Apache RTR 180 ‘Menace’ From TVS

The launch of two different models of Apache; RTR Fi and RTR 180 within a span of twelve months just goes on to highlight the level of competition prevailing in the Indian motorcycle market. With the sales of RTR Fi not going that smoothly thanks to its fuel injection complaints, meanwhile TVS have managed to keep the competition alive by bringing out a fresh variant: Apache RTR 180.

The highlight of the new Apache RTR 180 or nicknamed ‘MENACE’ is its powerful 180cc engine. It produces about 17.3ps of power and 16.5nm of torque. It goes from 0 to 60kmph in 4.15 seconds and records top speed of 125kmph. Gun that throttle and you will know what TVS is hinting at.

Though the bike’s small size and other basic configurations have purposely kept unaltered (probably to retain that RTR appeal) yet, you can see small improvements in the bike. These includes longer wheelbase which aids in better control of the vehicle. Newly developed TVS Srichakra tubeless tyres in addition to larger footprints brings much needed stability to the bike with enhanced grip on the road.

Something new to the RTR range which is also not seen on any other Indian bike is its new superbike styled rear detachable mudguard. This should add more oodles to the RTR Quotient. Passionate riders can use the slim mudguard while people who are conscious of mud splashing over during monsoons can switch over to the conventional and more functional style mudguard. Another dirt racing inspired Rotopetal front and rear Disc brakes ensures effortless and efficient braking.

On the cosmetics side, the Bike sports a huge ‘RTR’ print on its air scoops and tank in addition to ‘RTR 180’ on side end of the body. This has been made to make RTR more visually appealing. The bike is being launched in white color and a white self illumination rims is also there. The front and rear shock absorbers are painted golden on all models. The RTR 160’s or RTR Fi’s logo on the middle of handlebar is replaced by black RTR 180 logo. The tachometer is colored white and black considering the racing DNA being unleashed.

The bike sports no other new features and probably it doesn’t need any such. The RTR 180 once in the market will face direct competition from Bajaj Pulsar 180.But with all latest features already on the RTR range; it seems fully armed to tackle all its competitors. With Yamaha’s international range expanding itself on Indian motorcycle segment and Bajaj Auto playing as a smart player, only time will tell that unlike RTR FI, the RTR 180 will prove to be a tough competitor or some another RTR (expected RTR 200) will do that. Till then, expect some Menace.