5 Bugs in 2 Mins: Honda Refreshes Official Site But With a Lot of Errors!

Honda two-wheeler’s website was one of the most annoying (thanks to that irritating red color) among major two wheel manufacturers and thankfully the company has invested in it and what opens up now is a relaxed, well laid out website which is much more soothing to the eye.

The list of products, featured products and information is displayed better, however, we have caught hold of some bugs in our 2 minutes of walkthrough of a few pages… We list them one by one with quick details…

  • The Product drop down is buggy and inconsistent. On certain instances, as soon as you click on the arrow and the motorcycle list is over, it retracts back in place of moving back to the first motorcycle again!
  • CB Unicorn is displayed at product page of Unicorn 160, however it is NOT displayed on homepage, Unicorn 150’s page or Trigger’s page. What happens on all product pages is not known! The following pic clears the story…


  • The CB Unicorn page also lists the prices of Dazzler (which has been long discontinued). Its not that the page has not been updated since it also lists the (correct) prices of new Unicorn 160. There is no mention of Trigger on this page, however! The Unicorn’s image is also distorted!


  • There are a few spelling mistakes like the one in the following pic and the ‘More‘ button at the bottom of the page automatically opens up as soon as the mouse is hovered on it. However, it needs a click to retract back!


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A lot of other manufacturers’ websites will have bugs, we know, but so many issues within almost 2 minutes of walkthrough is something which should force Honda to consider investing some money on its testing as well. 🙂