Bajaj Auto Refreshes

Earlier in last year September Bajaj Auto launched its new website A few times back when I visited the website I found new changes in the website. The entire website has been refreshed and has a new look. The website has now divided into two sections “Pulsar” and “Mania”

Pulsar section has subsections like Products, Technology, History, Awards, TVC, Price and Book now. This section has more of product related information. For example technology section is explaining the technology used in all the Pulsar variants whereas History section will give you entire history of Pulsar series bike. You can now online check the ex-showroom price of Pulsar in your city with the new Price section.

What impressed me is the “Mania” section which has subsection like Stuntmania, Know your bike, Pit Stop, Maniacs, Community and Events. Again these subsections have subsections which are full of knowledge and fun. The Stuntmania section will show you how to do different stunts like Burnout, Stoppie, Wheelie etc.  It also shows you accessories that will help you to do better stunt under Stunt Gear, and Pulsar’s affiliation with Ghost Ryderz and MTV. You can also play pulsar game (Very interesting game) on the website.

Know your bike section will give you information on safe riding tips (A must read section) while from Pit stop section you can download screensavers, ringtones, wallpapers, owner manual and e-brochures. The Manics section will give you an official Pulsar License (Try this). A community section will take you to Pulsar community on Youtube and Facebook.

Overall the new site has very fresh look and it’s more user interactive site than the previous site. Go ahead an have a look –

Mahavir Kothari