Bajaj Gets Chinese Patent for ExhausTEC

After Europe, Indian second largest two wheeler manufacturer, Bajaj Auto has received a patent for their exclusive ‘ExhausTec’ technology in China as well. During the starting of this year Bajaj was awarded with a patent from Europe Patent Office which goes along with the Indian patent which is valid till 2024.

ExhausTec stands for Exhaust Torque Expansion Chamber. Bajaj uses a small chamber attached to the exhaust just below the engine to alter the back pressure from the engine. This way the low and mid range performance of the engine is increased which helps in the drivability of a bike which is helpful for carrying more load. This technology becomes even more important in the Indian context as the engines used here are pretty small and not very powerful.

Bajaj started using this technology in 2004 and initially installed them on Pulsars later on following it on other models. “The Chinese State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) granted Bajaj Auto patent rights for its invention ‘ExhausTEC’ by patent number ‘ZL 200580025898.7’ dated April 14, 2010,” Bajaj said. The good part is that Bajaj already has a patent for ExhausTec in Sri Lanka, Mexico, Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Malaysia, and Iran apart from Europe and China. It is a commendable effort from the homegrown company such as Bajaj to achieve this feat and surely a sign of the good times to come!

– Saad Khan