Once known for its iconic scooter Chetak, Bajaj Auto has now transformed itself into a global motorcycle manufacturer.  In the financial year 2011-12 the company sold over 3.8 million units of motorcycles worldwide which makes it world’s third largest motorcycle manufacturer.  As far as motorcycles are concerned the company is only behind to global motorcycle leader Honda and India’s largest two wheeler company Hero Motocorp.  This isn’t enough, the company is also ranks amongst the world’s most profitable automobile manufacturer.

It’s truly remarkable for the company which was once known for its bad quality and operational inefficiency.  The company now owns strong brand portfolio of motorcycles across the world.  The brand Pulsar and Discover’s cumulative sales have already crossed five million units. Discover is estimated to be the second largest selling motorcycle brand in India.  It sold nearly 1.5 million units during the financial year 2011-2012. The company exported 1.27 million units of motorcycle worldwide during the financial year 2011-2012.  Boxer is the largest selling brand in Africa and Pulsar 135 LS ranks amongst the top selling motorcycle model in various Latin American markets.

It is to be noted that Boxer competes with several Japanese and Chinese motorcycle brand in the African market.  One of the examples is Honda ACE CB125 (Honda’s $600 motorcycle).  Pulsar competes in the Latin American and South Asian market where Japanese brands are ruling the market. The company enjoys leadership position in 12 countries out of 35 countries in which it exports. Beside this, the company owns 47% stake in KTM Power Sports AG of Austria.  The company currently enjoys 10% market share of global motorcycle market and it aims to increase it up to 30% mark. The company aims to sell 4.5 million motorcycles worldwide in the financial year 2012-2013.

-Mahavir Kothari

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  • Pulsar boy

    Hats off to Bajaj, if they can do it in just 10 years of starting on their own in motorcycles, we can only imagine much better things from them in coming years.

    • vijay

      I can imagine that in 2020, Bajaj will touch the high end in the bike industry.

  • Not surprising considering they do alot of exports.

  • mak

    Bajaj is still known for its bad quality Products. What is such a Big Deal to be World No 1,2 or 3 ? If this is the criteria then where would ducati,BMW, Harley will stand ? Hope you know Hero Cycles are also world no 1 LOL

    • vijay

      hope you know that cycles and motorcycles both are the different business…..
      First read the article carefully then comment.

  • Scorpio

    Hey Guys !!

    World no 1 is Hero MotoCorp ( erstwhile Hero Honda)
    No. 2 is Astra Honda Indonesia , i got to know this from a magazine..
    No. 3 is ??

    Brazil has some big names to boast of…
    Also, am sure, some chinese companies will score good in numbers..

  • Sunny

    Proud to be Bajaj….

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  • arpit goyal

    world no.1 honda will be the no.1 in india till 2016


    Do you know in Africa the BOXER BM 100 is not having BAJAJ Name or Logo anywhere on the Bike..!! Since all these BOXER Model are coming from Lagos, Nigeria where BAJAJ had set up the Assembling Plant. Most of the parts are from China (so it is COMPLETE INDIAN Made !!) and very few parts are Original from BAL. Please note that BOXER-S is the old model of BAJAJ with Name & Logo on the Bike. The Old model was different from the present model of BOXER where they do not have ” S ‘ . We are in Africa and we know what they DO and Sell. Hence we are not carried away by your bias – story.

  • Dev

    This is very good news as for the motorcycle related to the company is second only to Honda India’s largest two-wheelers company hero Motocorp global leader of the motorcycle.

  • Good to know that Bajaj has gone Globally. congratulations Bajaj