300cc Mojo Has got a New Launch Date – by or Before September

We really fail to understand what has gone wrong with Mojo that is keeping Mahindra so occupied that they have just not got enough of it even after 5 years of first showcasing it in our country… yes FIVE years!

At each and every media event we have asked some or the other Mahindra official about its launch date and the answer has been – by this month or that but the product is still far from its dealerships.

This time Top Gear got hold of Mr Pawan Goenka, executive Director of Mahindra and asked him about the launch date of Mojo. Dr. Goenka said that they will launch the Mojo within the first half of the current financial year which means by or before September the bike should be on sale.

Though this is not a confirmation considering that Mahindra has overshot at least seven thousand two hundred twenty two promised launch time frames till now but this coming from one of the top bosses at the company makes us hopeful this time.

New-Mahindra-Mojo-pics (12)

We will not repeat the technical specs of Mojo again, but we expect the final production version to come with many mechanical tweaks including enhanced power and torque figures. And if Mahindra you are reading this – we liked the new muscular looks the bike now carries in test mules… Bring it on..!