Almost all Indians want to own a bike, or if we already have a bike, we want a new one. Even though there are many cars available at cheap prices, bikes make a better choice for travel considering the Indian population and road conditions.

Bike is a great asset, it is a thing of beauty and a symbol of status. When you bike a bike you will own it atleast for 3 years and upto a maximum of 10 years. So you have to make your decision very carefully before choosing to buy a bike. The following are some of the points which may be useful for you in making a decision to buy a bike.

  1. Choose your budget: After deciding to buy a bike, you should first choose your budget limit. The amount of money that you can spend on your bike greatly determines the choice of bike. Say for example your budget is minimum Rs.30,000 and a maximum of Rs.40,000. First list out all the bikes which fits your budget. Say there are 10 bikes which fits your spending limit.
  2. Eliminate what you don’t want: Now instead of choosing the one you like, first eliminate the bikes that you don’t like. For example, out of the 10 bikes that you have listed, you may not want to buy bikes of some company, strike that out. You may not like the looks of some bikes, again eliminate them. Bring down the list to some 3 – 5 bike models which you think you will most probably buy.
  3. Go and test drive the bikes: Find the nearest bike showroom and test drive the bikes. A bike is something of value and emotional attachment so it important that you feel the bikes before buying it. Tell the dealer that you are serious about buying the bike within 1 week and you will not have any problem in getting a test drive. Out of the 3 – 5 bikes which you did a test drive, choose 2 most probable bikes which you are most likely to buy.
  4. Ask your friends and relatives: Call your friends and relatives that you are going to buy this bike and ask their opinion about it. Even if they don’t own that particular bike, their friends may have it and hence they will be able to guide you with some valuable info.
  5. Don’t consider about mileage: I see that many of us give too much importance to mileage. Say for example, you are buying a bike worth Rs.50,000 and it gives a mileage of 40 kmpl, and assume you are traveling 1000 kms per month. Thats 25 litres per month that you have to fill your bike. Considering the present rate of Rs.43 / litre… it will cost your Rs.1075 per month in petrol expenses right? Now if there is a choice for another bike in the same price range which gives 50 kmpl, then it will cost Rs.860 per month. So the difference is just Rs.215 per month. Now look at this fact… a bike worth Rs.50,000 after 2 years may sell only for Rs.25000 (It would have travelled 24000 Kms). In 2 years the total value of the bike lost in depreciation is Rs.2083 every month! Now image the difference between the cost of petrol and cost of depreciation in value of the bike. If you are having a bike for entire life (50+) years, you can give high importance to mileage… but usually we will sell the bikes after 5 – 10 years. And within 2 years half its value is lost.
  6. Choose the market leader: The company which sells the maximum number of bikes will obviously deliver the bikes of highest quality. Because the more they sell, the more profit they will get and hence they can build better bikes.
  7. Buy what you like: Don’t buy a bike just because it is a few thousands cheaper or gives a few kms of extra mileage. Get the one which feels good to you. The better you feel, you will get more self confidence and you will perform better in your life. Bike is just like clothing, people recognise you with what you wear AND what you drive.

I hope this article was useful to you. If you want more suggestions or clarifications about bikes, please ask it in the forum, or send me an email and I will be happy to help you!