7 Things the Government Could Do To Prevent Massive Hikes in Fuel Prices

1. Government should encourage electric cars in India like Nissan leaf and must provide some facilities to electric vehicle owners as done in UK. At United Kingdom a person who has an electric car enjoys some sweet things like toll road is free for EVs (electric vehicles), free charging outlets in most of the parts of city, low tax and free parking every where, because in UK u have to pay to park your car. By doing this consumption of fuels will be decreased.

2. In India lakhs of mobile network towers run on diesel. The telecom sectors does not need to depend on diesel, when they can harness solar energy which is economically efficient.

The government must pressurize telecom sectors to switch to solar energy. By doing this a massive amount of diesel can be saved. Poor farmers wont find it difficult to fuel their tractors.

According to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), telecom sector consumes 2 billion liters of diesel annually for running mobile towers (2008) which grown to 3 billion in year 2011 with a 30% growth rate. – Source: Business Standard.

3. Must allow the public to setup solar power generators for their homes. This is useful for people who own electric vehicles as well as the government which claims low electricity.

4. Must increase tax for low mileage giving vehicles, like SUVs, premium bikes, etc.

5. Need to lay good roads. Good roads are vital for a vehicle to churn out optimum mileage.

6. Need to look out for other innovations like Bio-fuels.

7. Must encourage people like Ramar Pillai – Founder of “Velar Bio Hydrocarbon Fuel”. Governemnt should lend a helping hand to these innovators rather than treating them as a enemy or a competitor of other petroleum products.

Remember friends, when there is more demand for a product its selling price will be high. Less demand = low price. Consumption of the Fuel is increasing day by day, price hike will go further. The sources are limited and will vanish in the near Future. Right?

Bharath Kumar