[Exclusive] Apache RR 310 – We are Completely Sold Out, Expansion Delayed – Arun Siddharth of TVS

Apache 310 waiting period rises…

At the recent media ride of the new 2018 Apache 160, we caught up with Arun Siddharth, VP Marketing of premium motorcycle at TVS Motor, and had a quick word about their most important product so far – Apache RR 310.

In a direct question on how is Apache RR 310 doing, Arun told us that they are overwhelmed by the overall response to the motorcycle. He added that based on whatever they are able to produce at the moment, they are completely sold out for many coming months.

When we asked him the current production capacity for Apache RR 310 or “How many of them are you producing now?”, he declined to reveal the exact numbers. We asked him if this means that the expansion plans to the other cities will be impacted? To this he said – it is obvious and since they are not able to cater to the current demand it does not make sense to open the market for other cities for now.

Apache 310 Waiting Period

However, he assured that they have plans to ramp up the production of the motorcycle soon to bring down the waiting periods. It must be known that TVS has started deliveries of Apache 310 only in 40 odd cities and nearly 50 dealerships (list here). Reportedly, some dealerships are now quoting waiting periods of as many as 6 months for the motorcycle.

There is no denying the fact that the motorcycle has started off on a very high note but it appears that TVS is also not producing many units of the motorcycle as of now. According to the official SIAM data, TVS has so far dispatched only 661 units of Apache RR 310 since December 2017 (data till February 2018). This is way below their target of 10,000 units (which corresponds to an average of 833 motorcycles per month) of sales for this year!

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Probably they wanted to be extra cautious about the quality of the product and hence these controlled dispatches. But the good news is that every month the number has seen a rise and along with Arun’s assurance, all of you who have booked the biggest Apache may get the motorcycle sooner. But the bad news is – all those waiting for the motorcycle in tier 2 and tier 3 cities will have to wait longer!