Apache 200: 15 Important Pointers We Know Before Its Launch Tomorrow @ 12 Noon

We list 6 Firsts, 3 Neutrals & Generic Pointers before Apache 200’s launch tomorrow at 12 noon…

TVS will be adding another Apache to the lineup taking the total tally to 4, which at the moment includes – Apache 160, Apache 180 and Apache 180 ABS. Apache 200 will be the most important launch for TVS of the year and this platform will spawn more motorcycles in the future to give Bajaj, the current ruler of the segment, a tough time.

Apache 200’s launch is scheduled for tomorrow and the time given to us is – 12 Noon. I have already reached Chennai and will be riding the motorcycle day after tomorrow at TVS’ Hosur production facility in Bangalore. TVS will also announce the prices tomorrow and before we talk about that let us list the most important pointers we already know about the bike and there are quite a few firsts…



Apache 200: 6 Firsts for TVS:

  1. Biggest and the most powerful motorcycle TVS has produced for commercial sales.
  2. First motorcycle from TVS which will come with mono-shock absorbers.
  3. Apache 200 comes with an all-digital meter console – again a first!
  4. Apache 200 gets the first 4 Valve engine on a TVS motorcycle.
  5. The motorcycle will also be the first TVS to come with split seats.
  6.  It will be the first motorcycle from the brand to get oil-cooling technology.

3 Neutrals:

  • Looks & Design: We haven’t seen the motorcycle in person yet but at the moment we are neutral. We hope it turns out a big surprise when the veils are lifted tomorrow….
  • Oil-Cooling: TVS must have opted for this to save on costs considering that rival Pulsar 200s come with proper liquid cooling. However, note that the oil-cooling tech employed by TVS on the Apache 200 has been developed from inputs by BMW.
  • 5-Speed Gearbox: Again a cost saving measure, let us hope the 5-speed gearbox is well-spaced out distributing power smoothly in all gears.

5 Generic Pointers:

  1. Apache 200 has been confirmed to get ABS (most probably as optional)
  2. Kerb weight increment has only been reduced to 1 kg (vs Apache 180)
  3. Apache 200 will also come with a new frame.
  4. Power from the 197.75 cc rebored engine is 20.23 bhp coupled with 18.1 Nm of maximum torque.
  5. Apache 200 will be offered in six color options.
  6. We expect TVS to price the Apache 200 non-ABS variant at around Rs 85,000 to Rs 88,000 and under 1 Lakh for the ABS variant.

Join us for all the details at around 12 noon tomorrow then… Till then, do skim through our complete coverage of the motorcycle.