Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi Ownership Experience by Vikas

Let me first start off with an introduction, I’m Vikas, a 24 yr old marine engineer and this is my new bike. Got my 220 DTSi yesterday evening. Bought it from a local shop here in Borivali, Mumbai. Got delivery in 2 hrs!

Yesterday morning I decided to buy the bike. In the afternoon went to Bajaj Probiking; the guy didn’t even know the price! I asked him “How fast can you deliver it, as I must leave in two months”. He says, “Yeah, in two months you’ll get it, no problem”, I said “Yeah, right, I’ll be riding it in my dreams then!” Well anyway, then I headed to a shop near my place and whoa! There was one of these black beauties on display. Test rode it for like 100 mtrs (I know this guy as I’ve bought 3 bikes from him) and found it pretty fast. Kind of similar to my R15. So after reading all the reviews, this that, convincing my fiancé, I finally booked it, and he said I’ll deliver it in two hours and he did! I bought it for 82k inclusive everything.

First few days of ownership: Took the bike for a spin around here, since I didn’t have any papers yet. Should receive everything on Friday. I don’t even have the manual yet. So after getting everything, I will take her for a long ride in the coming weekend. Will also try to finish running-in, the slow and easy way by that time. After returning, I decided to check the bike properly. Tried to see oil level, now like always I didn’t know that this didn’t have a dipstick. So I thought it was broken and it had gone inside because of the small hole underneath the oil filling cap. So I called up the dealer and told him this. I asked him to check on the display model, which was there, and found it didn’t have one either. So then I was fine, and later realised that this had a sight glass for checking the level. Phew! Rest everything else was fine except the bike had a few problems starting. I don’t know if this is normal. Had to adjust the fuel a little here and there.

Again around 11:00 pm, couldn’t sit at home. Went down and took her out again. The power at lower rpm, I feel, is much better than the R15. The R15, I feel, is only fun to ride at more than 6k. This however is able to deliver a pretty decent output at a lesser rpm. Next went around this place called LIC colony which has pretty neat curves. So when I leaned I heard a loud thud! I thought it may be a stone or something. Then next curve again, a loud thud from the back. Stopped the bike and checked. It was the goddamn main stand! Check out the first pic and you’ll see how low it is. So I decided I’ll try to get something done with it or will just get rid it. Now I’m too scared to lean even a little. Regarding the lighting, the projector lamp is anyday, or should I say anynight, better. Light throw is amazing much better than the R15 (low beam).

P 220 versus R 15: Today took it for a ride, along with my R15, side by side. My friend and I were exchanging the bikes every few kilometers and trying to see how both of them felt. With regards to comfort, well I really like the 220, since I’m sitting straight (just a little bent). Of course the R15 is sporty but I feel you either sit straight or you lean fully like on an R1. The R15 is something like in the middle and I was not too happy with it. While riding, we hit a few potholes where the 220 rear went in with a loud wham! Whereas the R15 took it much better. I think I need to adjust the rear shocks, as they were fully loose. But anyway I preferred the R15 with regards to the suspension. Also the rear view mirrors suck big time on the 220. Not only are they small but also vibrate like anything!

I’m 5ft 9, 80kgs. The 220 looks much better on people my size. When riding also I’m much more confident on the 220 than on the R15. Tyres are good on both, but somehow I find the 220 to be more stable on city roads. Gear changing was nice, very nice, in comparison with the last Pulsar I rode, my 180 classic. But it’s still not as sharp as the R15’s. With regards to brakes I can’t really say at the moment, as the 220 needs more running in as I have so far clocked only 100kms. Will know more in due time.

As you rev the 220 more, the exhaust note just gets better. It’s similar to the 15 but with much more bass. I have actually somehow got fed up of the R15. I needed something more, and was actually looking forward to the performance kit, but after hearing the price, and it not being street legal, I said no way. Best part of the bike so far is the power delivery, very similar to the 15 (linear), but just more. Also planning, next week, or after the first service, to get a K& N fitted. So will have just a lil more punch. On the curves it felt amazingly smooth. For overtaking, the power and torque just amazed me. I suggest people who want to buy the R15 for power, torque and handling to just take a test ride of the 220 before finalizing.

All in all I’m quite happy with the new 220. I really love the all black styling. Matches the colour of my car now! I am trying to finish the running-in ASAP, to unleash all 21 horses of this black beauty. Running-in & teething problems: Did 300 km today. Opened her up today a little, went upto 7k not more than that. Something like the Motoman way of running-in, putting some load on the engine now and then. Did 105 @ 7k rpm 5th gear. 121 @ 8k rpm, 5th gear.

Idling problems: Well I’m still having some issues with the bike stopping in between. If I put it in neutral and then leave the throttle, the rpm just goes down, down and then the engine stops. Doesn’t happen everytime, though. Only sometimes. Feel as if something is wrong with the AFR. Idling at 2000 rpm will drink extra fuel. I have had a lot of issues with the bike stalling due to incorrect AFR.

After taking it to PBK, finally everything is just fine. Every morning when I start the bike I have to give it more throttle. Then after few mins it holds on to the 1.5k rpm and after that I have no issues whatsoever with anything. Bike never stalls after that. Fairing vibration: The fairing does vibrate. This I plan to take up with PBK and if they can’t do anything then I’ll put in some rubber pieces, here and there, myself so as to dampen the vibes. So far, I find the suspension just average. Takes potholes with a bang.

Mileage: I’m getting a mileage of around 28. Riding in range of 4 – 8.5k. Kms clocked 1200.

Third Service: Got third service done couple of days back. Just had to get the projector light bulb changed as it had stopped working. Yesterday fitted the bike with K & N R1100, jet, Iridiums. So far I’m quite happy with the performance. Next will be fitting a p200 sprocket with 38 teeth to get even better acceleration. Just fitted the bike with Max Speed spark plug cables and a Pulsar 200 sprocket (38 teeth).Still managed to do a 139 with the acceleration gain Now I have a sports (R15), a cruiser (Avenger) and a street (220 DTSi). Just waiting to give it a full blown test and then decide to put my r15 for sale or not. Yesterday I was truly happy selling off my R15 and buying the P220.