Bajaj Pulsar 135LS Refreshed!

We ran a news article a few days back on the launch of Pulsar 135LS in Indonesian market. We also speculated that the same changes would soon be heralded on the Indian version. And here we share with you the actual news about the refreshed model. Reacting to the market ethos, Bajaj has launched a refreshed model of their 4 valve pocket wonder, Pulsar 135LS, in the Indian market with the following changes.

1) Split Two piece Rear fender: The earlier iteration of the bike was equipped with a tire hugger cum mudguard which was functionally absolute but looked ugly which also impacted the, otherwise fantastic fresh looks of the bike. Bajaj was quick to catch on to the eyesore and the new model has a differently designed rear.

The rear fender is now composed of two split units with a little gap in between. The pointed inner unit, which is fastened to the chain cover, prevents the internal parts from mud where the curved outer unit prohibits water to spill over to the following vehicle. Apart from the functional part, this modification definitely gels well with the overall sharp looks of the bike.

2) Half Chain Cover: Apart from the rear mudguard, a full chain cover also spoiled the sporty looks of this bike. Bajaj has removed the full chain cover and in comes the sporty half chain cover to further highlight the sporty character of the bike. However, it also means more frequent cleaning of the chain.

3) O-Ring Chain: To reduce the impact of a naked chain exposed to dirt and dust, Bajaj has also changed the conventional chain which needs a lot of attention to the O-ring sealed chain which needs little care and has a better life span.

4) Re-designed saree guard: Conforming to the government regulations, the bike now comes with a redesigned saree guard to keep the theme flow.

5) All Black engine: The earlier version of Pulsar 135 came with a silver engine with rest of the theme as black including the cylinder head. The new version has an all black styling theme which has definitely enhanced the already gorgeous looks of the bike.

With the rear modifications and an all black theme, the bike has been provided with an extra tinge of sportiness which will definitely lure more buyers to Bajaj’s showrooms. Mostly cosmetic, these changes have ensured that Bajaj listens to the feedbacks provided by the customers. Further talking about the good part, despite these enhancements, price of the bike has not been raised and second; existing customers of Pulsar 135LS can go for most of the above mentioned modifications on their bikes. Rejoice!

– Saad Khan