar220 maximum speed is 144 and apache is 140…In the busy road like india u can’t reach even 130 or more!Pulsar 220 avg is 30-35 after service it goes down to 25-30 bcoz i had too had pulsar220 but after 2 year i sold it as its performance goes down and avg too and too difficult for a aperson to handle it in busy roads.:) so as per my advice apache is just a simple the”BEAST”

  • keshav

    nEIL:- apche 180 has pedal roto weel disk brake which no other bike have launched in india its braking power is just awesome its handling is also too gud looks r perfect and gives beeter avg and milega just i think pulsar220 is only good in front look tht’ it no other thing of pulsar i like!!!

  • keshav

    neil-apache 180 0-60 in 4.2 seconds and 0-100 in 12 seconds!For both pulsar and apche the pickup timimgs which i told is perfect bcoz i asked in pulsar as well as apche showroom !

  • Neil

    keshav:- ya buddy what u say is True. .so its under 11 sec naa, hmm my calculation was 7 sec wen i reached 100 on 220, my watch’s bad. .but abt mileage. .my new 220. .only 1st service over. .i clearly got around 45kmpl in Kerala. .top speed in Apache in traffic i went 118kmph in alapuzha. .n 220 in a forest road i went 139kmh nearly 140 in snow n the headlights wer so powerful to show d way. both wasn’t much difficult. .was like going 60 in a hero Honda splendor, & Apache is as Good as u r telling. .all true . .Brakes me too love Apache. .my 220 Dtsi rear brake sounds like a Truck. .is d only thing i hate ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Rahim

    Thanks – for giving such a good information on 3 top best selling bike – after reading your article, I have decided to go for Bajaj 220Cc bike – Thank you for your advice.

  • Girish

    Excellent review!

  • keshav

    Rahim:-Plz dont buy pulsar220 after 1 yr its horrible!

    • Chris

      you seem to have used your early p220 really harshly, something i noticed when you used the words ‘beast’ and all. lol. no wonder after one year performance went down. cant complain that!

  • Neil

    Rahim:- in my opinion go for pulsar 220, Reasons why :- Bajaj has refined all parts wid quality one, so i guarantee u it will b awesome if u do all services n chk ups regularly, it will last very long. thn the projector headlamps u will b the king of streets in night, then i have done 0-100km in exactly 8.3 sec. gps recording. then i guarantee u top speed of 150kmph wid ease & without any mod, mileage 40kmpl my word, price jst 84,000rs. i suggest u go for the beast n burn the streets, Twist the accelerater n leave evry1 behind :D.

    • Danny

      We have a bajaj agent here,,,,cuz he gives his word. Lol

  • keshav

    Rahim dont go ever for pulsar220 Neil is wrong!!!Neil:-bike i horribe a vibrated after 70 too much it vibrates and its bad for busy roads as well its avg and milega is also not so gud as rtr,,,rtr i just awesome i have both the bike pulsar220 as well rtr180 but rtr is really the best and the beast…and neil its indian roads we r driving u cant go more than 80 and in busy roads pulsar really sucks and after some yr its disk brakes r like sounding truck so rahim dont ever go for pulsar220 if u want to keep it for more yr’s like 9-10 go for rtr180 it rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks!!!

  • keshav

    Neil:-rtr180 goes 0-100 in 10 seconds and its light r awesome and its tail light is superb…tail light of pulsar220 is horrible its lights not working for some yrs and pulsar220 service i also bad its mantenance cost is high so Rahim plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont go for pulsar220 go for rtr180

    • subbarao

      keshav and neil : I have one question for you guys .. who can dare to go at the speeds you are quoting in you blog.0 to 100 and so on. I am from Hyderabad and I welcome you to come to Hyderabad and do the your riding here . By the time you touch 40kmpl you have to apply brakes. then where is the question of going beyond 100 to test the vehicle. We buy the vehicle to enjoy it and not to die riding it. You may ask me then why buy an 150 or a 200cc bike instead go for 100 or 125cc bikes. It is only to get the initially pickup to clear the traffic and not to have a tragic death. We buy 2000 stereo to enjoy the best music at low level and some time we may blast it to some extent and not blast it to the full every time you use and become deaf.

      subba rao

      • Astrobufff

        Dear Subbarao, I accept your contention that during traffic realtime hours Hyd may be difficult to even crawl about in. Ditto for all other Metros. But when we get to the better open and wider roads that allow slightly better speeds, the slower vehicles become unstable because of the wind blast even when a larger vehicle passes you at speed.
        That is why I have retained my eight year old Activa for traffic snarled roads in the old city areas of Mumbai while by R15 does duty on the clear and good roads early in morning
        “The safest speed to ride is at the speed of the general traffic flow or a little faster.”
        This is what the Traffic cops and civilian bikers are taught in the US for all sorts of traffic.
        Therefore you should buy a bike that can comfortably handle the maximum speed you shall ever need and a little more comfortably.
        Do not compare your riding requirements and conditions with that of anyone else on this forum or use their judgement for your application.
        Thou shalt fail miserably in thy choice.

  • Neil

    Keshav i dont know my 220 F is only 2months old ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Najeeb

      i have one 10000Kms run P220F this is good bike than ZMA R15 RTR because bike build for indian highways

  • keshav

    Neil:- so u have no experience as i am using my pulsar220 from past 3yr’s th’s why rtr is the real beast and pulsar220 is not gud!

  • Najeeb

    Dear friends This is only for YAMAHA
    Yamaha A best quality Bike maker in global ?
    What happen Yamaha’s old models ?
    Go and find a R15,RTR 180 and P220 owner request Maintenance chart who eat more money from owner’s pocket

    For example: Pulsar 150 DTSi already done in market (prove his market share in 150 segment )
    based on this thinks
    1] Build quality ( run smoothly after 50000km New Dtsi models [Not old pulsar ])
    2] Service / Costumer support
    3] Price
    (Some automobile reports love japan machines why?
    i prove how to go japan Yamaha Price to high
    BAJAJ and TVS make engines in india
    Yamaha his part import from mother company

    Currently BAJAJ sell his models HOT
    4] Quality ?

    Automobile brain heads say Bajaj and TVS makes low quality bikes

    Eg: Bajaj P220 Use clutch plate like Honda (By Japan Company)
    But All writers like promote japan Honda Japan Yamaha

    I agree Bajaj Makes low quality bikes past
    like old pulsar
    But currently make some good bikes thats proved by sales growth no 2 in Indian Market with his bit Number of Models
    P135,P150,P180,P220,Discover 150 ,Discover 100,Platina ,Avanger 220

    No1 Hero Honda
    Splendor plus,Spelendor pro , Passion plus,Passion Pro,Glamour , Glamour Fi,CBZ Extreme ,Hunk ,Karizma ZMA,ZMR ,Scoter models

    And an Heart attack
    Bajaj Trying GDi DTSi Two stroke Engine for Bike ( GDi Two stroke already in Auto )

  • Nutan

    yamaha r15 at 5000rpm gives 50 kmpl.. dude tell me tat u were kidding… clearly i can say its all abt yamaha r15!!

    • Najeeb

      ya YAMAHA R15 give 50Kmpl mileage because this is a 150cc bike
      YAMAHA’S R15 Engine from a 150cc gear less scooter thai-land made tuned and gear version for R15 so that give you a KID bike feel Not in words on Roads
      go for INDIAN Bikes Save money save fuel P220 and appache recently build with good quality

  • abhishek

    u ‘ve done a great job friend keep it up.i sould like to share an information with all of u i dunno whether u ppl ve noticed but bajaj is not giving mrf zappers with p220 coz i’ve seen many 220’s in the showroom with some other tyres there must be some change in companys policy n tvs sometime displays 180’s power to be 17.3 n sometimes 17.03.n there is a great difference between 17.3 n 17.03. Mathematically.

  • vish

    thanks man…….very good….

  • Ramesh

    No words. Excellent review. Keep it up.

  • Hemant


    • Ninja BIN Kawasaki

      Which amount pay for it by yamaha ?

  • VijayS

    I am planning to buy a one year old R15. I narrowed down my search to R15 n Fazer and finally ended-up in R15. Can anyone let me know what is the Mileage of R15?? I am confused bcoz some of them say it is 50kmpl n some say it is 33kmpl..

    Please Clarify..

    -Vijay S

    • Najeeb

      Dear friend vijay ,
      Your selection good one,
      mileage based on How to run this bike first time (New Bike)
      10000Kms only run 0 to 60Kmph thats give you good mileage and greate engine life i hope R15 gives you 35 to 43 kmpl mileage
      R15 tuned for performance R15 drop its mileage from 70Kmph downl to 25-35 kmpl

      u like mileage with great performance go for P220
      or Style and Yamaha brand name go for R15

      R15 spare localy not available just nut bolt

      • VijayS

        Hi Najeeb,

        Thanks for your suggestion. But, I am using P150 for d past 3 years n I am very much satisfied with it performance & mileage.. Eventhough I am satisfied.. I do not want to continue with Pulsar.. I’m 4 some change..

        -Vijay S

      • Najeeb


    • sam

      its defanitely will be around 20-25 so only the seller sells the bike just think of it…. if you want a r15 then you just get a brand new one……. thats my advice…..

  • keshav

    the crack people say that p220 gives gud mileage and performance i have p220 from past 2yrs and the mileage after many services i becoming low not a gud performance bike and specially the disk brakes sounds horrible after 1yr go for rtr180 its best

  • MAMA

    i dont see any goodlooking in r15 insted i would be ashamed to ride it lol cuz it similar to r1 but its not i fell like if people see u riding it they think poor gye cant afford to buy r1 and also other reason is tiyers are too small and and dosent fiit or give it a good looks its like a man with big head and small body eee well thats just my opinion and freedom of speach but i dont know why i am very much attracted to pulsar 220 s i think thats the also reason i dont like r15 and fact is i also dont like pulsar 220 fi version bike i like is and fell goodlooking is sportbike for city like pulsar 135cc to 220s well i do like supper sport bike and might get 1 in feature r1/fireblade :)) shut the f.. k

  • Harsh

    Hi All,
    Read the article and the comments but I have decided to buy rtr 180.
    Since it fits in my budget as r15 and pulsar 220 r expensive.
    Since the article points out that service and city performance is good I am glad I have short-listed rtr 180.
    But vibrations is new to me since after taking a test ride I didn’t find any is it a problem which crops up after 6 months or a year after U buy ??
    Please reply asap…


  • keshav

    Harsh:- bro u have taken a right decision to buy rtr 180 as i am too the owner of rtr180 from past 5months….i have p220 as well but after servicep220 is really sucks like dog….it vibrates too and give less mileage and its disk brakes r horrible….so my sugession is that u should go for rtr180 it rocks the real beast fucks all bikes asshole…….p220 suck do ever buy it…..go for rtr….go for rtr…go for rtr….

    • Najeeb

      You a Rich boy you have two bikes WOW one RTR and Sucky P220 What a fu ( |< y comment

    • sam

      man i dont believe you if you had that much money then you must have closed your eyes and stood before a Yamaha showroom…. whats the use of bragging and telling you have two bikes??? p220 is good when serviced my experts dont spoil the Baja’s reputation…..

      • Kabu

        I like p 220 because i own one
        but one problem p220 chain produce some noise
        i love p220’s superb power engine super fine than ZMA for long ride

        advice :- go slow don’t foil your life

  • salil

    d article ws really gud and definitely nt partial 2wrds ny bike nd ws an honest article.I wud surely prefer r15 coz of its gr8 luks nd quality performance nd even though it is only 150cc it gives a neck 2 neck competition to the p220.nd i had ride both the bikes and i claimed 138kph in r15 and 144kph in p220 as top speed within a 4-5km long stretch road. but i felt vibrations in p220. and talking about mileage its surely r15 in lead as we ride it at around 6000 rpm it gives 40-45kpl easily.

    • Najeeb

      R15 Engine and plastic parts made form china with poor build quality
      you feel after 50000 Kms

  • Abhishek

    Hehe guys ask ur girlfriends in front of these three bikes dat which she likes and the answer will be R15 ofcourse,money,looks and style matters

    • Ninja BIN Kawasaki

      Sorry dear i am tried this so
      Answer is Pulsar because this is a Male 2nd ZMA 3rd R15

      • sam

        i agree with you…. r15 smart vehicle but the king pulsar is the beast…… but still r15’s blue is something unique its from the r1 it self it is good…. sometimes even for girls colour matters a lot….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cjay

    u should really appreciate tht bajaj has developed such a great bike and r making progress in performance field yr by yr,one thing more PLZ GIVE THT ” R15″ LITTLE CC MORE, IT LOOKS TO ME AS IF IT IS STARVING.

    • Kabu

      Coming… soon pulsar 150cc 4valve dts-i engine a kick for yamaha kid bikes

  • suriya

    pulsar and apache sucks
    r15 rokzzz

  • parthiban.R

    If you are an indian only you love the indian product thats our lovable pulsar ……………………

  • parthiban.R

    pulsar is economical and massive vehicle………………]

  • Abhishek

    Friggin greatest review man!!
    Love it..respect…

  • mama

    apache 180 is the best bike i can beat pulsar series too.

    • sam

      i used to drive my rtr to a top of 145….. my 0-60 is 4.3 s….. still i cant best the fastest indian… i think you had a luck that the p220 driver was not good…

      • Kabu

        Thats a dream for a lot what you mean by the 180cc machine do 145Kmh thats a mean by your speedometer damaged please change it then ride

  • sam

    Hi friends…. this is sam here… people i am a rtr rider and i am not happy with my ride because the bike asks for more maintainance no matter how much i spend… it made me to change the disc pads for 3000km itself….. and in milage wise i get a 40kmpl… i am ready now to give up on tvs could any one help me which i will be a real deal for a normal and racing rides…? i am confused what will my next ride will be p220 or r15…. Please Help…..

    • Kabu

      If you like YAMAHA Brand name only go for R15
      Do you like value for your money go for P220
      because p220 cheaper than R15 maintenance terms

    • Parthajeet

      Go for R15 its better than p220 in every aspect specially durability don’t spoil your money by purchasing p220 dude. Unicorn Dazzler is another good choice u can go for Hero Honda CBZ,Hunk & ZMR too. Just don’t buy p220.

  • Ajinkya P220

    Guys whatever the verdict is i just bought the new p220 and it is holy grail in front of R15 and RTR.I tried all the later bikes and saying the same.

  • keshav

    p220 gives old sucking baba adam type model but r15 and apache r gr8t bikes i have both of them and i am sure it can really kill p220 badly in looks, avg, etc…..guys go for r15 or apache 180..

    • Kabu

      As you like . but only one KING thats P220 R15 and apache for kids on road in size and performance what you know about p220

  • kabu

    i have oned p220 past 2 years it just makes a horrible sound after 3 yo 4 service and its avg as well mileage also falls down…only the point of attraction in p220 is its front look rest all BEKAR…its disk brakes r also horrible makes sticky noice….So guys plz dont go for p220.

  • rockstarr

    R15 rockzzz……………………
    there is no other bike which could compete it!!!

    biggest thing is being a 150cc its been compared to 220cc……

  • kartik

    thanx a lot harish…this was realy helpfull
    so i will be gettin the r15 with the coming week ๐Ÿ™‚

  • rahul sawant

    i have my apache rtr180 in comperesin with pulser 220 & yamaha r15 piccup of apache rtr 180 will be best in yamaha r15 all parts are very costly onand no bodyn gaurd will be there.so as see with the young generation i refer to buy and apache rtr180 it is loking very attrectivealso

  • shanai

    r15 is the best city bike in the asia contenent

  • Harsh

    rtr is the best bike forever dude’s……..

  • dhanu

    hats off dudeeeeee!!! Superb work !!!!
    can u pls do me a favour? vl u pls suggest me which is a better option among HH CBZ xtreme (wit new facelift) , herohonda Hunk, Honda Dazzler!
    all 3 come under same roof….same soul (149.2 cc engine)….!! ? wil u b kind enough to do another pain staking work like this on these 3 bikes??? ? pls do tah me ur comment !

  • Dilip

    Its a Very good Bike Review….I came to a conclusion to buy p220……which i feel suits me the best in both ways.. FUEL EFFICIENCY and POWER !This also comes with a reasonable price tag unlike R15 ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now a days R15 has become very very common around 11 bikes can be found in my flat itself o_O !…its better to go with the new PULSAR 220 instead guys!!!!!

  • Indranil

    pular220 is a great bike no problem nothing happen to my byke and i ride it 2 years so pulsar rockzzz

  • mohit

    guys if cud help me out by wich bike shud i buy..r15 or apache rtr180..i m big time confused wich one to buy..i m more interestd in da looks of bike n performance of da bike..

  • Aditya Aggarwal

    well before4 reading this blog i was so confident about buying apache rtr 180 but its written that too many vibs and tires (i think they can b changed) and gearbox is not upto mark. what is itโ€ฆ m soo sad..
    m an amateur at biking its gonna be my first bikeโ€ฆ m confused either to go with pulsar 220s model or rtr 180 .. i dun knw but mah insight is pulling me to rtrโ€ฆ plz plz plz tell me about these things.. my height is 5โ€™10โ€ณโ€ฆ if height is a factorโ€ฆ

  • Ganesh

    Nice review.. gr8 job harish.. thanks a lot..

  • jai

    apache city rockzzzzzzzzzzzz…. looks other r15 and pulsar220…

  • Syruz

    iam tall vl r15 luk gud on me ?

  • U

    To compare 220 with the R15 is unrealistic.
    Yamaha International corp.(NOTE)
    people don’t talk about bajaj in other non-third world cont.
    However here I go again.. p220 vibrates like hell at higher rpm, to reach 100 after 85 is slow,
    horrible balance(unless u re a stunt -man).rear braking not at reliable and more…. CONCLUSION: that is why sold the 220 for the mighty R15.[Rem: It’s a sports bike]
    It’s important that one rides the R15 a few times before going against it. It’s impossible to ignore the R15 once u ride it…trust me u can talk to it.

  • rajat rawat

    Pulsar is Awesome yaar…
    R15 n apache rtr 180 are gud coz of a.b.s and luks n ofcourse two pistons bt when things come to pulsar 220…PULSAR jst RockZ…!!!

  • you nesh shrestha

    r15 is the best bike thn p220 & apache

  • sumit sunny

    i’confuse which is better r15 or rtr 180

    • Rajib Bhattacharjee

      hi buddy ….. both the bike is good enough on it own categories , but as per stability go for Yamaha R15….

      rtr braking is not upto the per, high cc engine but breaking is very very poor.
      Breaking Performance : Rating (5 best) (4 excellent) (3 good) (2 average) (1 poor)
      BAJAJ PULSAR 220 – 5:5
      YAMAHA R15 – 5:4.5
      Karizma – 5: 4
      TVS RTR – 5: 2

    • Apache

  • my opinion is go for pulsar220 its a good bike for indian roads east or west pulsar is d best dude try it d only thing is u have to keep in maintaince mind it…………


    Thnx boss theek samay par ye topik padnay ko mila mai CBR 250CC ki planing kar raha tha magar ab pulsar 220 finel ho gae mai ekkasar long tour par jata hun khaas kar himachal/kashmir.filhaal RX 100 hai
    magar speed 85/90kmh say jyada nahi hai jab ki long tour kay liye min speed 100kmh honi chahiye ( aap ka kya khyal hai )dusari baat lagatar 85kmh chalanay say engien heat hokar band hojata hai.So finely planing hai JAN 2012 ko PULSAR 22O ( mera sathi ) leneki

  • Abhirup Yuvraaj Khan

    Thanx 4 u r Advice .ok I Brought R15 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jessan Khan

    Yaar I have A R15 And My bro use Pulser 220,
    My R15 is Not so good.Vs Pulser 220 .

  • Jessan Khan


  • Rajib Bhattacharjee

    Dear Guy’s
    Dated on 19thNov’2010 we made a trip of 2500Km tour from Kolkata – NorthSikkim,
    I use Yamaha R15 ,which give me a good mileage of 48.9km/l with my avg speed of 70Km/hr. My other frnd use Yamaha FZ and other 3 guy’s use Bajaj Pulsar model 220,180 & 150 , as per long tour Yamaha R15 give the complete comfort , but 2-3 times Bajaj Pulsar give us the trouble due to it’s poor grade spare parts. but Pulsar 150 old model is good enough for long race,

  • Rajib Bhattacharjee

    Dear Guy’s
    Dated on 19thNov’2010 we made a trip of 2500Km tour from Kolkata – NorthSikkim,
    I use Yamaha R15 ,which give me a good mileage of 48.9km/l with my avg speed of 70Km/hr. My other frnd use Yamaha FZ and other 3 guy’s use Bajaj Pulsar model 220,180 & 150 , as per long tour Yamaha R15 give the complete comfort , but 2-3 times Bajaj Pulsar give us the trouble due to it’s poor grade spare parts. but Pulsar 150 old model is good enough for long race,

  • Chris

    Million dollar question: which one would I buy? Bajaj Pulsar 220F or something else?
    1. i am NOT buying R15, so please don’t suggest it.
    2. I’m looking for style, performance, mileage in the range from 35 – 60 kmpl.
    3. Price less than 85,000.

    Comments are valuable! so thank you in advance


  • pulsar 22o is great

    pulsar 220 is great

  • Apache RTR 180 is BEST Bike

  • mukul

    rtr is gud for city wid abs man…………..

  • john

    i want to buy a new bike around 1.10 lac..plz adive me to buy a better bike..

  • Sabya…

    hey guys am a long time fan of the pulsar… had pulsar180 since the re-launch of these 180 cc engines in MacWheel, now have the new 220 (black) & boy i really love the power.

    The article above though pretty informative, but i still feel that the author was too biased towards the R15. Undoubatly a good machine but not much of a match to the beast (pulsar-220). Raw Power/CC does matter my friends.

    The output i had from my previous 180 was the same throughout (had it for almost 5yrs) except for the last 4 months or so, post which i switched over to this new machine. The 180 engine had finally locked to 117 kmph, would not go any more further than that ๐Ÿ™

    All bike lovers just got one thing to say, u love ur machine ur machine give u the output when u really want it.

    Am eagerly awaiting to have a look at the new pulsar-250/300 both mono suspension… hey Kannan would certainly want to review ur comments then.

    • Sabya…

      am sorry about the name ama bit confused with the name of the author kannan/harish … just wanted to share my thought with all.

  • nikhil mathur

    yamaha r15 is the best

  • manish kumar

    The best review I have ever seen very nice and to the point.

  • abbas attar

    apache rtr180 is the best bike in india no body can beat apache so always go for apache rtr 180abs the best bike everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • Rohan

    Excellent Review!! But i wonder if anyone can comment on the new R15 V2.0. Overdrive officially stated that its the most technologically advanced and amazingly engineered bike in the country. Though some think its just superficial cosmetic changes…but in fact when i really found out is a lot has internally changes as well. I wonder how its performance will be ?

  • mrbharath9

    hai i am frm karimnagar i am surely telling u the truth that u, r favouring R15 in comparison i own an apache rtr 160 and the peroformance is marvellous i get mileage of 52kmpl in city conditions and in highyway 58kmpl i am truly speaking just go to tvs showroon and adjust the mileage setting in comparing spare prices i trust u that tvs have more price compared to R15 and Pulsar 220.

  • heduson

    wow….!!…such a great comparision and review…!!! NICE JOB DUDE..!! but im concerned about d r15 v2.0 ! hw abt d performance f r15 v2.0..??…though itz stated everywhere tat performance ill b same as tat f previous version, it is weighing extra 6 kgs..does tiz makes any difference in perfomance n handling basis….?? Also im confused about t luks….evry1 knz tat r15 is t best lukin bike at diz budjet.., bt still ill it suits tall guys lik me….??? cz im tall n fanky and also thin… so ill it suitz me..?? am askin tiz jst because i found sme articles in which few stated tat r15 is not suited for tall ppl…iz tat true…?? pls help..!. actually am a novice to r15…

  • Aahil

    More than 50% is wrong in this article….
    still r15 is better
    try a new article(tvs apache rtr 180 abs,honda cbr 250r abs, new r15,pulser 220fi, zmr225)
    & please give us a genuine article……

  • aravind

    p 220 best ever…..!!!!

  • Tapas

    Awesome review dude…keep up the good work

  • mohammed salman

    i m going to sale my p180 to buy r15v2.0 but now i m confused after reading this
    plz : r15v2.0 or p220?

  • mohammed salman

    but i like p220 digitl lights…

  • samson beckham

    pulsar 220 and r15 are good, but ma ‘DNA’ is best..

  • venka. tesh

    no one beats pulsar speed. its just like turbo speed.

  • Rohit

    Kannan : My friend, it seems like you’ve written this article only to praise R15! If you compare the info you shared about R15 with Pulsar/Apache 180 you yourself will come to know. Now i strongly disagree with the rating you have given to pulsar 220. How can you rate Apache 180 over Pulsar 220?? Dude come on, you yourself have mentioned in you article that TVS hasn’t worked much on Apache 180 in terms of looks, plus it’s quite similar to its sibbling Apache 160!! Pulsar is way better than Apache in terms of looks & other aspects too!!!
    Now lets talk about your favourite R15.. dude 1st of all it is soo short!!! R15’s height is just 800mm (31 Inches) which looks more like a KID’s bike!! It doesn’t suit a sports bike. (Considering the fact that R15 was build as an “attempt” to make it look sporty)
    Another thing I would like to say is that R15 looks terrible from behind!!!! It looks very much like an ordinary bike with the thin rear tyres. Again when you said “On contrast as we all know the rear looks a bit annoying with skinny tyres, but I hope almost everyone got used to the narrow looking rear.” How can you expect a customer to “get used to” who is shelling out 1.10 lacs on a bike????
    When you ask “Still many may argue that am using my Pulsar for more than 5 years and its still running. I agree to the point may be your Pulsar or Apache is running, But How?” let me tell you that before buying Pulsar 220F, I had been using Pulsar 180 dtsi since 6 years. And it still used to touch 100-110 kmph with an ease! (with no vibration/stess feeling of the engine).
    Now in terms of looks… let’s compare Pulsar 220F & R15.
    R15 looks more like a mosquito faced when looked from front. (mainly because of it’s short height which makes fun of it’s dual lamps… LOLLLL!!!!). From behind, I’ve already mentioned that it the narrow tyres makes R15 look just like any ordinary bike. Also, it’s shorter height makes R15 seem like a KID’s bike!!! LOLLLLLL…. (R15 could have been much better if they had increased the height of the bike, broader tyres)
    Pulsar looks much more attractive than R15 & Apache180. Obviously because it’s wolf eye headlamps is a favourite feature of many bike riders!!! It’s got decent height : 1165mm which is 365mm more than your favourite R15 & which makes it look way meaner & certainly it is not a KID’s bike!!!!
    Also bajaj has introduced dual colored 220Fs which looks very attractive.

    Hope others would agree with this comment of me & you would realise that Pulsar 220f rules Indian roads!!!!

    Cheers!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Sylvester Khan

      M with u dude as i also have 220f so i know very well that what a machine is it and what it can do compared to r15 and apache i can chalng opnly get ur slf ready for a drag or stunts i’ll win with my love Pulsar 220f. (r u ready the lolzzzzzzzzzzz )
      apache and r15 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

      • Sarthak

        yaahhhh absolutely right dude ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Danny

      Only women go for looks,,,,men go for meat,,,,

  • Yamaha lord of d stret

  • jagadeesan

    i really cant take your point in apache, i own a RTR 180 and it is one bloody fine bike. Every bike has its own pros & cons but i feel this is biased for 180

  • nikhil

    what nonsense, here r 15 is da best. but am i mad 2 belive that da rtr struggles above 5000rpm. its totally false. and when it comes 2 durability bajaj crap bikes r da worst. see bajaj 220 behave like a luna after 2 years of use. my challenge

  • vishwak

    hi frns,am 19 yrs old nd ma height is 5 8….b4 reading this article i preffered 180 bt after reading th article am confused wt 180 nd r15…..does height cause any matter……..pls suggest me d best one!!!

  • amit

    the most biased review i’ve ever seen, u dont even have knowledge how to compare and facts about performance and quality is wrong

  • sumitchamoliR15

    r15 is best with speed i like it

  • apache rtr is the best go for it pulsar is very common…

  • in my opinion apache rtr 180 is good..pulsar 220’s engine become rough after 2 yrs…
    apache is a decent bike which is perfect for the youngsters
    pulsar handling in cities is poor and its is the main reason that most accidents r frm pulsar..
    apache is killer man dnt think just go for it…

  • starrgazer sam

    dont knows why but somewhere am not happy with it…………

  • I am searching from a month for information on these three now i got full info on these three. Excellent and genuine review thanks Harish.

  • Joy

    NOTHING like the R15 whatever, however. My r15 is a ‘BEAUTY QUEEN’. And those UGly looking bikes like tvs and bajaj first go and get a look than after come for competition, cheap shits nothing best in their bikes., Bleeh. The price tag dat r15 wore it definitly gives its pure value. So till now no bike manufacturers in india could’nt made a bike to compete wit r15. While pulsars r gud in acceleration but worst in handling, vry poor engine life and economy. Apache actualy is not a competetor bt for the shake its pretty gud in pick up but lacks behind in top speed but world famous in vibration. If we shortlist all together u guys will see No other bike scores best in every aspect except the R15. ITS SIMPLY BEST!!

  • p180 lover

    this reviewer is r15 fan and apache fan rather than pulsar 220 and 180
    i have pulsar 180 and 220
    both r buyed on nov 2011
    the throttle response is instant in both but i like p180 for race rather than 220
    reviewer says apache 180 is having huge gap between p180
    r u a fool or just inserted apache named brinjals in ur a–
    p180 is 10 kg heavier but still it can ruin apache 180 due to dtsi technology
    actually the people who have reviewed saying apache is having higher power weight ratio than 180
    i know that
    twin spark ignition enhances the efficient combustion viscosity gets low and p180 stands out equally to rtr 180
    i dont see any difference in p180 and 220 till 90 mark but it feels heavily with pillion rider.
    after installing kn air filter bike performance has increased by 0.5 bhp with 1.2 nm torque increase
    0-60 4.2 sec rather than 4.6 sec
    0-100 12.7 secs rather than 14.5 secs
    top speed 141 rather than 130
    which can throttle apache 180 r15 zmr and karizma r
    it performs like 220

  • vinay

    can anyone provide comparission b/w r15 v2 and cbr 150r..

  • Harish

    Hey Harish,


    Thanks for your research on bikes and sharing across.It would be really helpful to get clear picture on each bike & thier standards.

  • wats d exact millage of r15 and p220

  • souvik

    boss u did lots of reserch in it and all the details are correct

  • Shine

    I am too confused to buy pulsar 220 or yamaha R15.
    Guys plz suggest me it’s serious matter for me.

  • apache

    i think tat apache is very nice bike…but it cant be compared with 220 ….becoz after 105 kmph its not at all in comparison with pulsar220…. i gav apache 180 ABS and believe me its fun to ride but i still think tat pulsar 180 is perfect comparison as well as competetor for apache 180 and not pulsar 220……but R15 sucks ..to small for me i am 5 ft9inch tall so its gor dwarfs…sorry i mean short guys………..go for apache or pulsar…..

  • fanpulsar

    fu***** R15fan ….guys dont take ur decision after reading this review…..he is brainwashing u to buy a R15rather than apache or pulsar….R15 cant be compared to 180s and 220s as it is 150 cc bike no matter how fast it goes……think urself a wat a machine of 127kgs will do at high speed….it will vibrate…..i.hav tried but the 3bikes whom i felt safe for jigh speed driving are pulsar 180 after that its elder brother the 220 and apache 180….these are top 3 performers…..becoz both a180 and p180 offer mileage and power as well as handling whereas 220 goes a bit down on mileage…but R15 it doesnt hav mileage…no handling after 130 kph if it reaches by chance…and yeah ur back will pain if u ride for 1 .5hours continuously

  • Pranchal

    Dude i own a Pulsar 220 and my mileage is 45-50 kmpl and i have rechd a top speed of 126 kmph on highway and in city its arund 110 kmph

  • Ashwani Yadav

    People who cant afford a four wheeler, buys NANO, similarly people who cant afford a sports bike buys R15, apparently most people in india can not really afford a sports bike otherwise no one would buy R15 as it is just a cheap tiny shit like TATA has given india in the name of NANO, there is a great proverb for R15 i must use here “Among the blind, the squinter rules”, otherwise R15 is not even close to be called a sports bike. Look at its tire so tiny like a rickshaw, is tht wat u would call a sports bike tire, i think a180 n p220 are way better cuz they atleast are no1 in there on segment and looks, power is also better. Rest people here i guess are intelligent enough to take their decisions. Sorry for the long post guys !! Good luck for your rides !!

  • anand

    my bike is pulsar 220 i am really loveing my bike ………bcz i never loose 2 any one in the bike racing time or stundig time……….bcz 220 is so powerfull……i am suggesting 2 every 1 to buy pulsar 220………un beatable ……..really lving u my dear 220…….

  • Vikram

    Thank you for this amazing review

  • Vikram

    thanks a lot

  • Sarthak

    reallyy i … r15 many times on ma giant 220 it really rocks ma roads i swear pulsar 220 makes me rider here at ma city today ma friends call me rider <3 <3
    nn the most urprising thing i dont know why but in all races till finish line r15 cant even stand wih 220 during race so there is no need 4 left 220 hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

    and apache i just wanna say 4 apche pulsar 180 is enough if u really want to race then no need to buy apache its f888ing engine vibrate after reach at aroun 105

  • salman

    Apache rtr is a F***ing bike, and it vibrates like electronic dildo. LOL

  • anand

    R15 is great bike and it has awesome features and i love it.
    I’m gonna buy this bike next month so I’m very excited.

  • harry

    best is the tvs apache

  • Never To Beat 220 with R15.
    If YAMAHA will release its 200-220cc’s R15……..Then,
    Think of it Guy’s?????????????

  • kiccha

    nobody beatpulsar220 dont compare with r15 guys

  • vinay

    RTR rokz. . . . . .

  • sahil

    I love r15 very much…but tension is mileage….I also love p220..,.but it not looking good…as much as r15……but my problem is mileage…pls suggests me which bikes (r15 or p220)give more mileage..,.I am not a racer…cc is no matter for me because I do not got an accident…r15 or p220 who gives me more mileage in busy street…..pls suggests me…,.,,I m wait……

  • Danny

    All the comments are immotionally biased towards the bike owned.
    Full of sissys who are only concerned about the looks of the bike.
    Most of the people just asume their milage,,,,and please do not forget that all the spedo meter show wrong data,,,,more the speed more inaccurate data.

  • Sarath lynus

    Good wrk brooo…nd thanx a lot..em kinda sure dt tz helps mst f the peopls who read ds…broo em 17 nw nd em planning to buy r15 its my dream bike nd i wnt to buy version1.. is tht still available broo. if it s thn wtz. d milage f r1?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Arsh

    RTR is always beast and Bestzzzzz ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Raj

      pulsar 220 rocks…………………………..

  • all 220 guys says thats a devil… but if apache’s 220 comes they will know who is the knightmare devil… ha ha ha ha … rtr 180 rocks

  • jude

    Want to earn some cash click on the link below:


    realy YAMAHA is the best quality
    YAMAHA YZF R15 bike is super bike
    i love yamaha

  • Surya

    I would like to buy Pulsar 200ns or ktm duke.MY friends have these and I have tested both, love the performance and speed. Both bike’s chasis are like that of real sports bike unlike that of plastic body fitted on normal chasis to look like a big muscular sports bike.

  • Debadyuti Sarkar

    hiiiii…im badly adicted of bykes..im a final yr engineering student..in electronics depart…apache is da best byke…love u apache..ummmuah..<3

  • govind

    Since the other two bikes are of 150 and 180 cc, Pulsar 180 should be included instead of Pulsar 220. Then you can see that it is no where around Apache or R15 ..
    Its foolish to compare the muscles of a boy with a man..
    Lucky for Pulsar that Apache RTR 220 was not there.. ๐Ÿ˜›


    Buy only indian made motor bike

    Indian bikes company Hero , Bajaj , TVS

    Mileage bikes

    t.v.s star sport 100
    t.v.s star city 110
    t.v.s phonex 125

    bajaj discover 100
    bajaj discover 125

    hero splendor 100
    hero glamour 125
    hero ignitor 125

    etc etc

    Performance bikes

    t.v.s apache 160
    t.v.s apache 180
    t.v.s draken 250

    bajaj pulsar 150
    bajaj pulsar 180
    bajaj pulsar 200ns
    bajaj pulsar 220

    hero cbz 150
    hero hunk 150
    hero impulse 150
    hero karizma 225

    etc etc

    • Ayush

      Yup always go for Indian made bikes be Patriotic your loyalty towards our Nation will be questioned otherwise!! Even though Indian manufacturers may have no firm technical methodology or Aerodynamics but they are cheap on the long run..The most important fact they belong to our Nation.

  • Ayush

    I OWN R15 FOR PAST 2-3 YEARS.. HAVE DRIVEN FROM BANGALORE VIA THE MUMBAI- PUNE EXPRESSWAY TO DELHI, COUPLE OF TIMES. OFTEN REACHED 135-140 (APPROX). NOW FOR A BIKE WEIGHING 120-130 kg AT A SPEED OF 140(approx.), (with these figures any bike would take off!!not literally like a plane but loosen traction & wobble uncontrollably..and there goes the Soul!!).. Also from my own experience,of course the driven ones, IN 150-220 cc RANGE R15 I SAY IS THE CLEAR WINNER WHETHER ITS SPEED,HANDLING,POWER,ENGINE & THUS OVERALL PERFORMANCE IS BETTER THAN PULSAR 180/220dtsi Apache(good control though but still something left out,maybe the design looks) Karizma (always hated it!!). ABOUT PULSAR THE MOST BUGGING ASPECT IS ITS TURNING RATIO. OVER ALL I PREFER YAMAHA R15 OUT OF MY OWN EXPERIENCE. ALSO HAD A RACE OVER OVER A 2 KM PATCH..AND I WON OVER PULSAR 200 KARIZMA AND BULLET(though it belongs to another league but just for fun) it was done 4-5 times long time back but THE RESULT SAME!!
    Yamaha doesnt play with the CC which is just volume swept by the piston inside the cylinder, i one rotation(rpm). MUST consider Power-to-Weight ratio which measures the engines PERFORMANCE(FOR:
    R15 power 17@8500 kerb weight 130kg=0.059 hp/pound..Torque-15NM@7500rpm
    Pulsar power 21.04@8500 kerb weight 150kg=0.063 hp/pound..Torque-19.12 NM@7000
    Apache RTR power 17.03@8500 kerb wt.139kg= 0.055 hp/lb ..Torque-15.5@6500
    Torque is the pulling power therefore important. Would like to mention Bullet 350cc weight 187 kg, Torque- 28NM@4000rpm.. So it should PULL the vehicle swiftly accelerate faster than all the other machines in this topic!! But it doest why’ cause its Weight. My point a low 100 CC bike with far low Power and Torque could/would climb up a steep hill much quickly & at ease rather than a High CC bike like Bullet.
    THEREFORE again CC is just DISPLACEMENT VOLUME NOT THE ONLY FACTOR FOR POWER OR SPEED.. Many other factors come into play before making any conclusion about what we have is the top notch.
    For Yamaha, several small issues They take into account & of course the major ones too. What is posted in this forum i agree with it. Be it the Rpm (reaches 9-10k in split seconds) or handling mileage etc etc. Try that on any bike in this segment. Yamaha has proved its Class earlier as well as to its Fans in India, based on its technicality. BAJAJ, TVS, HERO HONDA bikes do not belong to its Class.

  • karan

    Guys, iam 17 years old n i wanna buy a new bike (R15 or P220). my height is 5.9. please suggest me a good bike which is good in looks+performance+mileage.n mileage not too very important fr me just other things like it must have good pickup or doing stunts and which is can change the silencer and make the exhaust sound more louder.

  • Meet

    Guy’s APACHE MEAN is to APACE