What you see here is a 700cc Royal Enfield V-Twin constructed using two 350cc top ends. The whole bike appears to have come from the factory, or maybe the “special vehicle operations” section, instead of the mind and work of a creative and determined owner.

The Musket : A 700cc Royal Enfield V-Twin

Aniket Vardhan, the builder, still wants to come up with a better exhaust arrangement, than short open pipes, but already, the bike looks fantastic. Aniket calls the 700cc Enfield V twin, “The Musket”, to keep the vintage gun (a.k.a. Bullet) reference alive. This is very impressive work. I have to admit, when I watched the videos at the end of this post, I just started smiling and kept smiling all the way through. I really like this bike!


When you read the story of the build, take note of the process, …he had an idea and over many years kept at it, continued learning, continued working, he just kept going until the idea became real and he was riding this bike down the road.

From Aniket Vardhan

I was born in and lived in Delhi, India till 1999 when I came to the USA – ostensibly for a Masters in Industrial Design, but here’s the dirty truth- I came because of the sound of a Harley Davidson. Saw one once in Delhi, long ago, belonged to some filthy rich type, heard it start up and rumble away, wet myself publicly and resolved that one day, I would visit their homeland.

That didn’t seem likely at the time I was studying architecture in Delhi so the next best thing was to see what I could do with my Bullet, dearly loved as the only real motorcycle available in India back then (and perhaps even now). Thats when the idea was sort of baked into my brain, in the heat of 115 degree Delhi summers, over cigarettes, the smell of steaming cow dung and chats with biking buddies in the college cafeteria. I would build a V twin Enfield- it should feel right, with its long stroke, heavy flywheel, beautiful cylinder and head. Looked for any and every book I could find on vintage motorcycles, V twins, engine design, metal casting, machining- all of it. Bought an old enfield engine to use as reference.

Jump ahead to 2002. I did in fact find myself in the USA, now an industrial design faculty member at an art and design college. On a trip to Delhi in 03, I picked up my old engine and brought it back Began to work on the idea on weekends, sketching, 3d computer modeling, measuring all internal parts, figuring out how to make the whole thing work using only standard enfield parts. You guessed it – came across the Norcroft V twin Enfield online, sort of destroyed me for a week. Then I figured, this is sort of fun anyway, so lets keep at it. I guess a couple more years passed, about 18 developments of my CAD model later, I was ready to start building patterns, and then, what do you know, the Carberry comes to my attention! By now, I was beginning to suspect that my next door neighbors were working on an Enfield V twin as well. As you’d expect, after a month of depressed moping, it was back to the basement again and I also noticed that my approach was rather different anyway, so why not put forward the way I thought made sense to me? Here is my rationale:

1. Keep it as ridiculously simple as the original Bullet engine. Therefore, no modern updates to major engine internals, so it still has the stock tappets, no hydraulics, and the stock piston oil pumps. Vintage bike lovers really like to tinker and tappet adjustment is almost a religous ritual for many.

2. Improve the oil filter – I machined a new filter housing which uses a standard modern cartridge type filter available at Advance. This is not a screw on car type filter – that doesn’t look right, so I have a finned aluminum housing I made.

3. Aesthetically, and this was very important to me being an industrial designer- keep the “vintage” and “Enfield” cues strong. I thought I would pick up from the last Enfield big twin- the Interceptor. The rounded profile of the front of the crankcase and pleasingly smooth and gently radiused forms of the castings and the cooling fins on the side of the wet sump. A wet sump simplifies matters and also ties in with the last Enfield big twin- the Interceptor Mark 2, which also had a wet sump.

4. I love the external copper oil pipes that are such beautiful visual elements on vintage engines, so I decided to incorporate that as well. This also helps to keep the oil cool as it travels through them, exposed to the air.

5. Keep the frame mods to a minimum and again keep the “vintage” feel going by keeping the single down tube- the Enfield big twins of yore had single down tube frames and handled well. The look of the “vintage V twin” I think is the very simple and elegantly “cradled” engine between two tubes- front sloping forward and rear sloping back.

I ended up quitting my teaching job last year, was getting the feeling that my heart was in projects like this. Since I wasn’t a machinist, I had to learn that too. This is where the stars lined up – a student’s family business is a machine shop close to my home, and his dad, Mr. Boggs was sufficiently amused by the project and my excitement to allow me to come in and start working on my project, early last year.

Well, it took about a year for the machining to get done, I learned everything as I went along and here we are. I have skipped all the “oh darn!” moments but there weren’t too many, just one huge one, when the first foundry I went to pretty much destroyed my patterns built over 3 years by leaving them near an open window in the rain…still get stressed out when I think of that- had to cut away and repair the whole thing after a couple of months of very evil thoughts.


But…the holy rider in the sky must have smiled upon me because from the very first firing, it runs like it WANTS to! It starts first kick every time! It isn’t quite as explosive as my 750 Triumph Bonny, but it has the very mild Bullet cams and stock 7:1 compression and small carbs, so a healthy increase in output can be expected with the usual mods. But, the torque is really lovely- cleanly pulls top gear at around 20 mph! and accelerates from there without any snatching! I’m keen to try the new 5 speed gearbox the new Enfields have – my old one has 1-2-3 really low and a huge gap to top. My final ratio is 4.22 to 1 right now and she feels like she could pull even taller.

The amazing part is that its SMOOTH! It shakes much less than my Triumph and I think less than my old 350 single engine! That second piston is really helping to cut the vibes. The sound? Beyond my wildest dreams, from those baking hot summer days in Delhi, ten years ago.

Source: TheKneeslider.com

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  1. hey buddy the royal enfield during 1910: launched V-twins type, a Motosacoche 344 cc engine.

    Now u have done with two 350 CC engines,woww thats amazing , who knows in the previous generation you would have created that Motosacoche in 1910 too 🙂

    congrats u r rock !!

  2. Aniket…. it is awesome. the effort gone into creating this beauty shows that u r a true blue bulletier…..

    N The sound… man….. speechless…

    Thank you for your creation. The world is much more beautiful and meaninful with people like you and your creations..


  3. hi,aniket i liked your idea and your work. u r truly a enfield bike lover. well i am also the owner of royal enfield and i want some of your idea to modify my enfield, hope u will not hesitate to give me an idea. well my id on yahoo is john_backhem1989@yahoo.com and u can also find me on orkut as pratik nikhil bagde nagpur.

  4. hi
    it is really good that ur drem comes true.whatever u think u make it.i am proud that an indian make fantastic bike. god blass you.

  5. Hey Aniket,

    I am in india, i want your bike man….its awesome. I have a 350cc Electra. I was wondering when i will get to see one of these in india or when can i buy one?

    Daniel in chennai

  6. hi,aniket i liked your idea and your work. u r truly a enfield bike lover. well i am also the owner of royal enfield and i want some of your idea to modify my enfield, hope u will not hesitate to give me an idea. well my id on yahoo is jagdish.gujar2001@gmail.com.


    Well Done on an AMAZING JOB !!!

    The straight pipes sound just super !!!

    I own a 2009 Harley Davidson Softail Classic (with Vance & Hines pipes etc. and also own some other brands) – so I do know a thing or two about bikes…

    Well Done bro – you shud ship this baby to India 😉

  8. At least that guy actually made some thing that is difficult. Not like that Chopper program on TV where they just get stuff out of catalouges and bolt it together.

  9. Well what can I say congratulations on this amazing machine its naerly got everything I am looking for in a bike! You must try to get enfield to produce this bike or make kits yourself.please bring this bike to the uk.

  10. Aniket,

    Superb job and a great engineering effort. I love the Sound and amazed by built quality. Being a mechanical engineer, I can appreciate your endeavor to improve the NVH. Wish you should be heading the Royal Enfield engineering dept, so that we get better bullet to drive around 😉

  11. hi,aniket i liked your engineering work and the hard work and the effect that you put on the enfield. you have under stood so well and you have master it well….Enfield guru!!. its a kind of dream come true with the v-stroke enfield on road.wish i could also build one like this with your guideline.kindly suggest. febrookbee@yahoo.co.in.

  12. Hello Mr. Vardhan,

    Would you be interested in producing and selling this engine in the Indian market? What would be the price of the engine? What will be the delivery period if i place an prder?

    Best regards,

  13. Hi Aniket,

    Great achivement.Looks fantastic.The Carberry Enfield V twin motor guy is good but simply out of way & too expensive.What do the numbers for the motor & frame look like.Any plans of getting a few to India where it is most needed.Kindly mail me i have further questions.


  14. Hi Aniket
    Royal Enfield is a dream fulfilled. Mine is my 500 Electra.
    My wish is for more – Interceptor. You seem to have brought that very close to the ideal. As one living in the USA, how can I realize that in my very own local to be even more admired by those who respect these motorcycles? And there are many.
    Very rspectfully

  15. Hi Aniket

    I was surprised wen i saw this bike realy you hav done a great job that is sumthing which is actualy awesome n i don’t have words to appreciate ur work n above all m glad to know this that u r an Indian guy great job

    Gurpreet Singh

  16. Hi Aniket,

    u did a Great Job….m really proud of u.
    hatts off to u Bro !!
    i just love the sound of Musket….

    Awesome yaar !!!

  17. Will the single downtube frame can take the torque and weight of the 700 cc ? You should have used twin tube cradle frame. The same pushrod knockers for a v twin does not make it fast and efficient. Try to design twin double cams and front twin disc brakes for effective braking. These are my own personal views and my opinion. Again.. to each his own. On the whole a commendable job.

  18. Dear Mr. Aniket,

    I am an ardent fan of british bikes and grown up amongst BSA’s & Norton’s in india and had a Bullet 350 in my college days, I Solute your ingenuity, skills and above all your patience that has resulted in such a master peice.

    Hope you would continue your innovative projects and make all of us “bike-lover Indians” proud.

    Keep up the good work

    Best Regards,
    Tanveer Ahmed
    Saudi Arabia

  19. Dear Mr.Aniket ,
    I had dreamed about doing what you have done but you have done it Grate, Now I have a 500cc bike i wish to do it with it as you have done it with 350cc. Help me what will be cost. My mail address is olenga9619@yahoo.com appro. what could be the cost of the one you have done. Once again Grate work pl. reply.
    Keep up the Grate work and the Indian Flag flying high.
    Best Regards,
    Agnelo V.T. Noronha
    Big Daman.

  20. Why a V-twin of all the other twins. Parallel twin could be more simple n a better answer to this creation. And believe me very easier too. While creating this… focus should be on effective braking system and redesign of frame. Down tube wont support the weight, torque of the engine.
    Najaf Ali Mirza

  21. Hi Aniket, I live in England and I’m a fan Royal Enfield bikes and I would like to know if you are going to produce and sell this engine and how much it would cost (excluding shipping). Regards

  22. Hi there all!

    Just came across this message board, thank you all very much for your encouragement!
    Please take a look at http://www.musketvtwin.com
    This is where i will post any info about production, pricing etc.
    It’s my dream to bring it to India eventually and make the engine there, affordably, for Bullet lovers back home.
    Right now, working on a few design mods to allow a 1000cc- so many enquiries about that option that I decided to go ahead with that.
    Please email me at musketvtwin@gmail.com with any questions, I am checking mail more regularly now, was very busy the last few months due to buying a house. Under control now, hope to hear from you guys.
    Best regards,

  23. Great work dude, I always dreamed about bullet in twin cylinder, Just imagine what a 1000CC twin cylinder would do!!!!!
    I own bullet 350 for the last 13 years… clocked 65k km…never felt bored till now or never…why don’t enfield come out with twin cylinder, At least the vibration would be nullified when we cross 100 + k/hr…

    satish bulliter for life

  24. this is best bullet i have ever seen as i am the biggest fan of these bikes….i have 1968 and 2004 bullets. i was how i could get my 2004 bullet v twin

  25. buddy there is a way to make ur exhst better n it will dfintly improve the ride contact me if intrstd…me also design n modify enfield, i have extended the rake n made electra 1 feet taller and 10 inchis longer than the orignal one and lots of changes

  26. hello sir, u have done a very good job! i was driming taht from last 5 years, but i m in the smoll village in india!
    i own a 5 speed,and my self i fit a smoll radeator (oil cooler)in that(from imported bike,by CHORBAZAR.)
    and its working really very good.so u can also fit oil cooler in ur 700cc.i wiset poul carberry web site but our 700cc is lot better than his!but u r a INDIAN so please lonch ur 700cc in india plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  27. hi man,
    your bike is awesome, am so interested in getting one now and probably try modify it a little bit, but am not sure of making a twin. Anyways GREAT man.

  28. Hi Aniket,

    Really a fantastic job. Are you selling crank cases commercially. If so, I am interested in one. Please let me know. The bike looks like a dream

  29. Hi, Congrats for this awsome development!
    Am a BSA and Royal Enfield enthusiast and have keen interest on developing monogrammes (to gel well with classics) which not only give it a niche character of its own but also makes it stand out of the crowd. I have reently developed one for my own bike too. Do drop in a mail at schanney@gmail.com

  30. i would like to buy the engine to fitt into my 500cc enfield can you please tell me how much will be the price to deliver to malaysia.
    please replay me bro

    Thak you,

    Muthu Bullet(malaysia)

  31. awesomeeeeeeeee

    like your art… keep it up…
    I would love to see what you can done with twin 500CC 🙂
    I am already smiling by the thought of 1000CC RE 🙂


  32. Hi Mr. Vardhan,
    Awesome work done, I really think enfield should use this engine for their upcoming models. I am not an engineer but am just curious that is it possible to make a similar parallel twin just like the superb v twin that you have build.
    Santanu Sircar

  33. i am nazeer from coimbatore a real royal enfield lover it was only my dream how make a v twin but no source and no people to do this here in coimbatore i have seen a metor twin 650 but more that your engine is amazing i no your pain to do this but you gained well i am owning a royal enfield bullet 1956 and god bless you and i wish you for sucess

  34. why don’t you join both the silencers and put a classic silencer attached to it. It looks awesome. good work one day I would like to ride your bike.


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