Bajaj Coming Up With A New Scooter

Bajaj Auto had been the erstwhile ruler in the scooter space post Independence for decades and decades. So much so that the tagline, “Humara Bajaj” had become a household tagline. These scooters were built for quality and robustness and had an infinite life cycle! Some of these survived ages without any signs of malfunction, a thing that the modern day two wheelers can never able to match up.

bajaj_logo1-260x300However, with the advent of low-cost Japanese motorcycles, the scooter market died down very soon with people making a quick shift to 100cc motorcycles. Bajaj Auto thought it was time they made the switch too and thus ended the long standing classic scooter market.

However, Bajaj Auto might be having some revival plans to re-launch its scooter market chapter in India. Let us not forget here that the company already has vast and extensive knowledge of building scooters, after all this company put India on 2 wheels! Bajaj Auto is just looking at the right time and opportunity to take the leap. This was stated by Bajaj Auto CEO and MD, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj. Currently, the R&D officials are burning the midnight oil to build the motorcycle. It is rumored that the bike will be powered by 125-150cc displacement engine with good economy and performance figures. We are expecting a tuned version of the Discover 125ST engine to go underneath this scooter. Other features may include telescopic fork front suspension, an electric start and automatic transmission. The scooter segment is again witnessing a boom in the Indian market and the time is ripe for the company to come out with such a product.

We expect Bajaj to be very competitive with its pricing and the competition is also too tough in this segment with Japanese manufacturers like Honda and Yamaha ruling the roost.

via Autocar