Bajaj has finally revealed its 4 valve Pulsar 135 LS DTS-i bike!  The mill of the Pulsar 135 LS is a four stroke air cooled 135cc 4 valve single cylinder DTS-I engine that mills out 13.5ps at 9000rpm with a torque value of 11.4Nm at 7500rpm. The bike is loaded with a lot of goodies to please it’s customers and one of the main features for the technical junkies are the revolutionary 4 valve engine technology where there are two intake and two exhaust valves instead of the prehistoric two valves present.

Bajaj Pulsar 135cc DTSi (2)

Bajaj also claims that these valves are smaller and light in weight when compared to the conventional two valve engine which helps in performance by improving the engine breathing with the additional advantages of better engine performance, pick-up, fuel efficiency and lower emission norms. The engine is also equipped with auto-choke feature as present in the new pulsar 220 DTS-I which improves cold starting conditions. The bike is also equipped with a 8 bit microprocessor chip equipped digital C.D.I unit that delivers optimum performance with advanced spark delivery and an optimum engine timing for any given rpm thus giving the best performance overall.

Bajaj Pulsar 135cc DTSi (3)

Suspension & Brakes: The bike is equipped with a telescopic front fork with antifriction bush and a rear gas charged adjustable shock absorbers with triple rate coil springs. The Pulsar 135 LS is equipped with a 240mm front disc brakes and a 130mm drum at the rear that talks of it’s stopping power.

Electricals: The bike is equipped with a 12v full DC system as seen in the latest range of pulsars with a 35/35w headlight with two pilot lamps and an all LED tail lamp. There is also a battery charge indicator that shouts out the battery charging rate.

Style: The styling of the new Pulsar 135LS is of a new age and hats off to Bajaj to think of something like this which is the first of a kind for an Indian manufacturer. Although it’s a bit disappointing when seen the bike from the rear one has to see the bike in flesh to decide whether to Love it or Hate it! The bike comes with clip-on’s as seen in the 220 and the new UG4 180 which adds style to substance.

Bajaj Pulsar 135cc DTSi

The tachometer is a digital type with analog display with fuel gauge and tripmeter being digital and the speedo in analog. The bike also comes with 17″ alloy wheels that makes city riding a pleasure. There is also some coloration in design that is derived from the premium pulsar range like split seats and split grab rails which are attention grabbers for a 135cc bike. The stop lamps are of LED’s this time which will be pretty bright when compared to halogens and will also tend to consume less energy.

Verdict: Seeing the specs the bike is all game for traffic and daily commuting and with an 8 liter fuel tank capacity and a mere 122 kg weight the bike should be well capable to handle peacefully in the city. Although the ex-showroom price and detailed specs ahs not arrived, expect a full hands-on reviews soon for the final word.


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  • Anand

    Hmmm this bike is a sure ggod grab for the commuter segment that was stuck to 100 or 125 cc basic styled bikes. A refresher definitely. But the image of Pulsars as being power bikes might go down? (Imagine a 125 cc bike named after karizma) Lets just wait and see….

  • Wheelosphere

    The tail lamp cluster is a distraction.Bajaj should come out with some thing exciting now.But Pulsar 135 LS will stand as contestant in premium bike segment.

  • Pranay

    This bike is just a compilation of other bajaj products like XCD 135, Discover 135 and ofcourse Pulsar. Anyways a good effort by bajaj.
    But I am not able to understand bajaj’s strategy. They are creating competition for their own products. XCD and Discover 135 will surely feel the heat of the new Pulsar.

  • Seeni

    i am sure this is going to create mixed reaction from people. personally i feel the bike looks good…. but some how it reminds me old wine in new bottle….

  • fas

    This bike will give Honda Twister a serious twist.


    Apparently it seems this time Bajaj has done a pretty good job on the overall finishing of the bike, the bike is also full of tech goodies but the real time testing will only tell the true story.

  • sanket kambli

    what is “LS”?

    • u dont know the full form of ls and u want 2 buy d bike (~~`lol)

      • kiran

        LS = Light Sport

  • ani

    @sanket ls stand for LIGHT SPORTS.

  • Rathish

    LS stands for Light sport. Let us hope that it will not have the same fate as of XCD 125 as it looks smaller in appearance, but it looks stylish and attractive with all latest gizmos, but should have named a different name to the bike rather than using the name Pulsar especially when the capacity is reduced. Personally to me, the bikes looks beautiful and attractive on picture.

  • Dharam Valia

    @sanket…. LS is light sports… the Pulsar 135 has one of the best power:weight ratio making it agile, powerful and ‘playful’…

  • Tushal

    Can somebody give the pricing details of Discover. I think that the XCD with disc and ES has ex showroom price of 47K and this bike has 51K. So where does Disco 135 get into.

    Marketing strategies teaches us a lot. A brand name once tarnished cannot be brought up unless there is really good strategy. The old xcd had half hearted style -failed. Even though the new xcd looks great, it has 135cc engine, again positioning strategy failed. The looks of the new xcd coupled with the original engine, if it had been launched in sep 2007, it could have been a really good success. Same happened with estilo (zen brand got confused). In sometime the platina 125 and xcd 135 will go off production. Hope Deepak and others agree….!

  • Gaurav

    Impressed with the specs and style of the bike. Will surely take a test drive of it soon. Little disappointed that there are only two colors(wine red and black), blue must have been there… hope bajaj is listening..

  • Nilesh,Pune

    Bajaj Pulser Lovers …lsiten on thing……..STOP asking advices from “fas” guy ….HE is the supporter of Yamaha -TVS and HATES to BAJAJ always…!!!

  • Nilesh,Pune

    It’s Amazing..!!! NEW 135 4 valve technology with Dts-i Engine seems to be one more Milestone set by BAJAJ in its Plate.
    The overal Power & milage capacity matches to any 150 cc category and to it’s own rival Pulsar itself..

    The more interesting part I tell you the goodies it offers as LS-Light Sport bike..
    New Tank design with attractive scopes,Sexy clip On Handel bars i.e.clone from P180/P220,split seats,new tail light-head light,more power and off course the new light weight feature of the bike.

    A Complete Attractive Package that gone beat any >125 n 150 cc bike …and it’s own rivals off course….!!!!!

    Now WE might see in future the new launches that come up with all new DTS-i 4 volve Engines per cylinder (with Fi or without Fi).
    Especially the new P150,P180,P200,P220,P250 with mono shock as seen in KTM’s ROCKING SURPRISE PACKAGE-KTM125 “Stunt n Race” would come in way now, within 2-3 months from this Pulsar 135LS launch.

    Adding one more thing, I won’t be surprised by seeing that if current pulsar 150 DTS-i UG4 2009 might be replaced with NEW Pulasr 150
    DTS-i 4 valve(Later on P135LS COULD be upgraded to P150) with Clip ons and monoshock which is missing currently from this segment, some where in APRIL-May 2010(after completing to P150 1 year launch)….
    Thats the way it will differ current most selling P180 UG4-2009…!

    BAJAJ GONE be Rocking in style….NON-sops HITs…in near FUTURE… 🙂

  • Nilesh,Pune

    Agree…Only NON-liking part is rear mudgard..!!!!!This with the entitled Full chain socket covered , are targeted to all the peoples including the middle age n rural India…!!!

    That I’m sure would be removed by BAJAJ with the launch of few new versions of P135LS in addition, in near future to catch/eye the YOUNGER generation …mainly the College Students…!!
    It may have some more colors,naked half chain cover and some differ headlight design…I guess…!!!!

  • Raghavan.N

    Platina125 has been discontinued and Bajaj has slowed down on production of XCD135 and sold 5000 units last month in the domestic market.Bajaj will stop XCD135 in the domestic market and sell it only for exports.Currently Bajaj sells 2.5 lakh bikes a month of which 80,000 are exports.
    Domestic Market:Pulsar+Avenger+Discover+Platina around 1.7 lakh units.
    Export Market:Pulsar+XCD+Wind125+Boxer around 80000 units.
    Discover will be sold for the domestic market while XCD will be for exports.Discover 135 costs 56K OTR for self+disc while Pulsar 135 costs 58K.Pulsar will be a sports bike while Discover will be a commuter by marketing strategy.Bajaj will also launch Discover 150 soon.

  • Ashish.S

    looks like apache
    twister has a more wicked look i think

  • vicky

    This one is autumn guys.I must say Bajaj co. cheated all his old pulsar customers.The design of this bike is much better than 150cc.
    We have a bike like this Honda Stunner which is 125 or 135 cc but this one can ruin their sales.
    good going Pulsar.

  • AnSh

    why didn’t BAL launched it with the ORIGINAL name i.e.XCD SPRINT
    it shares everything from engine to chesis,
    except sprint’s sexy tail lamp, with it.
    same 4 valve engine,same power figures,same crappy rear wheel hugger.

    anyways i wish it can live more than 3 years

  • Tushal

    @Deepak: Hey Deepak, is it possible for your team to do a small capture of KTM Stunt and Race 125 concepts. They look nice and have heard that some parts were developed in association with STARS AHEAD team of Bajaj. Not sure, but would be great to know about the small devils which are supposed to hit European roads sometime soon.

  • Mithun

    If at all this bike is a success, it will be at the cost of Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180. So expect Pulsar 150 be sacked in 6 months or so..

  • nilesh,Pune

    I agree with Mithun..!!Mithiun thats the way BAJAJ is aiming ….by making most salable P135Ls and later upgrade it to P150 and replace current P150 UG4…!!
    Thats the way they can seperate upgraded P150(clone of P135LS) and most salable P180 UG4…!!!!

    Also they are aiming the lauch of BAJAJ-KTM 125 soon thats why came up with Brand name Pulsar to 135..!!

    Another thing about keeping the rear mudgard in current model.of P135 thats by creating space to new models of BAJAJ-KRM 125 race n stunts ….to be having rear naked look..some thing would have newly to reaveal while coing with new models..!!!!

    Also I predict,we gone see new upgrade of P135LS soon as I said rarlier with some new colors,naked rear view,differ front head light (if we see the side view),tubless tires.. etc……..!!

  • Saurav

    I was planning to buy P-150, but nw I am a bit confused with d launch of P-135.Cud u plz suggest me which wud b a better option for me.I have to travel around 50 kms daily,I am 5’11” tall and weight around 80 kg.

  • srikanth

    pulsar135 is simply has all the feathers which i was looking for.

  • Byk Entust

    I don’t understand the purpose of the Tail Light as it seems it is just for the sake of styling or to lit the road as it doesn’t serve the purpose for what it has to be. i.e., to alert the traffic on your back during riding and specially on braking. But the Tail Light of this Pulsar 135 is placed at such an angle and is too tilted towards the ground that it is rarely visible. It is the same case in other Pulsar Bikes too but this seems to have surpassed them all.

  • Tushal

    The tail lamp is just a copy paste from xcd 135. can check the pics and compare. The new disco’s tail looks much better and visible.

  • kiran.j

    hav any 1 bought dis bike????????? how it is diff from bajaj150dtsi…. is it good to buy?

  • Tushal

    Bajaj has informed BS motoring that they are going to phase out Platina 125 and XCD 135. As expected things are happening and they are also going to stop Platina 100. Well Bajaj thinks that they can win with just two brands unlike Herohonda. Not sure if these strategies are good. But one thing – killing a bike / brand within two years is not at all good. Rs, Ninjas are there for decades. But still yamaha also sells crux/alba even if they sell 100 bikes in one month. Herohonda and TVS has bikes which dont sell. Yet they retain them as loss leaders. Bajaj on the other hand doesnt think so. One major problem i notice is that Bajaj gives the bikes a cc tag, which is not good for smaller bikes. Platina 100/125, XCD 125/135, Disco 100/112/125/135, Pulsar 135/150/180/200/220, Avenger 180/200….??????? This is where HH has won over bajaj. They use the same 97.2 cc engine for six bikes but all the bikes are different. Finally customers think they get something really original when they buy HH. Huh….?

  • Raman mahi

    sooooooo smart look

  • Hmm..Its a little strange tht ,pulsar 135 has a little visual styles of new XCD.The split seats & headlights are seemed to be different..but the brand name Pulsar may help this one other than XCD…the name LS(Light Sport)will may become more worthy if a mono suspension is also added..nyway its look pretty n great…I expect a LS LE(Limited Edition)…

  • addict

    as we see no fi here…is it good….we are not meeting with emission norms guys… gimmie sm advice…are there pther bike that also dont have fuel injection

  • abhi

    i am the owner of xcd 135..the tail lamp of this pulsar is exactly the same as xcd135..even though the tail lamp is quite inclined, still there is no problem for riders behind this bike to see the serves the purpose perfectly..You will learn this when u see this bike infront of u..the back side of the bike also makes angle with the horizontal thats why this deign works

  • Manish Saini

    New Bajaj 135 LS is Light Sports so whether it can handle vibrations or not.

  • Mohammed karari

    Recently i bought the new Pulsar 135 LS and it really is an amazing bike to ride. Its got a good power and looks are definately appealing. The sound of 135 is different than that of Pulsar. Handling is superb in traffic. Good sitting and riding comfort. Overall BEST value for money!!!

  • Rathish

    Every new bike has a good feeling of power and performance, but the consistency in overall performance after a year is yet to be proved. So, let us wait and watch and even it will not be a surprise if the Bajaj suddenly stops production of new Pulsar.

  • can i get pulsar 135 ls in blue colour?

  • saarim

    awsum performnce. I
    bought it last monday.
    gives power of 13.5bhp at
    9000rpm and can compete
    wid pulsar 150 cos its the
    first bike 2 have 4 valve in
    one cylndr in india. beter than
    discover/ stunner/ xcd/
    glamour/ flame. looks shud
    have been a litle beter spcly side plates nd
    top speed is 108. has only 2 shades. front
    tyre is smal and less wide.
    miledge is 50~53 in city wich
    is gud. value for money.

    • hari

      plz.. im planning to buy this p-135, can anyone give me suggestions,i heard that a new refeshed model is now availabale….. plz help me yar,its ma first bike….

  • Pritpal Singh

    Hi! I want to go for Bajaj Pulsar 135 DTSI. Could someone give me advice that is this bike good to purchase and its features r good as well. And what about the overall performance and its resale value. thanks.

  • A.G.Nair

    Pritpal. go for a test drive bfore bying 135LS. I drove one today. The vibration levels are irritating. I suggest 150.

  • kamil_nsr

    For all those of u who think that pulsar 135LS dts-i is a remake of XCD/discover:
    1> this bike gives 13.5Bhp of power with Dts-i engine and xcd 125/135 gives only 8/9 bhp power and is a “Dts-si” engine meant to give 70+ mileage
    2> it’s got 4 valve in a single cylinder(2 for fuel in and 2 for exhaust out) and xcd/discover(and actually all other bikes in India) have 2 valves per cylinder(1 for in and 1 for out)
    3> 1ts top speed is 105+ kmph and xcd hardly goes upto 80kmph
    4> it goes from 0-60 in 5.0 seconds (same as all 150cc’s like unicorn,CBZ extm,FZ-16,suzuki GS150R,etc..)
    5> competing with all 150cc segment bike(in terms of power and pick-up) the pulsar 135 still manages to give 55+ kmpl fuel average in city which no other 150cc bike gives
    6> this bike weighs 122kg(dry) lighter than any other bikes(150cc) in India (Unicorn-149kg,cbz extm 142kg, :all dr weights) Which is very good for city side cornering and traffic manuverability
    SO all in all this bike is worth buying !!

  • chethan b r

    hey, ur comments helps a lot 4 all d people having confusion(including me)! thanx for those comments

  • Aadi Kashyap

    I own a Bajaj Pulsar 135-LS, i have been using this bike from 1st jan, 2010. This is a bike worth buying. Like always this time also Bajaj has shown some extreme and creative effort in launching P-135 LS by targeting people of 18-30 age group. This bike have loads of features. Much more Fuel efficient then any other Bike of this segment, even better thn lowr segment. The outlook of bike is so aggresive which fullfill the requirement of a sport bike. Over all a very good bike to grab. Allmost all specifications of the bike meet with a person who want stylish, sport look, fuel efficient and cost effective Bike. I love this bike to ride.

  • kripesh

    the bike looks quite good but it gives the old taste

  • subir kumar ganguly

    dear sir, I want to purchase bajaj Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS DTS-i. Bur your dealer of Barpeta Rd. Assam is not abled to tell me about colour available of this above bike. Please note that I want to purchase a blue colour bike. Let me know to my above website.

  • chethan b r

    The bike is not available in blue. its avalable in wine red and black…

  • kamil_nsr

    To Mr.Subir Kumar Ganguly

    Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS is only available in 2 colours which is Black and Red. U will have to get it custom painted if u only want blue!
    by the way the 2 available colours already look good.

  • Arindam

    Can any budy tell me which one is better between CBZX and PULSAR135??I prefer Pulsar135.Furthermore,Pulser135 has the problem of its silenser as Pulsar150???Plz,inform me soon,bcoz I’m hurring.

  • sid

    @ arindam, buy pulsar 135 coz it has great weight ratio.
    n ratio of cbz is worst….
    pulsar 135 have no problem in silenser i own pulsar135.

  • Arindam

    Thanks Sid.Can u tell me what’s the on-road price in Kolkata of Puler 135???

  • aslam

    hi all….. i am using a yamaha fazer 125cc since 2004…. i naver had any problem with it except the chain…. thats bcos of my hard use… my bike can do 95kmh… 85kmh with out any problem or any vibration….. yesterday i ride pulsar 135 and above 75 its vibration of seats really irritating. a long ride will be impossible in that condition.any one having this problem?…… please check and share your experience with others…….. i like this bike…. any 125cc bike user will like it but a pulsar user will disappointed. i want to change my yamaha only because its 5 year old….. otherwise its doing great…… those who expecting a bike better bike than 125cc one i recommend pulsar 150 if money is not a problem…… bye guys……..

  • chethan

    hey aslam, u kind of changed my opinion on pulsar 135cc. now i am in confusion.
    so if anyone ve bought pulsar 135, please share ur opnion….

  • aslam

    hi chethan …… i read abt pulsar 135 in this site…… everyone simply says its good….so i went to the showroom and its right, it looks really goooood…….i decided to take a test drive.i took test drive in highway. good and lite and easy to handle in any traffic….. but when i reach to 75 its started vibrating. u can feel it in seats…….nobody likes it when they take a long ride…..funny that nobody say a thing abt this in this site……. now i am also confused……HH glamour is bad in its mileage,shine and zeus looks old.. unicon or gs150r or any other 150 bikes didn’t considered bcos of the high price tag…… yamaha gladiator and bajaj pulsar 135 ls left to consider…… i am using fazer 125 now …its good so the gladiator must be good … its improved…. compare to pulsar135 too much difference.. pulsar gives a lot of advanced features…. i am gonna book either one today…… i suggest you to take a test drive yamaha gladiator……… let us know ur experience….. compare with this bike and share your opinion… bye chethan…..

  • chethan

    hi Aslam, dont forget to tell which one you booked k.
    gladiator looks old for me. and 150cc bikes as u told r costly but also pulsar 15. is one of the options.
    my pics are pulsar135, pulsar 150 and before pulsar 135 came, i had discover 135 in mind.
    so i think i m gonna go in pulsar’s itself (135\150), if u can differentiate between these two, it would help me.
    And also give a comparision between gladiator and pulsar if possible….Bye.
    hey Aslam, dont forget to mention which one you booked. k…

  • aslam

    hi chethan ….. how are you….. i bk pulsar 135…. not me actually my father did….. oh yeah…. he did and told me gladiator looks old….. ha….ha…… expect my review abt pulsar 135ls in two days…… the real review abt 135ls….. only truth…… well pulsar 150 will be far better than this because of the weight and a lot of other reason……i took a real test drive suzuki gs150r today……real because i try everything on that…. at a speed of 95kmh its really cool…. the seat is really comfortable…… no vibration at all….. i drive a 7600 km driven bike…… i think you should take a test drive….. and it has a super silent engine….. i forget to mention it…. cant compare with pulsar 150……. different styles…….

  • kamil_nsr

    Hi everyone!
    this one goes for all of u who need clarification about the Pulsar 135LS’ vibrations

    1>> The pulsar 135Ls has an ‘Under-squared’ engine instead of ‘Over-squared’ engines in all indian bikes. The difference is the Under-squared engine’s Piston is thin and long and it travels a longer distance(up-down) in the cylinder compared to Over-squared engine’s Piston which is broad and short and travels shorter distance(up-down) in the cylinder.
    So, getting vibrations is very natural in this bike and no one can get rid of it coz there is much more movement in the engine of the 135LS than other bikes. This type of setup(Under-sqared) gives more torque in lesser displacement(cc)
    which is why this one has better pick-up and speed in just 135cc engine.

    2>> The seats of Pulsar 135LS is too hard, its the hardest seats i’ve ever felt before!
    That is why the vibrations are felt even more on the seats
    So, one can change the seats with softer one from the market(just replace the sponge and coating not the seat module)

  • chiraqg dhonchak

    this bike is quiet gud it is powered with with all the new technologies hats of 2 bajaj they have again revealed their and it again won the best bike award bajaj pulsar 135 is best bike in its class in terms of looks mileage and stiling it satisfies all the demand because it is powerful good looking it has got gr8 pickup and its mileage is also good hats of 2 bajaj

  • chethan

    As Kamil said, if v get rid of seats, then its really a good one………..

  • Diptha Adrian

    hmm, I think Pulsar 135 is a re-brand of XCD Sprint 135…XCD doesn’t good in sales, it’s why Bajaj re-brand it to increase their sales and XCD was discontinued by Bajaj Auto.

    But, however I satisfied with my Bajaj XCD 125 DTS-Si the lowest fuel consumption in it’s class…

    Bravo Bajaj…

  • jebin abel

    pulsar 135 ls- i owned this bike in the last week. its very good to ride than older pulsars.if u know to ride above 120kms speed , in any bike u will surely ride in 135ls without vibrations give correct raising of acclerator and gear shifting u can ride it without any vibrations more than 120 km speed

  • aslam

    hi friends…….. i am back with my preview of my red bajaj pulsar 135ls…… well you can read almost everything about this bike here…. but not all…. you gonna read that now…
    well i get my bike three days back……. i check another bike to wright this review.
    1….. really hot and sexy design…..i must clarify what i said…. I SAID IT ONLY LOOKS GOOD
    2….. the best mileage in its class…. definitely more than 60 if you ride it normal…. if you are speeding it comes to 45~50.
    3….. nice torque….. good performance in city traffic because of nice throttle response….
    4….. perfect head light…. gives you perfect view in night.
    now to the other side……
    1….worst bike for a long ride except in highways…. vibration level are too high…. really irritating if you are riding above 65kmh…. 70~80 to be exact.. typical for city because it will be below 70kmh….
    2….bad seats….. a disaster if road is not smooth like highways….
    3….bad comfort because of its sporty design…..those who use pulsar before wont complain much .typical bike for youngsters.. my friends love my bike until they ride it… they love it but they like their pulsar 150 than this…
    4…. GIRLS NOT GONNA LIKE A RIDE WITH YOU if you are outside city if road conditions are bad……
    my mother refused a second ride with me [in my area road condition is bad] because she compares it with my previous bike…..
    5…. oil leaks from my engine…. rear shock absorbers are noisy. you need to twist the springs sometimes to get rid the noise. ok guys this will be enough for now….. bye guys………
    well Mr. jebin… it is kind of difficult to ride it in 120kmh all the time.And that is really dangerous and unstable in that speed……..

  • aslam

    a small addition to my previous comment…. its now 59500 Rs onroad in kerala … which is nice for a bike like this with all advanced STUFFS and it is a complete bike. you need to add buzzer which is i got from showroom…. i sagest to take test drives following vihicles….
    1….. Honda unicorn….. i dont have to say anything about it….
    2….. Suzuki gs150r….. a must try bike. because everything in it….. except mileage…. 45~55 kmpl. just like unicorn . only one difference is 6 gear. both these bikes have super quiet engines. suzuki gs 150r is an advanced bike like pulsar[digital meter,rear led brake and side lamps]. its heavier than unicorn….
    3….. yamaha gladiator …. its only 11 bhp bike. but it gives you 55+ kmpl and really smooth ride. i use this one 5 years. those who ride below 90kmh and low in cash i suggest a test drive. only 55000 rs ….
    these three bikes are not sporty but it performs like that……. those who need that sporty look BAJAJ PULSAR SERIES always there….

  • chethan

    Hi Jebin, thanks for your review.
    But r u sure ther is no vibrations at top speed.
    I m gonna buy this anyhow, but i would wait for ur reply……

  • chethan

    Well i m too much confused on pulsar 135ls
    now it ll b either pulsar 150 or unicorn.
    but i like pulsar 135ls technology…..

    help me out guys

  • aslam

    hi chethan….. both are nice but in different ways……. unicorn is good… but pulsar looks better…… and there is a news bajaj is planning new pulsar 150 this year with 4 valve with 15 bhp and clip on handles on……. if u are above 5.5 feet pulsar 135 is not 4 you……

    is there is any way to get some height for those handles in pulsar 135ls…… help me guys……

  • Arindam

    I knew that P150 and its higher version has problem with its silencer.Is it also true for P135????Anybody here not mentioned abt it.Can anybody tell me something abt it?

    Aslam what’s your opinion?You’re telling abt P150.doesn’t it possess problem in its silencer?and plz clarify,is P135 viabrate just above 65km/h?

  • chethan

    Hey aslam, is it true tat pulsar 150 ll b upgraded wit 4 valves.. is it true..wher did u read it….
    if its true, its a great news……..

  • aslam

    hello friends……. check this site for new 2010 pulsar 150…. i dont know any problem for pulsar 150 silencer. my friends like pulsar 150…..
    and pulsar 135 vibrates after 65kmh…… 70~80 to be exact……

  • kamil_nsr

    Hey guys
    there is also a Bajaj xcd sprint 135 and xcd sprint 150
    with 4 valve tech. coming in about 2-3 months they have better fuel efficiency than the 135LS !!
    and they also have very good power the xcd sprint 150 will produce 16ps/bhp power(same as pulsar 180)!!

  • chethan

    Guys, actually wat is d reason for pulsar 135 vibration at high speeds, is it d low weight factor(122 kg)……..
    if any1 gets any info plz share….

  • aslam

    guys….. i took first service today….. after 650 km…..
    this is my last comment on my pulsar 135 ls…..

    awesome mileage for a 13.5bhp bike… more than 65kmpl. vibrates a lot…. really bad comfort……
    i took test drive pulsar 150 new model with 15.6 bhp and clip on handles….. i dont know the mileage but riding comfort and handling is really good. much better than 135…..
    those who confused about pulsar 135 dont buy this ….. if u have money……. go for pulsar 150………
    if u must have a pulsar…… pulsar 150…..
    if u dont care abt bajaj,u just need a 150 cc bike,please consider my list….
    1….honda unicorn
    2….suzuki gs150r
    3….hero honda hunk
    3….bajaj pulsar 150
    4….tvs apache 160… consider a test drive all these before you buy any 150cc bike….. Mr chethan this is comment is for you too….. buy guys…….

  • This s standing as a mirror to the gr8 Pulsar’s legacy of sport biking from past 8-9 yrs….This 135cc engine feels like falling down from that vehicle as soon as we sit on it..This is such a waste of resource of bajaj…cant remove that bulky mudguard pisses me off….its really bad to look at it..if they have installed this on 150 it would have been sold out like hot dogs,cream cakes etc….very bad bike…..very small consoles..i dont know how bajaj people told this as new racing style….

  • kamil_nsr

    Hi everyone!
    this one goes for all of u who need clarification about the Pulsar 135LS’ vibrations

    1>> The pulsar 135Ls has an ‘Under-squared’ engine instead of ‘Over-squared’ engines in all indian bikes. The difference is the Under-squared engine’s Piston is thin and long and it travels a longer distance(up-down) in the cylinder compared to Over-squared engine’s Piston which is broad and short and travels shorter distance(up-down) in the cylinder.
    So, getting vibrations is very natural in this bike and no one can get rid of it coz there is much more movement in the engine of the 135LS than other bikes. This type of setup(Under-sqared) gives more torque in lesser displacement(cc)
    which is why this one has better pick-up and speed in just 135cc engine.

    2>> The seats of Pulsar 135LS is too hard, its the hardest seats i’ve ever felt before!
    That is why the vibrations are felt even more on the seats
    So, one can change the seats with softer one from the market(just replace the sponge and coating not the seat frame)

  • aslam

    hi….. i got some problems to report in pulsar 135ls…… my pulsar 135 make some tuk tuk noise from the front shocks and rear are two noisy…. i complaint this to bajaj they told me some modifications are coming for the front… for back none…. they simply told that is just because of two spring suspension system…. i am so much disappointed….

  • jkv

    Hi guys.i will give my experience with 135ls.i bought mine in 10/02/2010 and completed 1000 km as of now, with 1st service completed…But a few info first..
    1.135Ls is directly lifted from XCD Sprint concept shown at delhi auto expo 2008 in terms of both looks and performance with some small difference(Side indicators, rear lamp taken from xcd 135;rear tyre hugger now fuller to comply with the Norms)
    2.The concept bike(xcd sprint) and xcd production bike(xcd125 & 135) shared nothing in common except the name.At that time itself sprint had 125cc 12.5 bhp 4 valved engine…(135Ls has 135cc 13.5 4 valved engine)…But xcd bike were nothing in terms of power(these were more of a torquey bikes)..
    3.Bajaj Auto officially killed the XCD brand for the domestic market.So all those news about these xcd sprint 135 and xcd sprint 150 can be taken as plain baseless rumor.

  • Madhur Goyal

    Oh.. Bajaj 135Ls Is a Great Bike Comes With 4 Valve Engine. Which I had Never Seen in any bike of India. I took a test drive of this bike because my friend have this bike. Superb pick up Great mileage(easily u will get abt 65km \ltr) and so aggressive and sporty look. you donot have to shift the gear if u want to accelearate the bike from low speed and horn of the bike is also so good. The disadvantage of this bike is just that the fuel tank capacity is so low its just 8 ltr tank. if you are the student and you all the expenses of bike like maintainence petrol etc. are beared by you then just dont think this Bike is so Greatt. Discover and Xcd are just for Uncles.. Your Girlfriend will kick out you if you want to take her at date at discover or Xcd.

  • Man

    I think it is better not to buy this bike at present. Bajaj can’t be believed. If they stop the production of this model suddenly ,then you wont get the spare parts thereafter.After that you will need to wander here and there for parts and at last sell it for a few thousand rupees.
    Buy a bajaj product only if it stays in the market for at least 5 years.

  • Creagrox

    Hia Guys ! Yesterday i went to showroom to c this bike . Killer in each sense . Looks? U get that.performance? U get that.
    But one thing bothers me after reading this forum that it vibrates and its really bad for a bike which carries a moniker. Man it is supposed to take commuter segment by storm and look at what its really doing. I want to buy this bike but this demerit is holding me back . Any ideas to rectify that guys . Thx in advnc.

  • kumar

    I got a new pulsar135 two days back. From the day one itself i notice a worst scratching noise from the engine. When i took it to the dealer they simply said, drive the bike continuously we will correct it during first service. I dont know whether they check the bike before delivering it. They dont showing even a small interest to check the bike. They are interested about the quantity they sell more than the quality. I am very much worried. Any one help me what can be done. Thank you in advance

  • aslam

    my bike reached 2300 km yesterday….. so here comes the truth…. great pick up and mileage….. worst comfort…… fuel gauge is not accurate. other pulsar digital meter will be great on this,after all this is pulsar as per the company.both front and rear shock absorbers should be replaced to become its soft, that will let your spine relax…….the front seat should be more soft…..
    it should have a storm in Indian bike market but its not.take a test drive in rough road it will show its true nature……
    the one who buy this bike will not suggest his friends to do so if he is true friend… if you need a pulsar….. PULSAR 150…..PULSAR 150

  • Diptej

    ohhhhhhhhhh really great bike

  • Ajith Jogi

    i’m an engineering student(6ft tall-slim)…i wannu purchase a bike within 50k-65k price range… i’m interested in 100-180cc segment…is pulsar 135 a better choice…? or else pls suggest me a good bike…

  • Aslam

    Please read all my comments… U will have ur answers

  • Tharukz

    Hey aslam, why didn’t u try changing ur seats.?

  • vinodkumar

    Hai this is vinod from bombay, pulsar 135 model is look like a fantastic model i was so expresed when am looking to this. And also i have adviced to my brother, last week. He also so interested to it, after two weeks he is going to buy it. I have good confident, it will never disappointed me. I’ll post command after its performence….

  • Aslam

    Hi guys… Wonderful accelaration didn’t justify its worst suspension system. And changing seats wont clear its vibration

  • sai

    can you please give details on milage as well as on road price

  • Alekh Singh

    i purchased pulsar 135cc 1 week back. As far as looks and style is concerned bike is good. Average ~60 kms…pls note i ride for 60 kms daily on city+ highway on mix type road condition n traffic.

    few concerns i have …
    the vibration or scratching type sound that comes,from engine.
    the old Yamaha cruxR was more comfortable on bumps.
    i wont make any comment about its pic up as i drive within 50-60 kms/hr as its in run inconditiion yet. but sometimes its good to feel the pulsar power when yu have to overtake those lazy n irritating drivers on road.

  • Piyush Thakar, Anjar

    Can anyone who purchased Pulsar 135, give me view of riding, milage, etc. Because I am willing to purchase this bike. Please provide your valuable feedback.

  • hemant

    guys after reading all the reviews im very much cofused to buy this bike or not. please suggest me about its riding comfort.Is back seat is comfortable or not.I hane to ride it with my Girl friend and you know first imp is last imp

  • pavan

    i am confused betwee this p135 & honda twister

  • Harish

    good news for pulsar 135 lovers new pulsar 135 refresh model is on the go now…

  • Harish
  • saket

    hi guys i m also confused between twister and bajaj 135 plz help!!!!

  • amit yadav

    dear all,
    I own this pride asset in feb’10.what i feel about this bike is great…..If some one saying that this bike vibrates above 75kmph…sorry it don’t. i daily drive my bike to my office in Maneshar Gurgaon around 52 km one side. graet fun in driving, no pain, no so called vibrations no pain gives average around 55 kmpl.
    love this bike………..

  • Amey

    pls help i own pular 135 and it has run almost 1000km but still the engine is not free yet i feel vibrations in the gear shifter and under the tank as soon as i touch 4k rpm
    even the pointer in the tachometer starts vibrating above 4k rpm
    pls help what should i do? should i rev the engine so that it will become smooth or should i give it some more time plss help!!!!

  • anuroopnagekar

    i dont think rear view of this bike is good compare 2 other pulsar model…

  • Raman

    I m proud 2 be an owner of d Pulsar 135 Ls. It surely rox! Gr8 speed and easy handlind.



  • aslam

    guys…… i am back …….after 8000 km its so bad…. the sounds from its suspension system are gone after some fix by the company …. but makes it more bad… its vibrates BIG TIME after 65…. YES AFTER 65 km…… its really good acceleration but really bad comfort….. it must be a good bike in silky smooth road not in bumpy roads….. i am gonna exchange my bike with any bike has good riding comfort…….
    guys who wants better performer bike in 150 or 135 cc..
    pulsar 135 LS is for you IF YOU CAN CHANGE THE WHOLE SUSPENSION SYSTEM……. imagine this bike has Yamaha gladiator or Honda unicorn suspension system….. that will be perfect …. otherwise its bad….. REALLY REALLY BAD……… BAD……..

    • Arunraj Sb

      hi aslam,
      u didn’t mention about its mileage.
      Are u getting above 60?

  • aslam

    today i ride a discover 100 cc 55 km in all kind of roads in city and outside the city………… great bike for someone who care too much about mileage…. i am sure it can give you 75+ kmpl ,it is the king …… but in 100 cc the case of comfort its so bad…… i would say passion pro or yamaha ybr would be better…….. i dont think honda twister is comfort to ride, especially for elders…… and took a test ride in discover 150…… comparing to pulsar 135 its bad……..

  • farhan

    I am only 5’3″ and my weight is 60 kg..Is pulsar 135 ls perfect for me???I am a beginner rider…Plz reply quickly coz i am hungry for buying my first bike….

  • Gayan

    Thanks aslam, I read all of your comments. That helps a lot as you describe your true experience with us time to time. I was going to by this one. But after reading all the comments and talking to some of my frnds, I think I,ll go for Yamaha Gladiator. Its new version 125ss has sporty look than the old Gladiators. After all it is Yamaha bike.

  • Ajith jogi

    yamaha SZX s d best alternative…

  • Jai

    Hey any 1 pls suggest me a bike from yamah szx, pulsar 135, pulsar 150 dtsi & unicorn. and why?? I m very much confused. Please help… Thanks..

  • Eajaz

    Hey Friends!
    i Want to Know about the Performance and Milaege of Bajaj pulsar 135cc
    Plz help me out Friends i want to puchase that Bike…..

  • Ranjit

    Hi all,

    The bike for sure gives some vibe at around 60-70 speed but again above that at nearly 80kmph and above its smooth and no vibes as such.
    @aslam: How did the service guy manage to correct the suspension noise? Even after 2 servicing I am having the rear suspension noise. What did they exactly do. if u could tell me I will also ask the service centre to do that.

    • Ajith

      even i’d same problem… its due to rub of a ring in spring against its inner column… i myself lubricated d area… nw its fine…

  • P. Krushna Chaithanya

    my personal experience with this bike: purchased on may 29th of 2010.
    mileage : 65km/lit (in city : 60 km/lit)
    engine sound: little bit noisy and vibration
    pickup: instant
    grip: good
    handling: verygood
    looks: awesome
    shocks: not satisfied at all. ( I love discover 125 cc dtsi shocks)

  • Nilesh

    Hi all
    i bought a p135 ls on 30.11.10 from a dealer in bhubaneswar. It has done 1400kms. It has excellent design,stunning performance. Vibrations does start at 70 but end at 78 and again start horribly above 100. The suspension is good but the seat is harder than stone. I got it fixed by adding cushions. Overall i give 8/10 rating to this bike. The bike is a VFM but the service guys are really dissapointing.
    Aslam you are 95% correct but i dont have any suspension problems. Seems you are unlucky of having a faulty suspension.

  • Nilesh

    Hi all,
    I bought pulsar 135 exactly one year back on 18th Feb 2010. Actually i had gone for the looks of the bike and the brand name pulser but i got very very disappointed after started facing problems facing one after another. I also found the problem in front suspensions giving kat kat noise and when went to sai service they told that there is some manufacturing problem in suspensions bushings and kept bike for a week and changed it almost afer two months but still having the same problem and the bigest problem is rear suspensions, seat hardness and the bumpyness because of it. And now its started the new problem of loosing balance on the curves and turns. I dont know its because of front suspension problem or any other reason. I think the front telescopic suspensions are week and not able to handle the pickup and the waight of the bike.

    All and all Pulsar 135 is very very bad bike to ride and dosent give the pleasure of riding.
    Guys anyone has came across the same problems and resolved it please let me know the solution.

  • PRiTEsh

    i have buy pulsar 135
    this is ok bike not any problem in the bike and look is nice

    but i taked black colour ( is not smart )
    if you want purchase 135 :
    so purchase it sporty red colour ( smart )

  • Vipin_S

    I’d like to see a medium term review of this bike, according to my collegue this bike has many issues, he’s struggling to go past 60 speed, gearbox issues is never solved and also look wise it is not good as compared to competition…

  • Aranya

    The Handling of this bike is awesome….. But the gearbox is very bad….

  • siva

    hi to all,
    iam a beginner. iam interested to buy pulsar 135. iam 5.6 feet and weights 55kg. is this bike suits me. can i handle that awesome bike.

  • rakesh

    can i get pulsar 135 in blue…..?

  • Kalanithi

    Pulsar 135 is only in red and black. Red looks so good

  • Bharat

    Worst Bike , Only mileage is OK , Don’t go this Guys.

    Very high Maintenance cost.

  • viru kk

    my bike is just one month old. gearbox is very tardy, getting to neutral is cubersome, and sometimes you get stuck up at false neutral between 3rd & 4th gear. otherwise the bike is a good head turner.

  • rabi gnf

    i wanna buy new byke. Pulsher 135 or disc 125 which 1 will be great for 10-15 yrs. Pls email me

  • i want to purchase a bike..which should have a good mileage and a normal rate???????????????????????????????/

  • Sudhi

    nice bike……

  • vivek kumar

    bajaj palsar cery nice bic k bai this bie engine sound virry bad aftar first and tow sarvice

  • Shamanth nayak

    Its verry gud bike i like to say its hansom bike gud millage gud pickup gud lookig in evry thing its gud it s better

  • dilbar

    i heard that pulsar 135 has engine problems after 20,000 kms,,Is that true..whether all those problems are rectified in p135 2012.?

  • Karan

    m also plaaning to purchase it
    plz let me knw
    whtr it is good or nt