Bajaj Avenger 220cc On The Cards!

Avenger first made its appearance with the 180cc engine, sharing the same mill from the then eldest sibling Pulsar 180. When things grew for Bajaj, Avenger was bestowed with a 200cc engine lifted right from Pulsar 200. A few months back Bajaj stopped the production of Pulsar 200 in India and launched Pulsar 220 with a carburetor. Very recently 220cc engine was also shared by another model, Pulsar 220 street fighter naked version at the price where Pulsar 200 used to sell.

According to the news we have, Bajaj is planning to stop the 200cc version of Avenger and, in place, come with the 220cc version with the engine derived directly from the eldest Pulsar in the market today. This move would make Avenger an even more worthy cruiser bike in the country where, anyways, it doesn’t have any real competition. The bike would/could be launched this month itself and most probably will become dearer by around 4-5 thousand rupees falling approximately in the Pulsar 220S version bracket.

This move will definitely help the brand grow into a more powerful bike in turn enabling cruiser maniacs even faster and relaxed cruising on the highways. Keep tuned to BikeAdvice for more info on this.

– Saad Khan