Bajaj Pulsar 2012 Count Down on Bajaj’s Website

We have hardly one full day left and that is all the time we’ve to talk about the next gen Pulsar. Post that no more speculations and expectations as the bike would’ve been launched and I’ll not have time to discuss about it as I’ll be covering the launch out there in Mumbai for our dear readers.

This time the launch crates more hype than any other bike for the reason that its not just one bike that’s getting launched but an entire series. So, for all reasons its worth to wait with fingers crossed for the bike which has completed 10 full year of nothing but success in India.

Bajaj has finally updated its MyPulsar website which is a website uniquely designed and dedicated for the Pulsar fans who are referred to as ‘PulsarManiacs’. The site features a bike covered in blue sheet and the most interesting part of the story is that not even a single part of the bike is exposed! So, no guesses this time too.

The webpage also has a clock running at the top which simply determines how much time is left for the bike to be revealed.  Er, well! That’s the term I gotta use here.  Here is the link that’ll direct you to that page – Pulsar 2012. The page also enables the users to share their views and expectations about the new breed via their fb account. We already have our readers pouring their comments right out there are can we have you joining them!

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