ASK BIKEADVICE – Episode 2 – Now Live

BikeAdvice Ask us Anything is now ‘ASK BIKEADVICE‘. Nothing else has changed and you can continue to ask your motorcycling related questions as you like – either on Facebook, Youtube or at our dedicated page.

Earlier today, we have published the second episode of this series and here is the list of FIVE questions we have answered.

  • Yezdi’s Launch & Expected Placement: Skip to 0:272
  • Himalayan 650 – Is it Real? Launch Timeframe? Skip to 3:21
  • 2021 Apache RR310 Launch & Expected Changes? Skip to 5:214
  • Expected Price if Kawasaki ZX25R comes to India? Skip to 7:50
  • What is 20w50 in Engine Oils? Skip to 9:40


You can also watch the first episode of this series here.